By: Bradley Loves

Because of the endless amounts of hidden Esoteric Knowledge, the infiltration of the Ancient Mystery Schools by those who practice Lucifereanism, the rewriting of History, and the dumbing down of Earth’s populations…, life has become (of necessity) A PUZZLE.

This means that you have to actively try to figure it out!  Naturally…, this scares the pants off of those men and women who support the Luciferean agenda…, which is why LOGIC and CRITICAL THINKING are not only NEVER TAUGHT in schools…, they are actively discouraged…, and as of lately…, even PUNISHED when you try to use these tools!

Can you understand what I am saying and why?  Do you see the depth of what has transpired here on Earth, and what has been done to bring us all to this point?

If you do…, if you can see the HERCULEAN EFFORT that was put into place to cause this to be…, do you suppose that the wave of a wand will fix it all?

There is NO QUICK FIX to trying to dispel ALL of the illusions that have been planted into so many human beings minds. When I wrote THIS article called: Thought is the Creative Force, I was not joking or speaking lightly about a subject which is epically IMPORTANT.

In order to get to the REAL TRUTH…, we must actively QUESTION EVERYTHING!  

Naturally this applies to:

  1. All Religions
  2. Governments
  3. The Media
  4. Teachers and Scientists
  5. Figures of “Authority”
  6. The Pope
  7. The Military
  8. Corporations
  9. Legal Systems
  10. Judges
  11. The Police
  12. Even your own family which may not know the TRUTH.

Now you may say…, well then…, if none of what I am being “told” is the TRUTH…, where do I find it?

And sadly…, Normally I would tell you to “go within”…, and listen to that still small voice of your soul!   And this IS THE TRUTH!

However these “criminals” left NOTHING TO CHANCE!  They wanted the Planet AND your SOUL so badly that they crafted and created a technological means such that when you finally got “silent” and tried to “go within” and “hear” a message…, they had one already waiting for you with the BROADCAST TECHNOLOGIES called VOICE TO SKULL.

Cleverly crafted and woven into words that sound loving…, they placed a poisonous message that told you THERE IS NOTHING YOU HAVE TO DO! 

These men and women who understand BLACK MAGIC and the conjuring of Demons from the Astral Levels…, have been feeding (paying) these Demons (with human sacrifice) to act as Knowledgeable Entities, who willingly come to those men and women who are easily misled or gullible, and tell them 50 percent truth…, laced with 50 percent lies so that everything that is said that is real will be ignored.

So therefore…, I can NOT in good conscience tell you to simply “go within” without WARNING YOU that by going within…, you will have to deal with both a technological system that is designed to LIE to you…, and a demonic element that is also waiting for you and wants to LIE to you as well!

These are the hurdles you will have to cross BEFORE you can get to the real truth!  If you “go within” with the rose colored glasses…, and the kool-aid drinking idea that there is NO SUCH THING as “bad” on the inner planes and on the inner levels…, then you are sadly walking on the edge of a cliff with banana peels on your feet for shoes!


You have GOT to use your own CRITICAL THINKING…, and YOUR MIND!  You have got to question everything you are told EVEN that which you hear from CHANNELED ENTITES!

ESPECIALLY that which you hear from CHANNELED ENTITIES!

To simply take for granted…, and believe that because what you are being told (as truth) is coming from a channeled entity, and that “that truth” is not at least 50 percent LIES…, is something ONLY a total fool would do!

When you “hear” a message…, or a “teaching” coming to you from an entity that you can’t see…, and most certainly can’t even PROVE that it is the persona that it says it is…, you have to use YOUR PURE HEART OF LOVE in concert WITH YOUR HIGHER MIND OF COMPASSION AND CARE to see if what is being said is right.

You have to ASK YOURSELF with each new message…, if I follow this teaching…, what will the result for the world be?

How will those who are suffering be affected?

Will it make life better and easier on Earth?

And most importantly…, if I am being asked to DO NOTHING…, is it possible that this is part of a STAND DOWN agenda…, so that other entities can come in and take over the very REALM in which I am currently living my life?

If you have NOT asked these questions after hearing every teaching…, then sadly…, I must inform you that you have SURRENDERED YOUR MIND to others!

I can not begin to tell you the COSMIC LEVEL CONSEQUENCE that this type of abdication of responsibility carries!

Even if these Channeled Entities are out there tempting you to believe lies.., YOU and you alone…, are the final arbiter of what you will believe.  That is why due diligence and work are necessary elements to every act you do…, even when listening to channeled messages.

If you personally TAKE ACTION…, based on something that was “told to you” inside a Channeled Message…, then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for that action BECAUSE you did not take the time to ask all of the right questions BEFORE you simply took those words AS GOSPEL.

Also remember this:

Action can also be DOING NOTHING!

That is called: INACTION, but is always the result of a personal choice.

There has been much already written about the idea that DOING NOTHING is also a choice!  You are HERE (on Earth) to choose…, and even though there are many New Agers who think they can scam the system…, and save themselves by making NO CHOICE AT ALL in the face of great evil…, making NO CHOICE is also CHOOSING!

You can not escape the LESSONS that you are here to LEARN!  You can NOT escape the lesson that teaches that each breath you take…, and each idea you hold in YOUR MIND…, YOU (YES YOU) are helping to create the reality that you see around you!

And because of that…, YOU (YES YOU) are personally responsible for that reality.

And if that reality is ugly and you don’t like it…, then you need to DO SOMETHING in the form of an ACTION to bring about a change.

What action you need to take…, and how…, is something that you need to actively figure out.  It is something that you as a LOVING SOUL needs to discern in each and every moment, and with each and every breath.

What action you need to take is:  A PUZZLE, that only YOU (not other entities) can solve!

All my love,




















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