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Yesterday, I basically pitched a “fit” at one of Ben Fulford’s useless posts. 

The problem I have is very simple (and Ben knows it).  The VATICAN and the UN (two groups he consistently apologizes for) have done more HARM to the Earth than any other two groups in the History of mankind.

PURE EVIL does not even begin to describe what we are talking about!

And until you get down to THIS PART of the post…, then you have not yet read anything at all!  So read all of it!

The Rising Danger of the Private Security Firm Industry in America


Lest you think that I’m joking, or lest you are thinking this is hyperbole’ – you need to start doing some REAL RESEARCH (hours and hours every single day for a few months and then make a comment).

Start Here:

AI, The Vatican and The Church of Satan’s Robotic Agenda



You can not understand the length and breath of the problem until you read THIS article below!  This article IS FACT – not conjecture!   Just because you do not want to “believe it” does not make if FALSE.

Most Americans, Europeans, Russians, and Chinese have NO CLUE concerning the “weapons” that have been deployed against them.

WAR has been declared on you…, you just have not gotten the memo…, because it was supposed to be a “QUIET WAR”.

The most ludicrous part of all of this is the “Christians” who say this can not be true…, only because their “Priests” and “Clergy” have not “informed” them of this…, so therefore…, it can’t be true!

The New Ager’s go one giant step further into STUPID-VILLE – by claiming that what I say can’t be true because some “out of body” – “unseen entity” – that they can’t even prove exists…, has not yet told them (given them the memo) that it is true – and so therefore it has not been “confirmed” for them!  (By a Ghost) LOL!

Average Joe Americana does not know anything that he does not hear on CNN first…. (and holy crap batman are we in a lot of trouble here!)

But I – a living and breathing man…, who has experienced all of this – and who has dealt with many people what have gone though it as well…, am TELLING YOU that it is TRUE (from experience)…, and I hear nothing but crickets!

Let’s take this above linked article apart:

Total Individual Control Technology

is a nefarious type of EM (Electromagnetic) and V2K (Voice to Skull) weaponized technology that is being experimented with and deployed against segments of the American population.

Those attacked by this electronic stalking are known as TI’s (Targeted Individuals). Recently another brave whistle-blower has stepped forward to expose it. Bryan Kofron (who formerly used the alias of Justin Carter) is a security industry specialist who used to work for a private security company SIS (Security Industry Specialists) in Seattle, Washington.

He quit in disgust after realizing that his former firm, and others just like it, were actively using this so-called total individual control technology to target people, then ultimately control and destroy their lives. Since he quit, he has himself become a victim of the technology via gang-stalking.


Now…, let this sink in.  This technology IS A MASSIVE WEAPON!   


What does this mean? 

  • This means that it is already up and running and is killing and hurting people as we speak!

There is no possible way in the Universe that the Vatican does not know about this…, and there is no possible way that the United Nations does not know about this!   Period.

They can claim ignorance and stupidity all they want…, but it does not change the absolute FACT that they know DAMN WELL this weaponry has been deployed worldwide!

And just in case you forgot…, (oh how the public loves to forget) so they don’t’ have to actually take any action or responsibility….


And there are (very literally) a million more links where those came from….

So just in case you thought that the VATICAN always tells everyone about the EVIL going on in the world…, apparently they HIDE what they don’t want you to know about.


Then there are these…

And…, there are millions of these…

Do I really need to paint you a picture??

Now…, getting back to the subject we started with…, you know…, THE WAR “they” declared on us all…, and the WEAPONS they deployed against us to make it “appear” and “seem” as if they were not doing it?


Total Individual Control Technology

According to Kofron, [a guy who actually worked with this stuff] this technology is so advanced that it can be used to read your mind, program your mind with thoughts (that you would believe are your own) and induce emotional states in you (including pain, hate and fear).

It can be used to tap into your optical nerve and auditory systems to see and hear what you are seeing and hearing.  It can target particular people by engaging in individual-specific attacks (based on the target’s DNA resonance).

Finally, it is being used in vast social engineering programs as a way to experiment upon poor, homeless and weak people who have little or no chance of fighting back.

In interviews or presentations such as this:

Kofron explains that this technology is being used by psychopaths who have little scruples about the harm they are causing.

They are targeting specific groups of people: those who are cognitively inclined, highly intelligent, knowledgeable about advanced technology or interested in alternative research (i.e. conspiracy research).

In general, they are either targeting empowered individuals with free minds (to stop dissidents and revolutionaries) or those too poor and weak to fight back.

Using Kofron’s own words, here are some of the things Total Individual Control Technology is able to do:

“This technology manipulates the electrical signals in the brain, thus controlling thoughts and feelings and emotions and sensations throughout the body.

It works by rewiring the brain by creating new neural pathways and destroying existing neural pathways, thus this literally changes the way a person thinks and thus behaves.”

“This technology can also be used to control the muscle movement of the target. It can take over one’s hands or feet while driving and make you press on the accelerator or press on the brake or turn. This can be used to cause accidents it can also be used to prevent accidents from happening.”

“This technology can also tap into the optical nerve of the target, and the auditory system of the target, so that those monitoring the target can see what the target is seeing and hear what target is hearing. This information is then downloaded and stored on a computer, in a highly secure classified site on servers that are guarded by some of the tightest security in the world.

This results in the individual’s entire day, everything they see, everything they hear, everything they experiment, everything they experience, and everything they feel being recorded till the end of time.”

This technology can also be used to manipulate the emotions of the target. It can induce fear, love, hate.”

“This technology can be used to beam images and even motion pictures into one’s brain. Images and motion pictures that are so realistic that you think you are actually watching a movie or seeing something in reality.

It’s like a virtual reality 3D rendering that takes place within the target’s mind. The images and motion pictures manifest themselves in such a way that the target if they are not aware that this technology is being used on them will believe that they are natural thoughts and natural images.”

“This technology can also be used to induce and control dreams. It can be used to control dream cycles and sleep patterns. To cause one to sleep very deeply or to cause one to not sleep at all. REM cycles, alpha beta and delta brainwaves can be induced immediately by this technology.

And this technology can also be used to mimic spiritual experiences. Joy, love, peace that passes understanding can all be induced artificially by this technology to make the target believe that they are having a genuine spiritual experience when they’re not.”

“This technology can also be used to sexually manipulate the target. Make them feel sexual arousal or turn off their sexuality altogether, it can stimulate them and it can shut them down at a moments notice. It can also be used to manipulate the hormones of the target, thus lowering and raising estrogen and testosterone levels in women and men respectively.”

“This technology can also be used to read the thoughts of the target in real time … they can read your thoughts verbatim as they occur within your own mind.”

“Anywhere from small groups of people 10-20 to 100, to medium size groups of people several thousand to tens of thousands. This is done by creating a field effect, where an entire field of electromagnetic energy is created in a geographical location and any human being within that geographical location within that electromagnetic field affecting that geographical location will be effected by the technology.

This can be used to induce a general mood in a population or a crowd of people. It can be used to make them passive, it can be used to make them agitated. And this can be used to cause or stop, induce riots. Stop crime, start crime. Stop thoughts, start thoughts. Massive mind control on a citywide level.”


Bryan Alexander “died” as a result of THIS VERY WEAPONRY.  You people have got to read the very last letter he ever wrote… (publicly before he died)!

He was dead within two weeks!

Bryan Tells All – The Heartfelt and Tragic Story of a Targeted Individual (TI)


The Vatican and the United Nations are NOT YOUR FRIENDS..., they are your ENEMIES…..

Why did I “write” THIS article below on November 4th, 2018?

(Please Read)



Total Individual Control Technology Attacks Specific Individuals Based on DNA Resonance

As I have discussed in previous articles on mind control such as “They” Can’t Read Your Thoughts … Right?, the state of current mind control technology is beyond most people’s comprehension and idea of what is possible.

[Note from Bradley – Just so you know that this is very real, Shane Bales – aka THE RUINER – talked about this technology (that can read your thoughts) in our conversations several times in our discussions of A.I.]

Yet, we have had enough out-of-the-closet whistle-blowers and leaked or declassified documents to give us a clear idea of the scary extent to which we can be psychically attacked. Whistle-blowers such as Dr. Robert Duncan have lectured at length about the capabilities of V2K technology, which is defined as an EM frequency technology that utilizes RF (Radio Frequency) signals to induce sound within the cranial cavity of the target. V2K literally pipes thoughts directly into people’s heads without them knowing it.

Kofron bases his information on his own experience as an insider in this field, and also as recent victim of V2K himself. He was attacked once he went public.

He claims he has been assaulted with a beta version which is especially nasty, piping thoughts into his head such as:

“Everyone’s against you”

“Please be quiet or we’re going to kill you”

“Don’t work again or we’re going to kill you” 

“You’re the lab rat now motherfucker”

Kofron claims the Total Individual Control Technology attacks are attempting to turn him against his former work colleagues, friends and family. However, since he was trained in this area, he knows that the voices are technological and can defend himself against the manipulations once he hears them.

Kofron echoes exactly what Duncan has warned about: individual-specific attacks. Duncan states that every person has a “unique resonance signature”, and in almost exactly the same words, Kofron states that:

“… the DNA of the individual is used to determine the resonant frequency of the DNA itself, the resonant frequency is then used to fine tune the technology … to tune it perfectly to the resonant frequency of the targeted individual’s DNA.”

The Drive to Create a Worldwide DNA Database

This leads into another aspect of the NWO agenda: the drive to create a worldwide DNA database. When seen in the light of Total Individual Control Technology, the acquisition of an entire population’s DNA takes on a very sinister meaning. It is no coincidence that Amazon and Google (who are ultimately controlled by the same force as David Icke suggests) are racing each other, along with Microsoft, IBM and other companies, to assemble a DNA database as quickly as they can.

Those in power who gain access a completed worldwide DNA database and total individual control technology would have a horrifying weapon at their disposal to target literally anyone they wanted.

Will DNA Data Base Deter Sexual Abuse at UN?

Will DNA Data Base Deter Sexual Abuse at UN?

Kofron exposes how prospective employees are tricked out of their DNA.

They apply for a job at SIS, get told they have to do a drug test, and when the urine sample is sent to a lab, part is siphoned off as DNA to go into Amazon’s burgeoning DNA database.

Americans, in the millions, are having their DNA stolen from them, without their knowledge or consent, so they become unwitting targets of this insidious program!

Social Engineering with Total Individual Control Technology

Kofron talks at length about how this technology is fully operational and is already being tested upon those in society who are struggling (such as those who are homeless, poor and who don’t have much family or many friends) since they make the easiest targets.

On his website, he exposes the details of ongoing operations within Seattle (where he used to work for SIS).

This social engineering is being done by the Federal Government, the Military Intelligence agencies, private security firms (more on this below), some of the largest US corporations (after all, we live in a corporatocracy), local and state police, and social programs within inner-city America.

In one such operation, the perpetrators would target certain geographical blocks of the city, and, for instance, cause everyone in that area to be in a bad mood.

In another operation, SIS (employed by Amazon whose headquarters are in Seattle) would test upon Amazon employees. In another operation, SIS would experiment upon its own low level employees. In another operation, homeless people were brought in from all over the nation to special buildings that were then targeted.

This is true gangstalking – the ganging up by sociopaths and psychopaths upon the innocent to electronically harass and stalk them.

The Rising Danger of the Private Security Firm Industry in America

[Note from Bradley first – this is the part that will burn you the most!  We’ve got hundreds of thousands of men and women in America ALONE…, who FOR A PAYCHECK – are willing to torment and torture any human being alive – as long as they can do it secretly WITH TECHNOLOGY – These are vile monsters who belong in HELL – not on Earth…]

Kofron warns about an alarming trend in American society: the rise of private security companies who mostly employ ex-military and ex-intelligence agents.

As I covered in this 2-part series, the US Military Intelligence Complex – is completely and utterly out of control.

It runs the government and pulls the strings attached to all the puppet politicians, who don’t have the necessary “clearance” to access the truly top secret information.

These security firms, like the MIC itself, appear to operate above and outside the law.

The culture inside of these companies is toxic.

People rising up the ranks are conditioned to use this technology against innocent victims, and are told they will be rewarded with everything (money, power, women, sex, connection, access, status, belonging to the power club) if they go along with the program and become perpetrators.

If they have a strong conscience and refuse, they will be sacked, shunned, cut off, threatened and even made into TIs themselves.

The Human Rights Loophole: False Diagnoses

Another aspect of Total Individual Control Technology which the perpetrators use to shield themselves is the cruel use of false psychiatric diagnoses.

Here’s how it works: they manipulate TI victims to see a psychiatrist, and then they bribe the psychiatrist to deliver a fake diagnosis that the victim is mentally unstable, deranged, delusional, crazy, incompetent, paranoid, schizophrenic, suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder – or they invent some similar legal-medical-psychobabble diagnosis.

This has the unfortunate effect of stripping away the victim’s natural or human rights, which leaves him or her with no recourse to fight back against his attackers, since his claims and testimonies will be dismissed as the ravings of a madman.

This is a similar tactic to what is used with other victims of mind control.

In my interview with Max Spiers, he touched on the use of the Big Pharma “false memory” foundation, which includes bogus therapists and psychiatrists who convince mind control victims that they’re having false memories (when they are actually recalling how they were tortured and programmed).

The Infrastructure Underlying Total Individual Control Technology

The infrastructure that is enabling the total individual control technology is composed mostly of antennae, radar and cell phone towers. Often, the antennae are camouflaged (hidden behind walls). Some or most of the radar used is from military bases.

Kofron was not able to explain much of how the technology actually works, although an electrical engineer who called in on one of the radio interviews suggested that the perpetrators are setting up a standing wave of DNA, then doing slight variations in the phasing using pulse code modulation.

Final Thoughts: Total Individual Control Technology Perpetrated by the Cult of Power

In concluding, it’s important to realize how such cruel surveillance is being perpetuated.

As Kofron explains, it’s all about creating an “in” club of perpetrators who get rewarded with money, sex, power and the intrinsic human need for belonging, get told they are on the “right” side and the TIs are on the “wrong” side – and get threatened that if they speak up or quit, they may end up on that wrong side. It’s the cult of power.

Hopefully this testimony can serve as a wakeup call for those on the fence who can’t quite bring themselves to believe or act. In many ways, time is running out and the net is being drawn tighter and tighter.

The more technology advances, the more weapons the cult of power will have to enslave those who stand for truth and freedom. At a certain point, there will literally be nowhere to run or hide. The only option is to face it now before it’s too late.



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