By: Bradley Loves


This article is a “Digging Deeper” kind of post, and is a follow up of my three year old repost called:  THE KEY TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT….

It is going to be a post for the Big Boys and Girls out there who are wearing their big boy and big girl pants!

  • This post is going to be the RED PILL POST, and not the Blue Pill Post.

Just like Morpheus said very cautiously to Neo…, all I am promising here is the TRUTH, and nothing more!



What We are dealing with here on Earth is and has alwasy been, Deep Esoteric Magic!


No matter how many times I write about this, I have to keep coming back to it because it forms the basis of everything that is happening to us on a daily basis!

Once openly taught as a real form of science in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools, and then moved into the hidden pagan practices of Babylon, this still hidden “Arcane” knowledge of both magnetics and harmonics is the building blocks of the entire cosmos around us and has unfortunately led to a profound power differential here on Earth!

Let that sink in for a moment.

The old saying goes like this:   Knowledge = Power

Therefore those who “control” the distribution of knowledge here on planet Earth will verily have ALL of the power, if anything stays HIDDEN.

Centuries and Millenia ago….

Human beings (and their off world allies) who are horribly dark and evil, decided to USE all of the hidden knowledge within the Ancient Mystery Schools to literally (and with extreme prejudice) ENSLAVE all of humanity.

This would not be an impossible task to accomplish given the type of knowledge that I am going to be talking about here in this post.



Is this too difficult a concept to understand?

Maybe some of my readers are getting it, but let’s break it down even further, and make it so that it is really simple.

  • We are very “powerful spiritual beings”
  • Every single one of us have been given FREEWILL by our “CREATOR”.
  • We are living “collectively” at the very same time in a single location called:  PLANET EARTH
  • What ever happens here in this realm, therefore, has to be a creation of the “COLLECTIVE”, because we all have Freewill.
  • No one here has MORE SAY than anyone else (supposedly)

(Don’t get too excited here New Agers…, I already know what you are thinking, and you are DEAD WRONG!)

So let’s continue to keep this very simple shall we?

Because we were all “created” by Prime Creator (the Pre-existant One) as his children who are made in his image, then WE also have the same power to create!

Therefore, if we are all going to be placed “together” into a particular realm or an environment that can actively RESPOND to our creative desires, then that realm would have to be (more or less) a very “intelligent” system.

Notice here that I did not call it an intelligent MACHINE, (as some people continuously try to lable it), but instead I called it an:


A machine is mechanical, while a “SYSTEM” can be both living and organic!

Almost in the same way that a space ship has a PROPULSION SYSTEM…,


(With me so far??)

This Manifestation/Creation System is made up of dual mirror like GRID SYSTEMS consisting of pure magnetics! 

One of these grids runs at “Ground Level” while the other is it’s mirror opposite, and is located at 60 miles high.

Both GRIDS encircle the entire planet!

Because these Grids are “TANDEM”…, they act together and respond to each other as a single UNIFIED SYSTEM.

It is these GRIDS which help us (as creative beings) to CREATE REALITY while we are living here in the “Realm” called:  Planet Earth.

If anyone wanted to take over this entire planet (or realm), and OVER RULE what would normally be an organic process of the collective…., then they would first have to get a hold of these magnetic grids!

This is necessary because this is the SOURCE of our collective ability to create what we want to see here on Earth!

(Still with me here??)

Just like STEALING an “election” would require the bad guys to gain control of the entire VOTING MACHINE SYSTEM before they can steal the election…

STEALING (or over riding) the “collective creation system” on Earth would require getting control of these TANDEM GRIDS!

These magnetic grids would have to be HI-JACKED.


  • Who would know how to do such a thing??

The hidden knowledge of both Magnetics and Harmonics was taught openly at one time in the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS.

But if it was not taught to everyone in modern days, then only those who were privy to this type of knowledge (a real ancient science) would have an unnatural advantage over those who were not privy to such knowledge!



Stay with me here…, it may get bumpy!

Every Cathedral, Government Building, Military Installation, Capitol Building, Major Bank, University, Sports Stadiums, Court System, and any other really important buildings are built directly on top of the intersection points of Earth’s Ley Lines or Grid Lines.

There is an important reason for doing this!!

The only way to actually ENSLAVE all of humanity, and to hopefully keep it that way forever, is to USE our own creative power against us.


It would take an enormous amount of RAW POWER for just a few really dark and nasty people to keep billions of others ENSLAVED against their FREEWILL!

You see, the New Agers think (and teach) that we are actually CHOOSING THIS of our own freewill.

They could not possibly be MORE WRONG…, and MORE OUT OF TOUCH with the TRUTH.


Make no mistake about this…, what is happening here on Earth is NOT in line with our wishes or our FREEWILL!

The problem is that we have been CONNED!


What is currently manifesting here on Earth is most certainly being done AGAINST our collective wishes…, and I know how it is being done.

By HI-JACKING the creative power of the magnetic grids, and using ARCANE & HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, it is possible to over ride the wishes of the entire planet and to “create” a dark and nasty low vibrational reality instead of a loving and nurturing one.

However…, this process is extremely complicated to achieve, and is slow to engage.  In other words it takes TIME!   It has to be done in very small “increments” more or less like lowering the temperature inside of a large indoor stadium.

Because it is WE (collectively) who are the power supply, or the energy source that is being USED to power this fake reality, then we have to be convinced (fraudulently) to give over our energy for this purpose.

This does not mean that we are truly doing it willingly…, because huge FRUAD is involved.

It is through “deception”, “lies”, “cons”, and “mis-representations” that our “willingness” is being gotten.

It is our “apparent” willingness to do this, that is what allows the DARK VILLIANS/MAGICIANS to keep from being destroyed where they stand by PRIME CREATOR HIMSELF!

They know for a fact that they are walking an impossible tight rope at every single turn…, and that one SLIP UP could mean their end.

(This is why they are being insanely careful at every step and turn)

This is why it has taken thousands of years to get to this point of openly Satanic activity in this reality.

If you still don’t understand how all of this is actually working, then think of it as sort of a planetary wide MAGIC SPELL that we are all under.

This “SPELL” is being continuously re-cast every single day!

One of the main ingrediants of this “MAGIC SPELL” is the world wide phenomenon of CHILD RAPE!


In order to get this, you are going to have to start thinking in DEEPLY scientific terms. (Non-emotionally)

Step backward for a moment, and think of this as a MAGICAL PROCESS!

The “Grids” are the reality creators of Earth.

Whatever gets put into these grids, ends up being manifested, as long as it is the WILL of the collective (Supposedly).

At least, this is how it is SUPPOSED TO WORK!

However, remember, what we have here are just a few (perhaps 10,000 or so) very DARK MAGICIANS who wanted to HI-JACK the entire planet and TO FORCE the reality that is being created here to “reflect” their desires while ignoring the desires of over 6 billion other people who are also living here!!


Now you might actually say (or think) that this would be simply IMPOSSIBLE.

But you would say that out of ignorance, and you’d be WRONG!

If you knew the SCIENCE behind it…, then you would know that it would be VERY possible to do just this, but that it would take an INSANE AMOUNT OF PURE EVIL to achieve it.

Let’s get back to all of the buildings and Institutions that are currently placed on the GRID.

ALL of these Institutions listed above form a TRIANGLE OF EVIL in order to STEAL OUR COLLECTIVE ENERGY so that it can be used against us.

Remember, the only way to power such a diabolical plan, would be to re-direct our own power or energy against us.   Otherwise, there is NO POWER SOURCE AVAILABLE to the magicians to achieve such a goal.



In addition, any buildings, churches, or religions that are associated with the FREEMASONS would be part of this Roman Catholic System as well.

There are a whole LOT of them!!

These buildings actually take our conscious energy, in the form of worship, or attention…, (that is being willingly given) and then funnel that energy into the grid.

(There are ways to do this…, it is not difficult for those who know how.)

This is why all of these buildings are sitting on top of major ley line intersection points.

Since a huge “weak point” of this particular on going MAGIC SPELL is that they must tell us what they are doing to us…, we must be shown a mock “ritual sacrifice” at every single catholic “mass”.


Whether gotten tacitly, (meaning you did not object), or through fraud, lies, deception, and con…, you must participate in the Catholic Mass by offering your energy willingly.

The Catholic Church has achieved a single part of the necessary consent by creating a “symbolic” ritual mass where church attendees are ASKED (yes asked) to willingly agree to EAT OF THE BODY…, and DRINK OF THE BLOOD!


THOSE who are in attendance must be shown (and told) that the “body” is being eaten…, and the “blood” is being drunk.

Once this is done (every seven days)…, then these attendees have been (supposedly)  INFORMED!

This is the only reason why…, after the attendees LEAVE THE CHURCH, another hidden mass is able to take place below it.

(Usually in basements or dungeons).


This means what happens above must happen below.

Underneath many of the BIGGEST CHURCHES across the world…, ritual murder actually takes place!

Young innocent children are ritually murdered, and their young bodies are then eaten…,  and their blood is drank!

CATHOLICS…, YOU made this possible!

(Stay with me here…, this is important)

They could NOT have done this if many humans had not given their “consent” to it.  (Sure it was a con, but this is where the consent came from).

This is simply one single ingrediant in the far larger DARK MAGIC SPELL that is being cast to control all of the Earth.

This body and blood energy that is consumed “below” is being used to assist the Satanists in the larger MAGIC SPELL OF OUR PLANETARY ENSLAVEMENT.

Once again, because there are people who KNOW how to do this…,

All of the horror and fear that is being felt and experienced by the young children as they are being ritually murdered…, is funneled directly into the EARTH MAGNETIC GRIDS AS PURE TRAUMA!

This trauma goes into the collective “unconscious mind” or the collective “subconscious mind” of all human beings living here on Earth.  (No one is left out).

Why is that?

Because the “magnetic grids” are the outer manifestation of our collective memory!  (All memory is magnetic).

Here is where I can (safely) throw the New Agers a bone!

They are correct about one single thing…, WE REALLY ARE ALL CONNECTED, BUT NOT IN THE WAY THAT THEY THINK!

It is our “subconsious minds” that are 100 percent connected while we are living here on Earth. This is what makes Telepathy possible.  This is why Jesus said:

What ever you do to the least of my brothers…, THAT you do unto ME.

Christ represents the collective subconsious!


Because we are all CONNECTED…, then whatever happens to one little child that has been ritually tortured and murdered actually happens to ALL OF US in our collective subconscious/or CHRIST MIND!


No human being who is living here on Earth can say they are not being effected by this.  I don’t care how many hours, days, or weeks in a row that you meditate…, YOU ARE BEING EFFECTED BY THIS TRAUMA, and it is killing you spiritually!

(And now New Ager…, you know exactly why it is that you can not SEEM to ASCEND like you want to.  Your own “mental body” is being actively poisoned every single day that you are alive)

We collectively experience this trauma over and over again every single time a pure and innocent child is raped, or tortured and then murdered!

Our collective subconscious mind is being actively polluted, and re-polluted, every single day we live here on Earth, and this has been happening for thousands of years!


This is NOT an accident!

Those men and women who know all of the secrets of Ancient Esoteric MAGIC, know exactly what they are doing to the Earth, and what they are doing to the Magnetic Grids, and thus to all of the human beings living here!

Their actions are NOT ACCIDENTAL in the least.  They are doing this with a PURPOSE!

In order to HI-JACK the entire planet, and then FORCE it to reduce itself to a far lower vibration would take an INSANE amount of dark energy!   Far more dark energy than they can possible find or bring to bear! (Being as few as they are).

The only way to achieve this GOAL then is to use our own MINDS AGAINST US, and then dispose of us all when the goal has been achieved.

It has always been the PLANET THAT THEY WANT…, not us!

The sheer amount of Dark Energy that would be needed to feed into the magnetic grids on a daily basis to achieve this goal would be ENORMOUS!

Not only that, but the grids would have to have a CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING input of this type of SATANIC ENERGY, at least in the beginning, in the form of horrific rape of the most innocent, in order to keep the reality that we are experiencing here on Earth ARTIFICIALLY LOW and to keep it from rising up again!

In other words…, the “magic spell” necessary to keep all of humanity in the lowest levels of consciousness (barely above a coma) would have to be “re-conjured” each and every single day!


Once again…, there is no possible way to say that this is accidental, or being done without serious INTENT to make it happen.

This is why endless wars are being fought on Earth.

This is why there is endless killing, theft, pollution, corruption, deception, and lies taking place all over the world every single day.

This stuff has to be done DAILY!!

This is also why (at certain times of the year) there are religious “FEAST DAYS” where many more Dark and Ritual Murders are done…, and this is to counter balance the effects that other planets and stars are having (at those times of the year) upon Earth’s Magnetic Systems!

THE RECIPE HAS TO BE EXACT…, and they know every single trick to make it that way.

These SATANISTS and LUCIFERIANS are truly damaged beyond repair in their thinking.

Ever since their defeat at Babylon, they vowed revenge!

They have always believed that LUCIFER was given a bad rap, and they have plotted revenge against all of humanity in order to “TAKE THE WORLD” and give it back to LUCIFER.


There are over 600 million Generational Satanists that are living on planet Earth!  Or, at least so says JAY PARKER!

(This is 10 percent of the population according to Jay Parker’s dear old mother).

Jay Parker has also told us that all generational Satanists are “REQUIRED” to rape their children daily…, as a sacrament to Satan.

He says this was done to him and his brothers by his father who fancied himself as an Atlantean Warlock!  He also says his best friend died at only 6 years old as a result of being raped.

Where do you think all of that rape TRAUMA (from 600 million people) is going?

And what do you think it is DOING?




This magnetic hi-jack is totally massive and is an ongoing daily RITUAL SPELL that has to be fueled and re-activated constantly.

The churches are not the only way that this is happening.


The BANKS steal our energy from our labor!  Becuase they are required to tell us what they are doing…, they have labeled the very money that we get for our labor “currency”!

They did this for a specific reason!   We have to be “told” what they really want!

What they are really after is our ELECTRICAL CURRENT!

What they are looking for is the RAW POWER to fuel their hi-jacked reality!


Then, they proceeded to find endless ways to “steal” or “tax” our CURRENCY…, which is really “stealing” and “taxing” our ELECTRICAL CURRENT.

These are mirror or reciprocal ideas of each other, and this is the way that MAGICIANS hide the message (even though they are required to tell us).

The stolen “loot”…, is simply symbolic of what they are really stealing which is our ENERGY!

Every single human being is being STOLEN FROM…, and this is where the BANKS COME IN.

It is the Satanists/Illuminati/Vatican who are in charge and in control of the WORLD WIDE BANKING SYSTEM…, and anyone who wants out…, like Sadam Huessin, Kadaffi, and others who wanted “out”…, are usually “taken out”.

Here is something that you just don’t understand.


The entire banking system is being used to funnel our stolen energy into a single GOAL…, and that goal is the permanent take over and ENSLAVEMENT of the whole EARTH.

Since these few men do not have enough POWER to do this MAGIC SPELL on their own…, they are USING OUR OWN POWER AGAINST US.

This is the very reason for the 3 City States in the World.

1. THE VATICAN – Head of the Satanic/Luciferian Church
2. THE CITY OF LONDON – Head of the Satanic World Wide Banking
3. WASHINGTON DC – Strong arm of the Satanists for creating as much corruption in the entire world as possible!

This corruption pushed by DC includes:

-Drugging Human beings and thus polluting them to keep their energy output low and under control.
-Human and Child Trafficking which corrupts and pollutes the minds, bodies and souls of innocent children and feeds the grids.
-Gun running and selling, which are the satanic tools of war and blood sacrifice which are necessary on an ongoing and dailly basis!
-Stealing from every man, woman, and child on Earth which causes human misery, lack, need, poor health, stress and low energy.

All of this artificially created horror and terror is FUEL for the GRIDS!

It is the daily fuel which gets shoved backwards into the Earths Ley Lines so that a fake and very low vibrational reality can be artificially created.




We CAN collectively stop it.

However, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

To do NOTHING…, is to allow it to continue!

There is no other way to end this nightmare but to REMOVE the men and women at the very top of the Satanic Ladder who are casting the SPELL.

“Forgiving” them unfortunately MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

They will laugh at this…, and then continue to feed more FUEL INTO THE SPELL EVERY SINGLE DAY.

There are 600 million generational Satanists living on planet Earth Jay Parker has said.

That is 10 percent of the Earth’s population.

The New Agers tell us that all we need to be is happy and positive and that will BALANCE OUT and REDUCE the negative being put out by the dark.


How many New Agers are out there meditating ALL DAY LONG?

A dozen?

Most New Agers are “lucky” if they meditate and pray for 20 minutes each day.

The rest of their time is spent swimming in the ocean and drinking Mocha at local coffee shops.  Or, sitting at Channeling Sessions hearing the latest Channeled gossip!

COBRA can’t get one hundred thousand people to show up for a world wide meditation for peace!

Compare this to 600 million Satanists raping their childen every single day.



I’ve said this before.

To tip the scales…, those who are using “LOVE ENERGY” would have to increase their LOVING ENERGY OUTPUT by a factor of 10,000!

This is a big problem because from what I’ve personally seen and witnessed, most New Agers are quite LAZY and don’t like to do very much!   They are what people call:  Laid back to the max!

They claim that their prayers and mediations are really saving Earth…, but they only pray and meditate for a few minutes a day!   Maybe longer on a special occasion.  But this is NOT ENOUGH if this is the way you are “planning on doing it”.

What about praying and meditating for 5 hours a day for 30 years?  Maybe then you could claim you were making a serious DENT in the problem.


The only way it “ends” is if we collectively END IT!

This means we put a STOP TO WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

This means taking action.

In my opinion, the New Agers are DELUDED if they think that this will simply end on it’s own.  Doing “nothing” and NOT JUDGING any of it…, will not in any way put an end to this.

The quickest way to “end this” is to actively STAND UP to the SATANISTS and to REMOVE THEM FROM POWER!

(By force if necessary)

Then, we slowly change all of the SYSTEMS they gave us…, because every single SYSTEM was based upon the SATANIC THEFT OF ENERGY.

All my love…

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