By: Bradley Loves

Much of this article is a repost, but it also draws together what has been written in the first four parts of this series (which still has no official title) but will get one.

It is an accumulation type piece which pulls together MANY of the known and unknown facts of Secret Programs and Secret Technology, that has to do with MIND CONTROL, and it is the part that goes FAR, FAR DEEPER!

Please see this video for background.

This video is a  “basic” expose’ of the type of MIND CONTROL technology that I’m going to be talking about.

Here is the long and the short of it…..


Satellites orbit the Earth that scan for “YOUR” thoughts and record them into “YOUR” personal file.  Forget about what Edward Snowden told us…, that is very old news.

Far from the much simpler…, but still perfectly OUTRAGEOUS idea that “big brother” is listening to every phone call, reading every e-mail, reading your instant messages, AND recording everything that you say and do with your electronic devices…,

This is a giant leap beyond what most human beings think is even POSSIBLE, much less that it is actually being done in real time (as we speak)!

Not in their wildest dreams…, (but maybe in their wildest nightmares) would they think that it is possible for a machine to very easily tap into their “mental broadcast” and then actually interpret, and RECORD what is going on inside of their head!

However…, this is exactly the type of technology that has been developed, AND as we speak…, is being used in a top secret information gathering project known as:  KRAVEN

A satellite, in conjunction with several very large ground based systems (AI Super Computers) are RECORDING the thought patterns, ideas, and “inner dialogue” of every man, woman and child on the planet!

As bizarre as this sounds…, it appears to be the TRUTH!

Let’s go back to what “Jake” said in Kerry Cassidy’s interview!

The AI surveillance system, Jake told us, was literally “out of this world”. It operates hyperdimensionally, based on a highly advanced quantum computing model that is basically our development based on acquired alien technology. This system is so advanced that the ETs themselves are unhappy that we have it.

Not only does it enable access to what any given person is saying, or even thinking – if targeted for investigation – it can also transcend time itself and thereby access information about the thoughts and words of historical figures. Whether this system can look into the future – the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, based on a story by the prolific author Philip K. Dick, comes to mind – we omitted to ask.


To understand exactly HOW we got to this point…, we have to take a step back in time.  We have to go back to the 1960’s and the 1970’s when it was discovered that the human mind operates just like a radio or television station does.

The Brain, which works on Electro-magnetism…, and the Heart, which works on Electro-magnetism are constantly “broadcasting” electro-magnetic waves and frequencies into the atmosphere around us.

Just like a radio station…, these waves move forth…, and with the right equipment…, they can be “tuned into” and deciphered.

Interested in telepathy in the 1960s and 70s…, the top secret military projects (and the criminals that ran them) discovered that they could “broadcast” VOICES into another persons skull (or mind) while by-passing the ears completely.

This became known as VOICE TO SKULL (or Voice of God) Technology!

Tested on Prisoners in the Utah State Prison System in Draper, Utah…, (another complete and total CRIME)  multiple voices were broadcast into the minds of dozens of prisoners who were all hearing the same things and getting “MESSAGES” that were telling them things that seemed quite unbelievable.

Some of the “science” of how this works in explained in the videos that I’ve posted for you.

Moving on from there…, those criminals who were in charge of these projects started to “test” their SILENT WEAPONS on what have now become known as “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS”…, or TI’s for short.  Selected seemingly at random…, the far more “logical” thing to assume, is that each and every one of the people known as TI’s were chosen very specifically, and for a purpose!

Almost all of the TI’s are over 40 years old…, AND are also very intelligent!  This leads me to conclude that those men and women who are being targeted may be “stand in’s” for future Government Whistle Blowers, and Retired Military Personnel!

What I mean by this…, is that these very “specific” targets…, (chosen seemingly at random) were chosen because they were of the type and age where Retired Agents, Retired Military, and Retired Government workers would eventually get to be…, and that the current TI’s are simply the “Beta Test” for all of the “leaky pipes” which would eventually retire from dark, secret military projects, and need to be “crazy’d” later on in their life.

Sadly…, some of the people now “running” the Targeted Individual Programs might actually end up being the “recipient” of the same broadcast waves and frequencies they TORMENTED others with.

In addition to the seemingly at random choosing of Targeted Individuals…, it only makes good sense that many of the people being tormented are likely to be present or future whistle blowers.

You see…, in this day and age of technology and “super computers”…, the government is IN LOVE with the idea of a Tom Cruise style PRE-CRIME DIVISION…, where super computers will pick and choose WHO is likely to commit a crime in the future!

Taken from this article:

Police Now Using “Pre-Crime” Algorithm To Target and Label Innocent Citizens as Criminals

….Similar to dystopian films like Minority Report, a complex computer algorithm will track and catalog every citizen in the city, and use private data about each person to determine whether or not they could be a potential criminal.


What is interesting about articles like this (which always seem to “pop up” for your approval in a very timely way) is that they usually NEVER tell you the entire story!

They never tell you exactly HOW these super computers and Algorithm’s are actually determining if you are a criminal!

You see…, it’s the same old story of the GREAT CON!  They are looking for your consent…, and sad truth is that most people who are brain dead…., will read something like this article…, ASK NO QUESTIONS…, and then rubber stamp what the police, the military, or the government say they need to do!

They do this without even imagining in their wildest nightmares, that the so called “super computer” is actually READING THEIR THOUGHTS!

Now naturally…, there is most likely a computer somewhere…, that actually does do algorithm’s, and does not really need to read peoples thoughts!

HOWEVER…, what I have been told by numerous CIA Agents and Assets is that in order to “get around” Congress…, and around other Judicial Approval…, they will run two very similar projects side by side…, both named differently!

One of the projects (a dummy project) will do things legitimately and seemingly in a way that does not breach current laws or the Constitution!  The REAL PROJECT will be doing the very same thing…, only it will be breaking every law…, and trashing every human right that exists on the face of the planet.

It will be using FAR MORE advanced technology…, and if ever “questioned” as to how they GOT the knowledge or the information that they had obtained…, they will point to the more “legal” dummy project…, and say they got it there!

In other words…, THEY WILL LIE!

It is a very good probability that this PRE CRIME program is the very same type of thing…, and that the basis of what they are really looking into here is information obtained through the use of  KRAVEN!

Now…, for the simplistically minded…, and those who always FALL BACK to the idea that if you’ve got nothing to “hide”…, then you’ve got nothing to worry about… (I feel sorry for you that you are this NAIVE by the way)  there is ANOTHER very top secret project all ready up and running where every type of “human thought” has already been recorded and saved onto “memory sticks”.

Since the human mind/brain gives off certain frequencies or waves for each type of thought…, then it is very possible to CATALOGUE the entire gamut of thoughts, ideas, desires, lusts, greeds and so forth…, so that a sophisticated  computer will recognize them.

Thus, the thoughts and ideas of a “killer” have all been recorded and saved to a memory stick.

  • Thoughts and ideas of rapists
  • Thoughts and ideas of criminals
  • Thoughts and ideas of child molesters
  • Thoughts and ideas of Satanists
  • Thoughts and ideas of car theives
  • Thoughts and ideas of drug dealers
  • Thoughts and ideas of Muslim Jihadists

You get the picture (I hope)!

Now that they’ve recorded the very magnetic frequency signature of all of these “thoughts”…, what they doing is claiming that they can then use KRAVEN to “scan” for them IN OTHER PEOPLE… as a sort of pre-crime GLOBAL POLICE INITIATIVE.


Didn’t we already learn that they ALSO have learned how to “broadcast” or to “project” VOICES directly into people skulls?  Didn’t we learn that they had already learned how to do that ALL THE WAY BACK in the 1970’s?

In addition to a human beings mind/heart being able to “broadcast” electro-magnetic waves…, their mind/heart can ALSO “receive” or “pick up” electro-magnetic waves that are being broadcast.

This means that:

  • SINS
  • ETC

That MAY have been “pre-recorded” even YEARS AGO…, can be rebroadcast into the electro-magnetic fields around us…, and then “picked up on” by you in the present.

This could happen most ESPECIALLY…, if your own heart/mind/brain were being specifically targeted with these broadcasts!

So it is conceivable that all of the things listed above, which were NOT originally yours…, could be pulled off of a “memory stick” and then re-broadcast directly at YOUR MIND…, and you would then start to pick up on those waves and frequencies!

In this way…, you will start to “experience” the very same thoughts, ideas, lusts, sins, images, etc…, as the very criminal who originally HAD THEM!

You see…, the VOICE TO SKULL technology is already OLD!  It is out-dated…, and since the late 1970’s the SCIENCE has gone on to a FAR DEEPER LEVEL than that!

As I’ve said…, every human thought…, including “murder” has already been mapped and recorded…, then saved onto a memory stick.

The technology exists (as we speak) to rebroadcast these very specific electro-magnetic frequencies directly into the mind of an unsuspecting human being!


Here’s where the CRIMINAL POLICE STATE…, the one that wants to control the ENTIRE WORLD…., does it’s one-two punch on the unsuspecting populations of the world!

First, they pick out the very people that THEY don’t like…, for what ever reason!   Let’s say that person is on a government watch list, simply for being a “WHISTLE BLOWER or A TRUTH TELLER.

Let’s say they are a “gun owner” or a supporter of the Second Amendment.  Or, they might be a strict “Constitutionalist”…, or a “TEA-PARTY” member,  or anyone else who “they” don’t like.

The first “huge punch” comes from the left side…, where a top secret government project…, (unacknowledged of course) starts to broadcast very specific waves and frequencies DIRECTLY INTO YOUR MIND…, over a long and extended period of time.

Naturally this is torture and harassment!  However…, a very strong, moral, and healthy person may not ACT on these thoughts and ideas now flooding into his or her mind at first!

So…, it may actually takes months…, or YEARS of the very same INTENSELY broadcast thoughts to wear down a “victim” of these projects before they wear down and ACT on them.

Here comes the second punch from the RIGHT!

Once these hapless victims of these governmental projects “give into” and act on what is already coming into their minds…, then their name (what a surprise) is handed over to another completely independent secret project which is simply READING and RECORDING EVERYONE’S THOUGHTS and looking for criminals as part of the PRE CRIME INITIATIVE!

This project has been given the “green light” as part of the PRE-CRIME initiative, has been introduced to Congress…, and has legitimate government approval…., because after all…, we DO want to keep the world safe from criminals…, don’t we?

And low and behold…, this second and separate division of the SECRET PROJECT (without knowing anything about the other part) now finds that this individual (a person whose name was forwarded to them) is supposedly “having” all of these horrible thoughts…, AND ACTING ON SOME OF THEM!


The POLICE SHOW UP…, with evidence that this poor horrible person…, that is having horrible thoughts…., is a PRE CRIME candidate…, and there is a very speedy trail based upon the READING OF THEIR THOUGHTS…, and they are now put in IN JAIL with the key thrown away!


One, Two, Punch…., the “undesirable”  (a truth teller and whistle blower) is now LEGALLY in jail…, and will never “commit” any crimes.
























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