By: Bradley Loves


Rupert Murdock (Satanist and Luciferian) and unfortunately OWNER of FOX NEWS CORPORATION…, just got his strings pulled by the higher ups!

Fox has just HIRED…, Donna Brazille (former head of the DNC) as a “contributor” to FOX NEWS.

First off…, Donna Brazille is a patholigical LIAR and an unrepentant CRIMINAL who needs to be locked in JAIL for eternity…, not giving us opinions on the NEWS!

Brazille (far left) is part of the CLINTON CRIME MACHINE…, and needs to be PUNISHED for what she has done to America…, not rewarded.

Furthermore, she single handedly helped Hillary Clinton STEAL the 2016 Democratic Primary.

By all rights she should be wearing an ORANGE JUMP SUIT!

Instead, Murdock (SATANIST) has hired her for…, “Important Political Commentary”

Can you say:  BULLS*IT??

When will these whollly and totally EVIL human beings realize that WE THE PEOPLE are on to them….





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