By: Bradley Loves


I received a couple of loving comments on THIS article…, telling me that I’m doing a “good” job with my writing…, and to please continue to tell the TRUTH…, (all of it just as it is).

This made me laugh slightly, because I immediately asked myself how many people really want to KNOW how deep the rabbit hole goes?  My blog has only a minor readership…, which does not seem to be growing at all!  If the TRUTH is what people really wanted…, then most of what I write would be going “viral”…, and that’s just not happening.

People say they want the truth…, but do they really?


This, by now, is getting to be a really familiar theme in all of my writings…, and I wonder just how many more articles it will take, before it sinks in!



The CON…, or the LIE if you will…, is so huge…, that for good people to wrap their minds around it…, is difficult even in the very best of circumstances.

So then, today…, I’m going to focus on the “BANKING” world…, and how…, this “system” is really an ANCIENT CON…, that is absolutely filled with dark, black magick principles, and fully dedicated to the ENSLAVEMENT of mankind.

I know that this is a lot to take in…, and difficult to wrap your mind around…, so let’s take it step by step.

Jordan Maxwell has told us that all Governments, Priests, and Judges are really nothing more than “AGENTS” for the Banks.

Once again…, you have no idea how deep this really goes.

I am going to get into how true this statement really is…, and then talk about all of the other “agents” who are also working out there…, and without even knowing it, are fully complicit and in support of the SATANIC SYSTEM…, doing completely EVIL things.


Jordan has told us that the word “BANK”…, actually refers to both sides of a river…, or a stream!

He says this:

It is the river bank that controls the “current” or the “flow” of the river.  Likewise…, it is the BANK that controls the “current” or the “flow” of “liquid capital”, money, or better yet…, CURRENCY that is in circulation.

So, the BANK controls the flow of the current/currency.  The word “circulation” also refers back to flow or movement.  In this sense…, flow is referring to the “liquid” capital, or assets available in circulation.

However…, flow of current, and circulation ALSO refers to ELECTRICITY…, and these two seemingly very divergent “systems” are somehow using the very same words to describe two different things!


We are living (as I pointed out in THIS article), in a completely ELECTRIC UNIVERSE.

Tesla told us as much!  The ramifications of this understanding are both EPIC and profound.

It was the Satanists…, (stay with me here) and their ILK…, whose idea it was to  perpetrate a monumental CON, on an as of yet unawakened, and unsuspecting public that our Universe was something else!  (They did not do this accidentally – see footnote 1.)

Your “body” runs on “electricity”…, which is something that the Satanists really never wanted you to know!  Because this is ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE!

This is also the very foundation of MAGIC!

Remember that magic is just a shortened word for magnetics!

Because the human body is electrical…, and because our bodies are “wrapped” in magnetic fields…, then WE, (as humans) have the innate ability to learn how to move and redirect objects, and even IDEAS (subtle and finer forms of matter) in ways that would seem to many people to be virtually “magical”.

Just as we are right now…, even without “ascension” or any silly falderol such as that, each and every human being has the “innate” ability to blend both electricity and magnetics in ancient and arcane ways that give them abilities to do things that would SEEM MAGICAL.

You see, “knowing” that we all live in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is knowledge that the Satanists can never let you (as a commoner) have…, because that is the SOURCE of their power over you!

Even though they pooey-poo this kind of thing publicly in their “institutions” and on their “tell – a – vision”…, they both study it and worship it privately!  This is where Mark Passio’s videos on HIDDEN AND OCCULTED KNOWLEDGE come in handy for you as a beginner, and really is a MUST WATCH for anyone who is still living and breathing and wants to start learning even a “thimble” of truth.

These men and women who want to control “everything”…, and their ENTIRE world wide system of SECRET SOCIETIES and the “BROTHERHOOD” is aimed at keeping this ONE THING (the electric universe) totally secret from the masses.

YOU …, as a “nobody” and a “useless eater”… are not allowed to know that we live in an Electric Universe…, because as TESLA showed us…, that means that raw energy is EVERY WHERE, and it is FREE!!

Why would we be stupid enough to buy their gas and oil…, and their “electricity” made from gas and oil…, when electricity is in the very AIR all around us!

This is why TESLA was written out of history!  And all of his findings…, were sequestered and hidden!  This is ALSO why I have very blatantly said that no BA, MA, or PHD from any University in the world is really worth the paper it’s printed on…, because the TRUTH of our Universe was not only hidden from everyone who went to college and paid for their education…, but instead, their minds were filled with NOTHING BUT LIES in the sense that they were being actively misled about the universe and the way it works!

[On a personal note…, I can not tell you the loathing I have for these wrinkled OLD MEN…, and the entire SATANIC RELIGION they follow…, because even though YOU may not know…, I DO KNOW…, the endless and unspeakable HARM they have caused to the EARTH and to all of humanity!]

Control of all of humanity was always the goal…, and any “gibberish” about how the Satanists are just “actors” who are here doing us a favor, is simply NEW AGE BULLSH*T, and is being sold to us by “snake oil salesmen” who have not yet learned how to THINK for themselves…, but instead refer to CHANNELED MESSAGES when they want any deep questions answered.

This is the crux of the problem of bringing out the truth to humanity.  We have good men and women who (unwittingly) have once again “signed up” for the brainwashing classes being directed by beings whose whole focus is to KEEP US ENSLAVED.

And YES…, many of these beings come from “off world” as well as possibly “higher” dimensions than ours (higher…, not necessarily better).  So when you give your “worship” and allegiance to these beings…, you are playing into their hands.

There are (as a matter of fact) many men and women living here on the Earth…, who were BORN with vital information (hard wired) into their DNA…, so that it could not be forgotten or removed. Why not seek out these people out instead of running to channelers?  These men and women are both real…, and they are here NOW! They HAVE the information needed to set humanity free!

TESLA was one of these men.  (See footnote 2.)


You can’t pull off a scam…, or pull off a CON of this magnitude without first stealing, and then RE-WRITING ALL KNOWLEDGE in a different way.

So when I say impossible sounding things like:

….everything you have ever been taught, or have ever been told, is both a LIE and a CON…,


I really do mean that!   It is not these words appearing on the page in front of you…, or my intent here in saying them, that is either faulty or unclear…, but instead, it is simply your ability to actually absorb and hear what I’m saying to you that needs to be “worked on”.

You just can’t believe that the LIE is this big…, or that it has been going on for SO LONG!

You see…, many of you still don’t believe that TIME TRAVEL is possible…, even though Phil Corso Jr. has told us clearly that TIME has been compromised, and that this is something that the government does NOT want to admit to the public for fear of the total chaos it would bring to them.

Equally…, many of you just don’t want to think it’s even possible that there are men and women who worship SATAN…, who having gained access to TIME TRAVEL technologies, would then be so “bold” and EVIL…, as to create a plan where they would go “back in time”…, as far as necessary…, (even 1700 years and burn the Ancient Library of Alexandria) in order to take actions (then) that would change the direction of HISTORY, and re-write it so that the “flow” of events were now different (thus sending the Earth and humanity down a completely different time-line) and into a time-line that would be 100 percent controlled and determined by those working with dark forces.

You see…, in order to make such a bold plan work…, ALL KNOWLEDGE would have to be systematically erased, and then replaced with complete and utter rubbish!  It would take a lot of time to do this…, but with the willing help of millions of Generational Satan Worshipers…, it could be done, and to a very large extent HAS BEEN DONE!

The hope and the goal was always that a NEW WORLD ORDER of darkness that was dedicated to all things SATANIC would be the end result of these efforts.

Much more will be coming…, but I’ve decided to divide this up in parts!

See part TWO….



The Satanists started “long” ago…, first by raiding the Ancient Library at Alexandria, Egypt. Which was the “store house” of Ancient knowledge that was being held safely for humanity…, until a time in the future when the energies were right…, and once again all of this ancient knowledge would make sense to them.

By using the disguise and cover of Roman mobs…, it was actually a “proxy” mercenary group that was acting on behalf of, and being paid for by certain “elements” within the early Catholic Church that went into Alexandria and first stole every book and manuscript that talked about how the UNIVERSE really worked, and then carted them off safely, BEFORE destroying and burning the library.

The goal was to get ALL OF THE ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE out of the hands of the public, and into the hands of the ELITE FEW, so that later on…, when all of the LIES AND CONS were to be perpetrated on humanity…, (in the future) there would be NO evidence left to contradict what the CHURCH was going to tell us.

Today, ALL OF THOSE great works do still exist in the Archives of the VATICAN LIBRARY…, where no common human being is ever allowed to see them.



I also have information stored away like this…, but instead of seeking me out, or some of the others like me who have this information…, I get the cold shoulder from the likes of those who slovenly WORSHIP “unseen entities”…, and only put their trust in unseen SPIRITS…, like they were some kind of “gods”.













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