By: Bradley Loves


Hope for the best…, but plan for the worst.


I don’t know who said this, but it seems to be sound advice!

Long ago, I realized that if we all were ever going to get out of our bondage here on Earth…, there would have to be a HUGE movement (revelation) taking place inside the minds of human beings!

And…, just to be clear…, I am NOT TALKING about a NEW AGE MOVEMENT!

As far as I am concerned, the NEW AGE has been conclusively PROVEN a psy-op of epic proportions!

Those who still follow it (especially channeled messages) are handing over their lives and minds to beings living on the lower ASTRAL levels.

What I’m really talking about is a movement to LEARN things that most did not think they needed to KNOW!


I don’t know WHY more has not been written about the ASTRAL LEVEL by so called “spiritual people”.  I can only guess that they have not written many articles because they just DON’T KNOW!


I could spend the next 10 articles describing what the ASTRAL is…, or, I can skip that (out of need for brevity) and tell you what happens there instead!



This is the very next level up (think density) meaning that it is “less dense” than the level we all live on.

It is a “finer” level of existence, and is the home of some really astounding creatures!

Some of them are harmless!

(Gnomes – nymphs – fairies)

Some of them are as sadistic as they come!

(Demons – Dark Angels – Gargoyles)

So, take your pick, they all “live there”…, just like we humans live “here” amid all of the countless animals and creatures that we can see!


Those men and women who practice DARK MAGIC have learned how to access the ASTAL LEVELS!   Their interest in doing so has to do with CONTROLLING this level of reality (the one that we live in) and they have correctly determined that in order to influence the denser levels of creation…, you first have to be IN CONTROL of the finer levels!

Himmler and his Nazi SS goons were not just “vacationing” at Wewelsburg Castle!

There was an extreme purpose for what they were doing there, and it has EVERYTHING to do with ASTRAL MAGIC!

I did not write about what he was doing there for my own health!

Bigger Fish to Fry was just about the biggest drop of REAL INFORMATION that the public has ever been given in one place…, and few people (IF ANY) gave it the attention it deserved!

Certianly NO ONE passed it around!



The ASTRAL LEVEL is the level of deep emotion, and is the final place where “thoughts” and “ideas” must pass BEFORE they can become physically manifest here on the level that we live on!

For lack of a better word, the ASTRAL is a “magical” – “magnetical” place – that for those who have the know how – can MANIPULATE what takes place here in OUR reality!

DO NOT BE FOOLED…, it is populated by REAL BEINGS!


Himmler and his gaggle of twelve would not have spent time doing ASTRAL MAGIC if they did not think it was helping their cause!

Eventually, even he admitted that he was STOPPED by a much higher being from achieving the victory that he was trying to create for the Nazi’s with his ASTRAL MAGIC.



Countless people who follow the New Age can tell you everything that you might want to know about the Astral Level (EXCEPT) how it actually works!

Few (if any) have the tiniest grasp on how the Astral Level functions and just how “tied into it” we all are!

Few things can happen here on Earth (on a daily basis) that have not been “effected” in advance on the Astral Level in some way, shape or form!

Whether or not YOU will trip and fall at a certain moment – and whether that fall will cause you to break your leg is INTIMATELY tied to what is happening on the Astral Level at any given moment in time.

The Astral Level dictates how our “reality” unfolds!

A chance thought or emotion from the Astral Level can literally stop you just moments before you drive into a inter-section and have a horrible car accident!

You call it good luck…, but it was the “nicer” beings on the ASTRAL LEVEL that saved you!

This is exactly why men like Himmler would want to spend time using his group’s collective magnetic powers to PULL certain effects or experiences INTO OUR REALITY!

The existence of the Astral Level is exactly why people living here on our level are admonished to “pray” for protection!

There is endless real danger that can befall each of us – every single day if the darker beings living on the ASTRAL have anything to say about it!

Because we are currently (have been purposely) blinded to what is happening on the Astral Level…, then we can not SEE what is coming – from there, and therefore we can not avoid it, or get out of the way!

It is the ASTRAL DEMONS that are being fed by the Illuminti’s CHILD SACRIFICE RITUALS.

These beings, who eat or consume this dark, “terror energy” from freshly killed children…, and who crave it desperately – are willing to grant any FAVOR to the idiot men and women living on our physical level who can constantly PRODUCE an adequate supply for them.



Why do you think that Hillary Clinton (a witch) has been able to kill over a hundred people so far (all who were going to expose her evil) – while she continues to commit countless other crimes in the world with impunity…, only to NEVER have anything bad happen to her?



Who or what is protecting her?

You’d be kidding yourselves IF you thought that it was ONLY men and women here on the Earth that were helping her!  She has willingly handed over her soul to these Dark Forces!  THEY PROTECT HER!



There are demons and dark forces…, powers and principalities…, on the near HIGHER LEVELS that are protecting her.

Ask yourself why so many idiots in Hollywood and in the Music Industry hang with Hillary…, and why so many of them are into MAGIC?

What do they know that you don’t?



Here is a group of demon worshipers.., get this through your heads!


Because you have NOT TAKEN THE TIME to learn what I know…, you are not prepared for what is really happening out there!

You’ve been “conned” by the NEW AGE!

You’ve been lulled into a deep sleep by a wicked witch – and so you don’t know what is happening around you any longer.

Do you think ABC’s hands are clean?  Do you think Disney is not a huge Global Corporation involved in Satanic Things??

Stay tuned, more will be coming…

All my love


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