By: Bradley Loves

This is going to be a work in progress! 

Even though I know what the truth is…, and have stated it before.  I’ve done so with little support or explanation behind it.  Many people who have read my words will simply just roll their eyes, and move on after the fact, because so many “other” bloggers out there…, do not really see what I see…, and therefore continue to support both Hidden Hand…, and Law of One Material on their own blogs as well as countless other “things” of the new age, which are complete gibberish!

So be it.  They continue to be blind.., but that is simply a choice they are making.  I can not do anything to change that.

I have decided that I can do very little for the majority of the people living on Earth in the here and now any longer!  Most of those who would read my blog, and even share some of it…, due to the NEW AGE, which is toxic to their growing awareness,  refuse to look at these difficult issues in the way they NEED to be looked at.

In addition, they don’t even want to consider that “they” could have been duped and deceived (yet again) here in this “time” by the likes of Catholic Church 2.0 (The New Age)…

They came into this life totally “prepared” to dump the Catholic Church (organized Religion) and to stand up against all of it’s lies and deceptions…, and so (foreseeing this possible future) the Jesuits and the Freemasons gave them the NEW AGE…, which they all ran to just like bees run to honey!

It was a simple bait and switch, and they were all “hooked” once again, believing that they had NOT BEEN FOOLED this time around.

And yet…, to really “grow”…, these men and women first have to come to terms with the fact that YES…, once again…, they were duped and lied to by those people who are actually running this place…, AND, this happened even though they took every precaution not to be fooled, or “taken in” before incarnating on the planet!

Now…, all they can do is forgive themselves for falling for the lies once again, and find the strength to move on!

This takes tremendous COURAGE, as well as strength of character, along with a bunch of HUMILITY, which does not come easy to people who truly believe they are “RIGHT”.

Most people are not yet ready for this heavy disappointment to come into their lives yet again…, because they just refuse to connect all of the dots they need to connect to see it clearly!

And so…, I’ve decided to write my blog and “archive” it all for the people of the FUTURE!  Maybe the next generation being born on the Earth will not be so fooled!  Maybe the next group of souls coming in…, will have seen what took place here…, and have prepared themselves better to defend against it.  I will continue to write for the TIME TRAVELERS as well.  Since there will be MANY people coming backwards in time to our time period now.  They will be coming “from the future” and maybe THEY will learn something from my blog that they can take back with them into their own time and use it there.

I have tried to show my readers (in many other articles that I’ve written) that the “NEW AGE” which was started by Madam Helena Blavatsky (who hung out with very high up Freemasons) was organized by the Illuminati for their own purposes.

So after all of that explanation…

We are going to start with this video!  I first posted it yesterday in the “commentary” article on what Preston James wrote.  Here it is again…, it is vitally important to your understanding…, and in your beginning to KNOW WHY the Law of One stuff has tremendous errors in it, as well as the Hidden Hand Material!

It is a radio interview between Mark Passio and Jay Parker…, but I consider it a simple conversation and a great statement of facts!  Once you’ve “listened” to this video…, then I will be able to use it (and many other articles and videos that are to come) to prove what I’ve said about HIDDEN HAND…, and LAW OF ONE…,is the truth.





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