By: Bradley Loves


I have absolutely NO doubt that this last act of destruction in New York was a staged event!  And if people indeed did die…, it is a real tragedy!

The PRESSURE COOKER is a device that has been used for years to “can” and “preserve” home grown foods!  They are the tool of home gardeners, and people who could and would SURVIVE on their own…, if the power were to go away!

The idea of DEMONIZING a thing as simple as a pressure cooker is not out of range of the psychopathic INSANITY of those Luciferians who wish to take over the world.

Especially if they were afraid that people could survive without giving up.

All you need is a few crazy CIA assets willing to do anything for a paycheck…, and an AGENDA that says we need to OUTLAW pressure cookers!

And WAMMO…, you get what we just saw in New York!


If these assholes thought they could get away with outlawing AIR…, so that people could no longer BREATH…, they’d have done that long ago!

This has the finger prints of the CABAL all over it!  It’s not just a theory…, it’s down right OBVIOUS!

Watch the NEWS for the BILLS going through CONGRESS tomorrow on FAST TRACKS to outlaw pressure cookers!

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