By: Bradley Loves

The road to Hell is paved with the bricks being laid by GULLIBLE, STUPID, MIND CONTROLLED PEOPLE…., who have good intentions and think they are helping, but are creating the tools which will destroy us all!

That is the gist of this video posted in the comment section of one of my articles on GOOGLE!

Bernie Duggan posted this in the comment section and I could not agree more with what “Amazing Polly” has to say.

You see, this video is all about a “study” that was done and paid for by Google so they could figure out what actually stresses people out the most.

They “told” their employees to work really hard in collecting this data so that GOOGLE could then use it to reduce the stress level of all of its world wide users!

However…, according to Amazing Polly…, once the study was complete…, and all of the information had been collected…, GOOGLE took that information and then used it in the exact opposite way!


This is what I mean when I say the road to HELL is paved with the bricks of gullible, stupid, mind controlled people…, who are too dumb to realize that the huge companies they work for are PURE EVIL!

It is a New Age sickness!

That sickness tells them that everyone on the entire planet is basically “good” and that no one wants to do “bad things”.

Therefore…, they are more than happy to study things, collect tons of information on some of the most sensitive areas of human interaction…, and the pass all of that information along to the very TOP OF THEIR ORGANIZATION…, without ever stopping to consider that the information they just collected might be used against mankind…, instead of for helping mankind.

Sadly…, we are way past fixing this problem.

The workforce is now filled with sniveling, snowflake millennial’s who love BIG TECH more than life itself, they also love SOCIALISM, and they believe that everything they do for the world’s elite will bring the planet closer to an integrated whole.

The problem that they are NOT SEEING…, because they love technology so much…, is that the world (as we speak) is being organized around them like a gigantic MACHINE!

But since they approve of and love machines so very much…, they can not see the FLAW in how the future that is being laid out in front of all of us is actually very BORG LIKE.

The only way to fix this problem is to GO BACK IN TIME!

We must go back at least 20 years into the Universities and Colleges and either fire or arrest every single Liberal/Progressive/Socialistic teacher and professor that taught these millennial’s to think like this.

These young kids, who are currently paving the streets of America with bricks that lead us all DIRECTLY TO HELL…, were taught to think, act, and behave like this by “teachers” who knew exactly what they were doing…, and did it as part of a much larger AGENDA!

It’s too late for these young people!

They are more MACHINE than they are HUMAN NOW!

They simply do as they are told…, without ever thinking that the fruits of their labor are going to be used against them, against everyone else, and even against the entire world!

I don’t know what else to say!


A whole generation of American kids have been ruined!


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