By: Bradley Loves

“Barry and Harry” pictured at the 2017 INVICTUS GAMES in Toronto Canada.

INVICTUS is latin by the way and means UNCONQUERED!  

Even though this event was set up for disabled veterans by Prince Harry, I believe that the “event” itself has a deeper symbolic meaning for those who are desperate to install the NEW WORLD ORDER!

“UNCONQUERED” just might refer to the GLOBALISTS viewpoint that even though Donald Trump is severely messing with their plans for a One World Government – they will be able “survive him” and remain unconquered in the long run.

Shane Bales – has told me several times that Toronto, Canada is a huge Illuminati stronghold!  In fact, he said that it is by far the biggest stronghold in North America! He told me that all of his “training” at a young age for the secretive Illuminati projects and programs was done UNDERGROUND in Toronto!

He described a huge “city” positioned deep underneath Toronto that went on for miles and miles and which was extremely technologically advanced!  He added that the main A.I. Computer System that was being used in North America – and that oversaw many other A.I. Systems was located there and he called it the RED QUEEN!

Prince Harry – as much as the British Elite would like us to believe that he has “abdicated” his Royal Titles and Royal duties in England – in my opinion – has taken on a “special forces” sort of role for the Globalists by moving to Canada – and hopefully to the United States (after Trump is out of office) – so that he and his wife can act as SUBVERSIVES by teaming up with Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama) and by working together – continue to work behind the scenes to destroy and take down America FROM WITHIN!

Apparently they see that America is not going to fall quite as easily as expected and a “special forces” actor was deemed necessary to try to steer America toward the Globalist Agenda over the long haul.

All of his Royal Titles and Duties have been suspended only so that if he gets “caught” doing anything deemed subversive whatsoever – the Royal Family can then “claim” that he was acting on his own accord – and not on their behalf.

See this:

Meghan Markle wants to become more ‘politically engaged’ and could even intervene in the U.S. presidential election

The Duchess of Sussex wants to become more ‘politically engaged’ and could even intervene in the US presidential election, it has emerged.

A Royal source said: ‘The Duchess is said to be frustrated that she was forced to stay out of politics after getting engaged to Harry.

‘She has strong political opinions and will now take advantage of the greater freedom she has to express them publicly.’

So, under the guise of hiding “behind” his new wife’s “strong” political opinions – Prince Harry can become a huge force inside of American Politics while hiding under the dress of his wife!

Oh, and never mind that he just happens to be “great friends” with Bathhouse Barry Soetoro!

In fact, some people say that it was Barack and Michelle Obama that helped to orchestrate Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle in the first place.

Now, knowing what we all know about LOOKING GLASS TECHNOLOGY and other top secret QUANTUM ACCESS TECHNOLOGIES – it would not have been difficult for Barack Obama – as President of the United States and a deep undercover agent of the CIA – aka the DEEP STATE – to be able to “use” that advanced technology to see just what actions would be necessary to DESTROY AMERICA should Hillary not become the President!

He (Obama) may have been able to “foresee” the possibility of Crooked Hillary’s defeat in the 2016 Presidential Election – and then prepared for that possibility by putting into place many secondary options that he could later “enact” when the dust of her defeat finally settled.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may indeed be integral parts of Barry Soetoro (who is working for the Globalists) plan B, plan C, and Plan D – for the total destruction of America and the wiping away of the American Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

They (the young royals) are simply “back up plans” that were pre-planned to be used as a slight of hand – and could have even been planned while Obama was still sitting in the White House. 

This “Special Operation” could have been seen as “necessary” to the Globalists so that America could finally be gutted from within and then handed over to the United Nations as a failed State!

Quantum access certainly lends itself to very strange situations!  

It does this because once you know what might be coming in the future – you can easily create a “PLAN” for that possibility YEARS in advance – and IF and WHEN that possibility that you saw by using QUANTUM ACCESS/LOOKING GLASS TECHNOLOGY comes to pass – then your counter move has already been put into place!

So once the “Prince” moves to Toronto Canada – a city which has a huge underground Illuminati stronghold right underneath it – he could very easily use that as a base of operations and then “team up” with his friend “THE RENEGADE” and continue to do the bidding of his Illuminati Masters – without having any “formal ties” to the Royal Family – just in case his activities are discovered and seen as SUBVERSIVE to America and to its vital security interests!

So who – with EYES OPEN is buying the con that he is simply moving to Canada – and then hopefully to America – because he wants to live an “average life” as a “regular guy” ??

Remember that Barack Obama can NEVER BE TRUSTED!  

And I would doubt very much that his “close bosom buddy” Prince Harry – will be moving to Canada and then to America just to smell the flowers and enjoy the great food that he and his wife can get while living here!

My opinion is that he is coming across the p0nd with a purpose – but had to make it appear as if he is NOT working for the “interests” of the British Royals just in case it all goes very sideways!

There is much, much MORE to this story!  So get ready and hang on!

Oh, and to the CODE BREAKERS – please do your damn jobs!


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