By: Bradley Loves


Mind over “matter” is not just an “old saying” that seems to teach us something…, it really is a very important TRUTH.

MIND…, always is more powerful than MATTER!

There are many reasons for this…, but the most important reason is that nothing can become “manifest” into matter…, (unless) it first starts out in the MIND!

Our planet…, our world, is a “creation” of thought that has been made solid through the process of electro-magnetism.

For those who would like to put on their thinking cap today…, and learn a little bit of the “forbidden” science…, that you are NOT supposed to know…

It goes like this:

  • all of reality is made up of wave forms
  • each waveform vibrates at a particular frequency
  • all “frequencies” are ultimately “de-coded” by your mind/brain…, beccause that is what the mind/brain is designed to do.
  • waveforms and frequecies “appear” and “feel” to be solid becuase they are contained within magnetic fields.
  • Magnetism is the BASE SCIENCE that this very Universe is formulated upon.


Even MORE advanced, and maybe a little more difficult to wrap your mind around…, is the fact that if NOT for magnetism and magnetic fields…, ALL THINGS that appear solid would simply “blend” into each other, and you would have trouble “seeing” where one thing started and the other thing ended.

However…, the MOST ADVANCED and the biggest TRUTH is this one.

Becuase Magnetic Fields can separate HERE from THERE…, they can ALSO separate NOW from THEN.

In an infinate waveform enviornment…, there is no HERE…, or THERE…, unless magnetic fields come into play and start to separate out things into individual units.

Once this is achieved…, the DISTANCE between here and there is always measured as a funtion of TIME!

Thus we get things like:

  • MPH or Miles per hour
  • KPH or Kilometers per hour

Speed traveled, is measured as a relationship between distance and time.

Because distance and time are so related…, then it stands to reason that magnetic fields ALSO separate NOW from THEN.

Because magnetic fields separate NOW from THEN…, it is only a matter of finding the right “frequency”, and the proper magnetics to actually “travel” back and forth in time.

In an infinate waveform environment.., all frequencies (and times) still exist.

Becuase the ENTIRE UNIVERSE is simply made up of waveforms whcih can be decoded AS REALITY…, and if we designated these waveforms as “potential MATTER”…, then you might get a clue as to how “powerful” a human being really is if I told you that your own MIND could have an affect upon magnetism, or manipulate magnetic fields.

Does this help?

Does this give you a clue?

Many people ask how the great MASTERS of the past did miracles.

How were they able to be in two places at once…, or heal the sick, or create something out of thin air??

You see the MIND can “affect” and manipulate magnetic fields!

This is why great Masters (like Jesus) while doing very great and spiritual things have been said to have done MIRACLES.

However…, even people who are not spiritual have the ability to manipulate magnetic fields to a lessor extent.

Those who practice and practice this art of manipulating magnetic fields have been called:

MAGNETICIANS…, or those who work with magnetics.

There is another word…, a shorter version which has been adopted so as to HIDE the true source of a magneticians power…, and that word is MAGICIAN!

The magicians…, (who wanted desperately to hide the very source of their power) shortened the word to make it seem that their POWER was magical…, and not merely magnetic.

The use of magnetics is the very SOURCE of all magicians power!

This is WHY the ley lines of the planet are so very important…, it is because the ley lines are lines of electro-magnetic current running through the planet!

They very literally are: POWER – LINES

This is exactly why all major churches, government buildings, military bases, universities and other “controlled” places are built directly on top of ley lines.

THIS is the “forbidden” science!  This is the science that the Catholic Church has been sitting on for almost 2 thousand years!!

This is the science that the ANCIENTS knew about…, and how they operated within our spacial reality!

Every single human being is precious and POWERFUL.., simply because the human MIND has the ability (with practice) to manipulate magnetic fields!

And THAT is what the LUCIFERIANS do NOT want the rest of the world to KNOW!

So…, NOW…, you know!

All my love…


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