By: Bradley Loves


This is going to be a long article…, and is on the cutting edge, because it has to do with Super Secret Technology being used by the DOD!


Please do not read this article if you are not up to speed on VOICE TO SKULL, GWEN TOWERS or other FREQUENCY WEAPONS.   You won’t understand it.

This article is only for people who have already come to realize that this technology is currently deployed, and is being used.


These words are really quite meaningless unless and until you start to dive deeply into what is really going on here on this planet…, and once you do…, you will find out that there are some very serious forms of MIND CONTROL that have been going on here for quite some time now.

In the Dr. John Hall video Interview that I posted in this article:

(Yes dear reader…, you should have watched it…, that’s why I post these things…)

Dr. Hall has basically described what I have already known for a long time…, and found is absolutely true!

Countless men and women are being “targeted” by frequencies from satellites…, and through the clandestined use of VOICE TO SKULL technologies…, are being “harassed” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These super advanced MIND CONTROL tactics…, can accomplish things that most people would never believe are even possible!

Here is what I’ve written before…, but it needs to be repeated at this time.

The DOD (Department of Defense) has already “recorded” and “catalogued” the unique brain wave patterns, and the particular frequencies of each and every living human being on the planet!

Just like a finger print is unique to you…, your own personal brain wave “finger print” is already known to your government…, and can be tracked by satellite!

No GPS necessary…, sorry…, that’s old news!

In addition to that…, with over 50 years of research having been done by the DOD…, an entire PHONE BOOK FULL of “thought frequencies”, have been recorded, catalogued, and have become known by the government.

This means that whenever a person is thinking about anger in his or her mind…, the persons brain gives off a certain frequency that is known as the “anger frequency”

(You get the idea).

However…, even though each “mind/brain” is unique to every human being…, and has it’s own “signature” so to speak…., the frequency of ANGER is almost always the same…, no matter which brain…, or which mind, is giving off that frequency!

So, let’s look at what kind of “list” the DOD has made for us, after working for 50 years behind our backs!

Remember that they have done these “experiments” on both brutal and docile prisoners…, as well as very dangerous criminals…,  not to mention the millions of innocent human beings that have been part of their tests as well.

So now, after all this time, they have a very comprehensive list of brain wave “frequencies” and “patterns” that have been both recorded and catalogued!

On this DOD list, are some of the frequencies that a normal human mind/brain gives off when that person is thinking VERY INTENSELY about:

  1. Being angry
  2. Feeling pure rage
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Feeling like you must sleep at all costs
  5. Feeling anxious
  6. Feeling distracted
  7. Feeling Jealous
  8. Feeling envious
  9. Being desperate to take drugs
  10. Feeling desperate to drink alcohol
  11. Feeling desperate to over eat or binge eat!
  12. Being frustrated
  13. Feeling sick
  14. Feeling desperate to have sex with a women
  15. Feeling desperate to have sex with a man
  16. Feeling desperate to rape someone
  17. Feeling desperate to have sex with a child
  18. Feeling desperate to view porn
  19. Feeling desperate to view child porn
  20. Feeling like you want to kill someone
  21. Feeling like you want to hurt someone
  22. Feeling like you need to beat your wife
  23. Feeling like you need to beat your husband
  24. Feeling like  you want to steal
  25. Feeling like you want to use a gun desperately
  26. Feeling like your family hates you
  27. Feeling like you hate your family
  28. Feeling like you can’t stand your husband
  29. Feeling like you can’t stand your wife
  30. Feeling helpless and powerless
  31. And thousands of other already established desires and thoughts they have catalogued…, just like their NAZI cohorts did during WWII!

So…, are you getting the idea here?

The exact “frequency” of these thoughts have already been PRE-RECORDED (from various prisoners and test subjects) and have now been saved as retrievable  files on “thumb drives”.

Now…, if some innocent human being has become TARGET.., of the DOD…, then these totally F’K’d up Military Personnel…, who are the type and kind of  ‘ilk’ that Mark Passio despises beyond measure…, will simply pull out a thumb drive with thousands of  pre-recorded frequencies already loaded onto it…, and then (during their 8 hour shift) proceed to “broadcast” any number of these brainwave frequencies directly at the poor unsuspecting target that has been assigned to them.


I’ve talked to way too many people in person, too many people on Skype, and too many over the phone, and have even had my own “unfortunate” battles with this “problem” to know that it is VERY REAL, is on going…, and is happening all over the world!


Once these “criminal” deviants, who are pushing these “buttons”, and selecting these “frequencies” find a particular “issue” that their “target subject” is weak in defending against…, they will usually use that frequency over and over and over again…, while laughing at the target whom they are tormenting!

Because these (usually very young) military screwballs are not very old (or educated)…, the people that I’ve worked with closely and have personally (counseled) are more often than not, horribly harassed with SEX frequencies!

Because these idiot kids (all 20 somethings) think it’s so very cool to be like GOD, and have a button to push in order to harass a target…, they usually go for anything sexual, and most often, it is the most DEVIANT sexual frequency they can find on their list!

For instance…, if it’s their job to harass a certain target…, and listed on the thumb drive in their possession is the frequency of an extreme desire to have have sex with a dog, or some other animal…, AND…, they know for a fact that the target they have been assigned to is a very clean cut, and loving Christian man or woman…, then they’ll sadistically hit that button over and over again for weeks until it literally drives the poor target out of their skin!

(Especially if the target owns a dog), which is something they would find amusing.

Also…, these “kids” seem to take malicious delight in trying to turn straight men and women gay…, and gay men and women into pedophiles, by bombarding them with the “proper frequencies” to give them those thoughts and desires!

I kid you not…, these young military f*ck’s, are totally mindless tormentors, and it is my humble opinion…, that they are all GOING TO HELL, every last single one of them.

(Honestly I hope they do…, there is NO forgiveness for this kind of torture.)

Only now…, maybe now, you as the reader are starting to get the tiniest idea of what is really happening out there behind our backs with our Department of Defense!

I kid you not, when I say that I’ve talked to certain very unfortunate and miserable people who have told me countless sad stories.

For example:

 One man said he was simply driving down the freeway with not a care in the world…, when he was suddenly “hit” with such an extreme desire to have sex…, that was so incredibly intense, and came out of nowhere…, he had to pull off the road because the frequency of the thought was consuming him, and he could not continue to drive.

Then…, just as suddenly as it came up, the thought (and the desire) went away…, and some other very horrible and deviant “thought” would come into his mind.




These technologies are reaching right into people brains…, and “implanting” pre-recorded” thought waves directly into their minds so that their brain is now ENTRAINED by the new wave…, being directed at it…., and after a short period of time…, finally starts to “engage” in that very same pattern on it’s own!


When certain “New Ager’s” or other closed minded people talk to me about this problem…, I can’t tell you how many won’t believe it’s even possible.

Needless to say…, they have not done the research like I have.

Others will want to “make light” of this type of experience after I tell them about it…, not knowing what else to say, and never having spoken to anyone it has happened to.

Finally they will usually say something stupid like…,

Well…, it can’t be that bad…, even if it is happening…,

(probably because it has never happened to them of course.)


It’s at those certain times that I usually wish I could submit their names to the DOD for torture…, just to see how they would react, if it were to start happening to them!

While normal people don’t usually want to believe this can happen at all, because “frequency” does not mean anything to them…, New Ager’s who hear about it…, may sometimes believe it IS possible…, but will usually say something absolutely simplistic to me like this:

  Well if it is happening…, Just send them love…, and it will go away….



These people don’t quit!  Ever!  If you are a “target” of the DOD   …, then it is full on…, 24 hours a day…, and 7 days a week…, until they are ordered otherwise!

(Sending these “f**ks” love, has NOTHING to do with it.)

Oh…, and by the way…, how many people who are in the process of being tortured…, can really find the “where with all” to send love to the one torturing them?


If you have listened to Dr. John Hall…, and I hope you did…, you will have heard that he thinks that this is all still in the testing phase, and is more or less RANDOM!

This is where Dr. Hall and I part ways totally, because he has admittedly worked with only certain people…, and I honestly think I’ve worked with just as many if not more!

In my opinion…, the “targeted” ones are the people who are mostly very loving, very honest, and dedicated men and women…, who have DEEP MORALS.

They are targets, because they are very intelligent, and are, or would eventually become, community leaders who could solve large problems!

In addition to this…, in my experience, many of them are very noble people, who would most certainly have STOOD AGAINST the New World Order if they were not so tortured.

It is my opinion that these are the people being targeted, and they are targeted for this very reason.

I have dealt with some men and women who have been “targeted” since the early 1980’s!

Almost all of these “early targets” (without exception) seem to have started in 1982, 1983, 1984, and 1985 for the earliest ones I have found.

Most of them seem to have “come on line” right after Ronald Regan was shot…, and George Bush Senior had suddenly gotten a greater “foothold” on the White House!

Now…, how could these people have become “targets” so early on, if the technology was still in development?

Once again…., Dr. Hall is ill prepared to really understand this as deeply as I do, due to his lack of knowledge of QUANTUM ACCESS TECHNOLOGY! 

To understand this better, we really have to understand exactly what the “LOOKING GLASS” technology is…, and how it has been, and was being used.

“Looking Glass” technology is quantum access machines that are specifically used to look into the future!  Not only can they see into the future of our own time-line…, but they also see alternate future time-lines as well.

This type of quantum access (achieved through the use of two identical machines) one for audio, and one for video…, are capable of recording future events from this time line…, and from other time-lines.

Looking Glass was not the only technology being used by the DOD however…, since there was also an alien device called: YELLOW CUBE…, that was being used…, as well as the “Chrono-visor” technology that Andy Basiago has told us about.

It is my opinion that the Army, Navy, and Air Force, have all had their “own” unique ways to do QUANTUM ACCESS…, and also to record future events.

Suffice it to say however that all through the 1970’s and 1980’s these devices were being used regularly, gathering as much “future data” as they possibly could concerning:  people, places, events, time-lines, and anything else of a military nature.

It was right during this time of tremendous future research however, that a Khazarian Mafia “Hi-Jack” of the American Government, and the American Military took place!

So now…, where Ancient Magicians from Europe (Central Bankers) had been previously controlling America…, it got it taken away from them by a far more brutal and “Satanic” faction, which wanted to kill off 90 percent of the world’s entire population, and hand over the entire planet to a LUCIFERIAN  ENTITY!

This “Satanic” faction…, knew very well that hundreds of thousands…, (if not millions) of very “enlightened” souls had incarnated upon the planet during the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s….,  and they also knew of the data that had been collected through the use of  “Looking Glass”, “Yellow Cube”…, and “Chrono-vision” technologies.

So now…, they knew exactly WHO THESE PEOPLE WERE!

Their names, addresses, strengths and weaknesses, and even life time achievements…, had ALREADY been recorded and catalogued!

This information which was being “documented” into secret data files for every living man, woman, and child was going to come in VERY HANDY now that the Luciferians were calling the shots!

Countless men and women who lived their lives between the years of 1960 and 2040 (80 years) had had their entire lives documented through the use of these technologies.

Therefore anyone who “stood out” as an example of “impeccable” morals, intelligence, Love, determination, and dedicated concern for Humanity…, suddenly became “targeted individuals” or “individuals of concern” for the Satanic faction of the Khazarian Mafia/NWO group.

This is how these unfortunate people…, thousands of them all over the planet, became the “early targets” of this technology. (1980’s)

For those men and women who may be wondering why “they” were not targeted…, it seems that only those who became WELL KNOWN through the use of these quantum access technologies to either have been willing…., or had actually been recorded as having taken real and serious action against the NWO were targeted early on.

Anyone apparently who was willing to just let it all go…, and do absolutely nothing…, were left alone for the most part, since they were not seen as immediate and viable threats to these Satanists.

As a result of having this information…, these Satanists…, having absolutely no morals, ethics or even consciences…, took all of this data…, and  “TIME TRAVELED” it backward as far as they could…, and then started using it against the very people they had determined were “threats” to their Global take over plans!

By using super advanced frequency weapons…, and even going so far as to “time travel” certain technologies backward to the early 1980’s…, they proceeded to ATTACK CERTAIN TARGETS on a global scale…, which was anyone and everyone who they thought was a real threat to either themselves, or their SATANIC AGENDA!

Now interestingly…, something has changed, but only very recently!

Many of the people I’m in contact with…, who have been having VOICE TO SKULL tormentors talking to them inside their heads for years…, have started to describe the very same voice telling them nice things…, and seemingly trying to be very helpful!

When I questioned them deeper, and asked if it was the same voice that had been tormenting them for years, they said:

YES…, but now only at certain times!


This lead me to to conclude there was some real hanky panky going on inside the DOD!

After much thought and deliberation…, I came to this conclusion!

Certain factions within the DOD (who did not originally know about the technology) have found out about the so-called:  “targeted individuals”. 

Because of this sudden break in secrecy…, a “FAKE  PROGRAM” was quickly set up by the DOD…, whereby anyone whose “name” had been seen on the target list…, was now (at certain times) getting a very “helpful” dose of daily thoughts…, by someone who was seemingly trying to help them overcome their otherwise dark and deviant thoughts.

Perhaps for this FAKE PROGRAM…, detailed records and copies of their recorded mental states or thought processes had been shown to certain “new oversight” officials…, and then those officials were being shown how “kind hearted” DOD technicians were very hard at work…, trying to “re-train” some very bad people who had horrible thought patterns!

However…, because the very same voices would soon come back with really dark, deviant and hateful thoughts…, it is my belief that the kind or helpful stuff was simply that a CON that was being played upon certain men and women within the DOD who had been given an “over sight” position…, and were told to CHECK INTO THIS and see what the hell was going on!

So when ever the over seers were watching…, it was all very nice, kind, and loving.

It was basically the DOD saying that we are ONLY trying to help rid the world of crime here…, and nothing more!

This is also where I believe the FUTURE CRIME technology that was talked about in this long and very important article that I wrote:

….was actually coming from…, because all of these targeted individuals are having their minds and thoughts constantly monitored!

And now, we are told that the POLICE are doing this, and have “Future Crime” technology as well!

Of course naturally…, it would not be really hard for one part of the DOD team to operate technology from one location…, and place really nasty and horrible thoughts into a certain targets MIND…, while another completely separate team, (Perhaps the Police?…,) who did not know about the first team, and were operating technology from a second location…, were able to record those thoughts…, and then CLAIM that they know for a fact that this individual is almost certainly a criminal…, and should go to jail, because their thoughts show that they are certain to soon commit a crime! 

We’ve seen it in their thoughts…, and here are the records.., the police could say….


How convenient this technology has turned out to be for the SATANIC faction of the NWO!

Not only do they get to destroy the very minds and lives of some really good and decent human beings…, people who would have most certainly have stood against them and their agenda…, they can now even see to it that those men and women end up in jail forever…, as a part of their PRE-CRIME DIVISION, by putting criminal thoughts into their minds.


Meanwhile…, let’s all just listen to a channeled message, and ignore it all…, shall we?   Let’s “pretend” none of this is happening.   Because…, even if it is happening…, it’s all KARMA RIGHT?   

Isn’t that what the New Ager’s say?  Anything bad that ever happens to anyone must be Karma?  

I wonder if those idiot channeled entities have ever even considered taking this level of TECHNOLOGY into account?



There is some very real…, and very DARK stuff happening here on this planet my brothers and sisters.  YOU personally can not afford to ignore it any longer…, because if this is not stopped…, then for certain…, your children will NEVER be able to freely USE their own minds.

Thought control and MIND control are being used daily…, right NOW!  And once they get rid of the goody-goodies who are they KNOW are willing to stand against them…,  they’ll be coming for everyone else next!

I wonder how everyone who does not “care”…, will feel then…, when there is a VOICE TO SKULL operation on going inside their minds…, with THEM as the target?


This needs to be stopped at all costs!

I have talked to more than one person who has confirmed for me that one of bases of this targeted individual operation is coming from ANTARCTICA!  Others say it comes from underground military bases and installations all over the globe.

I really don’t know who is going to be able to put a stop to this…, but I am very hopeful that there are at least some decent people left in the military somewhere…, or some decent people working in the agencies who will finally grow a pair, and realize that if this does continue…, all of humanity, including their own families will soon suffer!

This level of MIND INVASION can not be allowed to continue…, and if it does…, may GOD HAVE MERCY on all of those in the Military that did NOTHING!

You will be held accountable!  You have my word on that!  Too many have suffered!

All my love to my readers.






























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