By: Bradley Loves

I have been living on Earth for a while now!  Yes…, I had to take a legitimate incarnation to get here…, since that is how the rules for this “zone” are written!  And…, for the most part…, I have to tell you…, I just don’t understand this place!

Unlike every other soul that comes here over and over and over…, there are some of us who have come to Earth only a very few times!  The incarnations that some of us have had on Earth can be counted on the fingers of one or two hands!

So…, Earth is definately a strange place to those who are very “infrequent” visitors.

Let me tell you what I mean!

First of all, human  beings are some of the most LOVING beings in the Universe!  They are also some of the most trusting!  When left to themselves, (and not interfered with) they do quite well…, and are very creative beings.

In addition to that, human beings, and ESPECIALLY those from Earth…, are POWERFUL beyond their ability to understand!  The REAL POWER inside their MINDS is singularly the most creative AND potentially far reaching power the physical universe has!

Okay…, let’s spell it out even more.

Human beings are CREATOR BEINGS!  That means that they can create with their MINDS!  That kind of “power” is something that many (and by that I mean MANY) other beings in the Universe are jealous of in ways you can not imagine!

Knowing that this is the TRUTH…, and by that I mean (this is REALLY THE TRUTH)…, it is quite strange to me then that the human beings who are living on the Earth are in the positions they are in.

Let me explain.

Human beings have given almost ALL (and by that I mean almost ALL) of their power away to other beings…, who are NOT FROM EARTH…, (willingly I might add) in exchange for NOTHING!

They have basically chosen to willingly accept RULERSHIP over their lives and their creative abilities by other beings who HAVE NO SUCH abilities!

How did this Happen?

Remember above how I said that Earth Humans are some of the most “trusting” human beings in the Universe?   Well…, that’s how it happened!

It happened through what I call:  THE GREAT CON!

And…, yes I will remind you…, that I wrote a LONG article talking about it called: THE GREAT CON OF MAN!

What “IS” the CON?

The CON is that you who are living here on Earth have NO POWER!

The CON is that you who are living on Earth “need” others to make up rules for you to live by!

The CON is that you who are living on Earth “must” obey authority figures who are in reality “working” for very DARK BEINGS who want to take the Earth away from you!

The “CON” goes like this:

“…You are not capable of ruling yourselves…, so you NEED US…., to rule over you and make up ALL OF YOUR RULES…”

The surprising part of this is that those living on the Earth have basically agreed!  And the proof of that AGREEMENT…, is when other beings come and try to tell them that they are POWERFUL and have the right to make their own rules…, the masses turn those men and women OVER to the “authority” figures (who are NOT from Earth)…, in order to get a simple pat on the head (like a dog) and hear a “good boy”…, compliment from their prison masters!

Naturally, something is “WRONG” with these people’s MINDS!

What is wrong is that they have “abdicated” their own MINDS and have taken in faulty programming, perceptions, and ideas AS LEARNING…, which in NO WAY shape or form is the TRUTH!

The evidence of the complete ABUSER/VICTIM scenario is the constant “begging” occurring out in the Blogoshpere for both FORGIVENESS and LENIENCY for these merciless and unapologetic abusers!

This only happens when the victims have formed a very dependent “attachment” to their abusers and somehow see them as “hurt” or as “misguided” or as “doing only what they were taught”…, etc…

Like a woman who goes back to her “wife beater husband” over and over and over…, Earth Humans go back to their ABUSER RULERS over and over and over and beg others to “forgive” the very abusers who “beat them up daily”.

As I’ve said above:   I don’t understand this place!

The psychology of severely beaten up and traumatized humans is difficult to explain and more difficult to expose.

NO ONE wants to admit they are “attached” to the very beings that abuse them.

NO ONE wants to admit that they have come to depend upon and even “love” the abuse they are getting.

NO ONE wants to admit they are so addicted to their abusers that they now NEED THEM to keep up the abuse!

New Agers are NOT IMMUNE to this, because I have seen this very behavior displayed from MOST OF THEM.

Instead of wanting to simply get rid of the very system of ENSLAVEMENT that keeps the abuse in place…, they want to “tweek”  it here and there and feel that if the “abuse” was less…, then it will be okay!


You can not take a system of enslavement…, and “remodel” it and make it into something beautiful!

No matter how many “pretty” pictures you hang on the walls of ENSLAVEMENT…, it is still a system of ENSLAVEMENT.

Look at it this way.

You can NOT BUILD a new home…, on a lot that already HAS a very old and dumpy home sitting on it.

You MUST (and by that I really mean must) REMOVE the old home first.

Is this in any way unclear?

Is it your imagination that you can build a BRAND NEW HOME…, on the very top of an old home that has NOT BEEN COMPLETELY REMOVED?

In the same way…, the ENTIRE SYSTEM of MONEY, GOVERMENT, and CORPORATE LAW is…, (and by that I mean IS)…, a system of ENSLAVEMENT!

So then tell me how (in your imagination) that we can build a whole new loving, fair and equitable system (new house) for all human beings ON EARTH…, if anything of the OLD SYSTEM (old house) is still sitting on the PROPERTY??


Remember…, the ENTIRTY of the old system IS AN ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM…, given to us by those who would control us.

So then here’s my question!

WHY…, pray tell…, WHY are you defending the system??

Why…, when others tell you that complete and total NON CONSENT…, and the removal of ALL SUPPORT of the system is necessary (in order to get something new).., do you continue to DO NOTHING??

The NEW AGERS are the worst offenders too!

So engaged in selling their beads, trinkets, potions, books, tapes, psychic readings, channelings, and “healings”…, that they have turned a blind eye to the idea that the system within which they are SELLING and OPERATING their “businesses” IS SATANIC!

What am I missing here?


Because Earth is a “pyramidal” authority structure…, you ONLY NEED TO LOOK at the top of the pyramid to find out just WHO these men and women are that are selling you (and the entire planet) out to these Dark Ones I talked about.

There is NO MYSTERY HERE about who the guilty men and women are!  They are at the TOP!

How can this be confirmed?  Because if this was not the case, then there would be NO TAKE OVER in progress, and we would NOT be living under an ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM.


Because those at the “top” would be putting a stop to it!  And…, as you can see, they are NOT!

Interestingly, no one seems to be able to connect these dots.

As I stated earlier…, I just don’t understand this place!

The solution is quite clear!  Obvious actually…, and yet…, stating it…, teaching it…, talking about it…, and even YELLING IT…, seems to be having little (if any) affect.

Perhaps the men and women who are living here on Earth will have to continue with their ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM and the ABUSERS for many thousands of years more…, before there is  ENOUGH COURAGE to simply put a stop to it.

Putting a stop to it is not as hard as one might think!

It’s all about YOUR POWER!  Power given to you by PRIME CREATOR.

Power that you’ve always had!

You just forgot.

Someone told you that you were weak…, and you believed it.

Someone told you that you were NOTHING and you believed it.

Someone told you that you had to follow every rule they made…, and you believed it.


You are all “part” of the Earth experience at this time…, and that means YOU have a role to play.  Sitting at home and waiting for someone else to HAND YOU your freedom will NOT HAPPEN.

That is illusion.

YOU are the only ones you’ve been waiting for…..

YOU are the only ones who can decide to TAKE BACK your planet and your freedom.


Stop fighting in the wars that are created to separate you.

Remember the system is Satanic.

What more is there to say???

Oh…., this one thing….


All my love….

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