By: Bradley Loves


Like a shark moving in for the kill – nothing can stop it once there is BLOOD in the water!

Desperate to feed – it knows it’s prey is close and wounded!  Once it feels that it has the upper hand – it will attack MERCILESSLY until it kills it’s prey.

THIS, and this alone is what we are seeing rolling out all over the world!

For too long the Satanists and the Luciferians have had to hide in the shadows!  They have had to hide their EVIL in Groves – and Grottto’s away from the prying eyes of the public!  They have had to do their SACRIFICES underground, in dungeons, where the screams of the innoncent could not be heard!

They have had to hide the fact that they love drinking blood – and eating flesh!


Humanity is WEAK!  

The Satanists can smell blood in the water, and they know that if they do not strike at it mercilessly and move in quickly for the kill, they may NEVER get another chance to rule the world and bring LUCIFER out into the open!

Everything, and I really mean EVERYTHING that is happening in California, as well as Sweden, Germany, Great Britian, and countless other places attests to this!  The backlash against Donald Trump as President from those who secretly worship Satan, is like an enraged shark who knows it is only moments from feeding!

There is blood in the water, and it WILL NOT BE DENIED!

Jerry Brown, and the rest of his crazy cronies in Sacramento (most of whom are INSANE) want nothing more than to get rid of GOD and replace GOD with GOVERNMENT!

What’s worse is that they want to practice Satanism OPENLY!

This has been tried before mind you, and has always failed!  But for those who are desperate – for those who want SATANISM out in the open – they can never give up trying.

It always happens when humanity is SPIRITUALLY WEAK!

When humanity runs after debauchery – entertainment – and lawlessnes!

This is NOT NEW!

What happened to Babylon??

Hollywood and the Music Industry of Los Angeles IS the text book example of DEBAUCHERY for our age!

It is there only to promote the casting off of morals – and the embracing of carnal and lustful pursuits in order to weaken humanity!

Russia knows how this will turn out! And turned back to GOD!

Americans, sadly have never seen how it happens yet!


What we are seeing is the result – the consequence – the justly deserved payment for “choosing” of our own FreeWill to turn away from morality, honesty, truthfulness, and a life of LOVE!

Refusing to “judge” – refusing to SAY SOMETHING – is seen as “tacit consent” by GOD and by the Universe!

All of those who refuse to do GOOD – when faced with pure EVIL, are in fact aiding and abetting that evil!

They are in fact equally deserving of the RESULT – THE CONSEQUENCE and the PUNISHMENT!

Be warned!

All my love…


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