By: Bradley Loves

For those of you who read the small article I wrote yesterday…, and then wondered what the heck I was talking about…, remember that I told you there would be MORE coming!

I give you the story of the RED BUTTON!

Just so that you can be clear up front…, this has to do with how “consent” is being used against you…, and is even YOUR CHOICE!  There are “other” stories concerning the RED BUTTON floating around…, and ALL of them show just how stupid human beings can be when faced with a choice…, but this particular one fits my purposes.

Almost all of the people living in the world want PEACE…, or so they say.  They also want freedom, equality, love and many other things.  However…, every choice they make…, USUALLY is in direct contravention of what they SAY they want.

Thus, what they are really doing is consenting to the opposite of what they say they want.

Here’s the story:

There once was a kindly old gentlemen who was tired of people talking about ending war, and wanting disclosure and gaining peace on Earth…, but seeing the every one their choices reflected the exact opposite.

So he devised a simple box with a RED BUTTON on it…, and took it with him to the main city arena where all of the men and women were gathered.

He told them that today, and today only…, all of their desires for the ending of WAR…, and the on set of PEACE could be realized…, and all they had to do was walk up to the box and push the RED BUTTON!

Almost everyone was elated!  And every man and woman wanted to immediately come out of their seats and push the red button on the box.

However…, the man stopped them for a moment and said,
“Before any one of you comes to push the button…, you must be warned there will be consequences for this choice!  The consequences are simple…, but important to know about…, so let’s get to them.”

“First off…,” he said…, “we are currently living under a SATANIC SYSTEM…, which means that everything concerning the way we do things will have to be changed once the button is pushed!”

A young man in the front row of seats raised his hand.  “What do you mean EVERYTHING will have to be changed?  Can you give examples?” he asked.

“Yes, most certainly examples can be given.” the kind man said.

“Firstly,” he said, “ALL FORMS OF MONEY have been created and manipulated by those who follow a SATANIC RELIGION and it has used by them to control the world.  So what will have to happen is that MONEY will have to be done away with simply because it is EVIL”.

Very suddenly the people were up in arms and chattering loudly.  Many of them had lots and lots of MONEY…, and had worked hard to get it.  VERY FEW of them wanted to do away with money.

“I know what you are thinking…,” the kind man said…, “but the truth is that our entire money system is so corrupted that it can not be saved. The major banks and bankers run the world’s STOCK MARKETS like a casino gambling system.  Anyone who places money into that system can lose everything and many people actually do.

“IF THEY LOSE MONEY IN THE STOCK MARKET…, THAT’S THE RISK THEY TOOK!” a young man who was good at trading stocks said.

“Yes…, but losing one’s ability to buy things and live a decent life is what causes WAR!” the kind man said.

“In addition to that…,” he added…, “for some people to own 3 Mecedes Benz cars when others have nothing to drive is inequitable!  So, we will need to redistribute the wealth so that EVERYONE has a basic living achived!”

Now people started to get ANGRY!

“I worked hard for my cars!  I’m not giving them up!” A middle aged lady who owned a Mercedes Benz, a Lincoln Navigator and a bright yellow HUM VE said.  If others did not find a way to work hard enough to buy them…, that’s their problem!”

“Yes…, the kindly old man said…, “but for so many people to own so much…, when others have nothing is what causes WAR!”

At this point about 250 people got up out their seats and LEFT the arena…, they were quite wealthy…, and loved their money.  There was NO WAY they were ever going to push the RED BUTTON.

Also many of them were bankers and financial advisors who knew they would no longer have the lucrative jobs they had if Money was done away with!

“Let the world stay the way it is…,” one of them said…, “at least I will be taken care of!”

“Next,” the kind elderly man said, “we will need to learn how to use herbs and healthy foods to heal ourselves because MOST if not all of the foods and drugs that we use are killing us.”

“This of course was designed by the very SATANIC SUPPORTERS who gave us our money.” he added.

“All drugs, drug companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals will have to go!”

Now MORE people got angry!

Many of them were Doctors and Nurses.  They worked inside hospitals and made good MONEY!  They wanted PEACE…, but NOT at the expense of their own jobs.  Others worked in factories making drugs and pharmaceuticals…, and even though they always suspected that making these drugs and pharmaceuticals was not good for people…, they NEEDED the work and so they continued to make the drugs that would hurt the people taking them.

In addition…, many of the Doctors and Nurses knew that the Vaccines they were giving people were not good for them…, but they NEEDED their jobs and so they did what they were told by their superiors…, and followed ORDERS.

They were angry because they were being asked to give up their good paying jobs and said so!

Another 150 people got up out of their chairs and left the ARENA!

Next…, the kindly old man said…, we will have to completely redo our education system.  Almost everything that is being taught is a lie!

Now the teachers and school administrators were up in arms.

“How will we survive if the schools the way they are now, are done away with?” they asked.

“It is easy to teach what we have been told to teach.  Re-learning everything will take too much time and effort!”

The kind old man sighed but kept going.

Eventually everyone in turn got up and left!  The clergy, who did not want to quit teaching their own religions…, the University Professors who did not want to quit teaching the flawed Science and History that they had been teaching, the Media personalities who did not want to give up propagating lies on the NEWS since they loved the attention of being a media personality.


Over the course of the next few hours over 10 thousand of the Cities inhabitants…, every one of them LEFT the arena!  Not one of them…, (after finding out about the changes they would have to make to their own lives…, AND the personal sacrifice they would need to make in order to bring about WORLD PEACE…, were willing to push the RED BUTTON.

Judges, Police, Politicians, City Workers, Farmers, Military Personnel, Government Agents, Factory Workers who built Military equipment or pharmaceuticals all got up one by one and LEFT.

The story is not done…, but you get the idea…..

If you think clearly about this story…, maybe you can start to make sense out of it.

You must look deeply at your OWN LIFE and see just how many of the things that you take for granted…, and do every day of your life are actually DIRECTLY IN SUPPORT of the Satanic System which has been given to us by those who control the world.

YOUR OWN HAND…, is clearly seen helping the SATANISTS achieve their global control because at this point in time…, you are UNWILLING to unplug from the system they designed so long ago.

That system was designed long ago to lead us all to GLOBAL GOVERNMENT and total enslavement in this time!


Everyone is waiting for someone else to “go first”…, or “do it for them!”

The result is a fake “hopium” being distrubuted to the masses in the form of CHANNELED MESSAGES which tell us weekly…, (just like the weekly sermons in church used to tell us) that there is always hope in the coming SAVIOR!  That there is nothing we need to do…, and if we JUST HAVE FAITH…, “soon” it will all be done for us.  And that way…, none of us will have to change anything or sacrifice anything to get what we say we want!

My friends, brothers and sisters…














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