Source: TheDailyBell

By: Bradley Loves

In the most stunningly “brazen” exhibition of absolute HIPPOCRACY…,

….Michael Rich, head of Rand Corporation has come up with a new phrase to describe “fake news,“ calling it “truth decay.” The Rand Corporation is a leading military-industrial think tank with thousands of employees including scientists from around the world and domestic and international offices.

Taken from this article here:

Many of you will remember that it was in fact “Think Tanks” (including the think tank at the RAND CORPORATION…,) that is responsible for the reprehensible secrecy concerning all Alien Encounters, ET’s, and the Secret Space Program that we still have in place today.

How in the world can he now stand up and say that there is a TRUTH DECAY…, among citizen journalists when the very corporation that he is a part of is 100 percent responsible for some of the most dastardly and evil LIES that have ever hit the face of our fair planet???

Talk about truth decay….., this is the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

What is this man smoking??


If the powers that be want to talk about telling the TRUTH…, then find someone who DOES NOT TELL LIES, OR RUN GLOBAL COVER UPS…,  to speak about it for crying out loud!

The link to the article is above if you wish to read it all.





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