The Science of our Cosmology is inaccurate, so it needs to be corrected just a bit.  So, if we can, let’s start with the Earth and what it actually does.

Earth is actually a MIRROR – due to it’s extensive magnetic field – so let’s just let that sit for a moment and realize that what we are living on is a huge Magnetic Mirror!

Earth has a special function that GOD gave to it, and this function is to show us exactly what we are thinking, saying, and doing at all times.

It was designed as a place where we could all safely learn and grow in spirit. It was designed to give us the exact RESULTS (read consequences) of our collective thoughts, words, and deeds – except for a time delay of hours, days, weeks, months, or even years that was factored in – so that we could have time to change our minds.

So we live on a MIRROR of sorts.

If I had to give a “name” to it – I would call Earth a “REALITY MIRROR”…

Now, GODS greatest gift to humanity is our FREE-WILL.

This was a gift that HE gave to each of us and promised that HE would never remove it from us. However, that being said – HE never intended for us to use our freewill to hurt each other. That came as quite a surprise to HIM when we began to – through the use of our freewill – turn on each 0ther and cause each other damage – but that turning had to do with Lucifer and his diabolical agenda to get back at GOD for casting him down to Earth, as well as a large group of DRACONIAN invaders who did not believe in a GREAT CREATOR – and were simply looking for more territory to conquer.

So there are a few things going on behind the scenes that are causing all of us some real distress here on Earth.  That being said – what we see happening on the Earth each and every day – or what we like to call “reality” – is still CHANGEABLE!  It all depends on what most of us are thinking, saying, and doing with our time!

See this:


As I’ve said, what we see and experience as a “society” or a “culture” depends entirely upon what all of us as a collective are thinking, saying, and doing with our lives and our time. In other words – we get the result of our thoughts, words, and deeds reflected or thrown back at us by the planet.

Now some really diabolical (read stupid and retarded) men and women who have no sympathy or empathy and really are completely soulless monsters – wanted to do some “experiments” just to see if this really is the truth – and so WITHOUT ANYONE’S PERMISSION – they started to do MIND CONTROL/THOUGHT CONTROL experiments on the entire population of the planet behind everyone’s back.

They created broadcast technologies and used “frequencies” and “sound waves” ELF, ULF, VLF – to basically try to control and influence huge swaths of men and women across the world just to see if they could change – or have an effect upon REALITY.


“Profit”“Control of others” – and “Power” were their motives!  They were greedy, stupid, callous, cold hearted, and really can’t even be called human.

These men and women – and those others who worked for them – Claiming only to be following Orders – committed CRIMES against humanity over the last 70 years – crimes of the type that the Nuremberg Code should hold true for.  They should HANG for what they have done.

You see, the entire reason that all of this was done – was simply so that the GREEDY ONES could prove that it does work.  In other words – they wanted to PROVE that whatever people thought about – talked about – and then ultimately did – would CHANGE the reality we are seeing here on Earth.

This is the exact and ONLY reason that “they” spent not just billions, but trillions of dollars BUYING up the entire world wide media – so that they could control what we read, saw, and understood as NEWS.  It was all about MIND CONTROL – but more importantly – it was about REALITY CONTROL.

So, along with controlling what we all learned and understood – they wanted to use the “technology” of broadcast frequencies to create “designer” realities here on the Earth that humanity itself – did not really want to create.

The men and women I am talking about are LUCIFERIANS!

They are Satanists – and so the “reality” they are trying to create is a DEMONIC, DARK, FULLY CONTROLLED, DYSTOPIAN UNDERWORLD where criminals are wonderful – and good and decent people are hated and get sent to jail!  

In other words – up is down and down is up!

They want to be able to USE US ALL – like pawns on a game board – or batteries in an appliance – to create THEIR DESIRES HERE ON EARTH – and not our own. 

The reason that they NEED US ALL to help them do this – is that this is how “EARTH” actually works – because this is how GOD DESIGNED IT TO WORK – and there is no way to get around it.

So, they realized that “they” can’t get what they want – unless they USE US ALL – TO HELP THEM ACHIEVE IT!

Men and women who think like this are “sick” psychopaths and are very dangerous to all of society – and need to be locked up so they can not hurt others.

Instead of locking them up however – the worlds Governments and the Worlds Militaries decided to completely fund their evil – and to work with them!

When “Earth” is working as it is supposed to work – WITHOUT INTERFERENCE – it simply teaches us about ourselves and about our right thinking and wrong thinking – and there is no one on Earth who can escape the collective experiences that we all create together in an organic manner.


Now as I’ve said, the Earth’s reality can and does change, and it happens more or less like what you’d see inside of a Kaleidoscope when you turn the drum on the toy and you can see and all of those rocks fall into different configurations.

One moment you are looking at one reality – and the very next moment you have a whole new version of reality to look at.

The three main factors which have an effect upon reality and can change it are known as the creative factors.

  • The first creative factor is Harmonics or what is more commonly known as:  Sound.
  • The second creative factor is Geometry, which is very literally an effect of Harmonics – aka Sound.
  • The third creative factor is Magnetics, which is the ability to push or to pull harmonics into various wave shapes and propel them into other realities through the process of polarity.

See this video:


This in a nut shell is the very simple truth of our cosmology – AND – this is well known by those who have been labeled as the DEEP STATE, the evil DARK CABAL, and the various DARK MAGICIANS.  This information is NOT taught in any schools or even universities.   It is HIDDEN from you.

This information comes from the Ancient Mystery Schools and has been hidden from all of humanity in order to INSTIGATE a complete takeover of the planet by the Deep State and their Draconian Allies.  In other words – they want “EARTH” for themselves and the rest of us can just DIE – or be SLAVES!

Needless to say – what we are now seeing as the “COVID-19” Plan-demic is simply their solution to GET RID OF THE ONES THEY DON’T WANT…


Next, I would like to explain a few things about these Dark Magicians, the Cabal, and the Deep State that many people probably don’t know.

The first thing I’d like to clear up is the word “magic”.

Magic is actually a shortened version of another very common word and that word is Mag-net-ic.  If you take out the “net” in the middle and push the two ends together – the word magnetic becomes magic. Magnetics is an Ancient Science that is extremely important in creating and working with our reality – and those who practiced it long ago were called:  Magnet-icians.

This science was very real and very powerful – which is why it was only taught in the mystery schools, because it could have very real effects upon what we consider to be the fabric of reality. It was kept “away” from the common man because it was felt that the common man would be GREEDY and use this knowledge to create “selfish things” only for himself – and refuse to care if his or her “creations” were actually hurting others.

What happened over time is that some really bad and evil men managed to INFILTRATE the mystery schools – learn everything being taught there, and then “teach everything they learned” to other really bad people! 

To do this they started groups known as:  SECRET SOCIETIES

  • The main one of which today is called: FREEMASONRY

Before Freemasonry – the main secret society was called:


Before good and decent people get really upset about this talk of “magic” and “magnetics”, please let me just say that GOD HIMSELF is the greatest Magnet-ician in the entire Universe because magnetics is one of the three creative factors.

Because Harmonics/Sound is a creative factor – GOD is the greatest Musician in the Universe.

You really have no proper idea what “music” really is!  Not only that – most people have NO CLUE what “music” can really do – or the true and awesome POWER that music holds.

Why has real “music” be BASTARDIZED – and turned demonic?  Why has music been removed from Schools?  Why during the Covid outbreak – has singing and dancing been OUTLAWED in places like Austrailia??

If you knew what “music” really was – and what it could actually do – then you’d KNOW the WHY of it!

Lastly because Geometry is a creative factor – GOD is the greatest “mathematician” in the Universe.

You see, in the end, it all goes back to GOD who is the GREAT CREATOR – THE PRIME CREATOR – THE FIRST CAUSE!

When the science of magnetics was completely hidden from humanity by Satanic leaning men and women who wanted to take over the world and get rid of the rest of us – they tried to HIDE the word magnetic by shortening it down to something frightening and superstitious and thus we got the word magic.

Therefore, as a result of that change in wording – the practitioners of Magnetics were no longer Magnet-icians – but instead they became Magicians who merely performed magic.

The purpose of hiding the truth of our cosmology was to dumb us all down so that we would live our lives in FEAR and we would all become very superstitious about how things were really done in the Universe.  Then “they” could teach us anything – and we would simply believe their lies.

We lost our collective grasp on real science – and began to learn about FAKE SCIENCE.

We were led to believe that we had nothing to do with what was actually happening to us in our daily lives – or what was happening to the planet. We were taught that our own thoughts, words, and deeds were meaningless to any of the collective results that we were seeing taking place around us.

The real truth however is that what is taking place around us has EVERYTHING to do with what we are thinking, saying, and doing with our time and with our lives – and it is most powerful in the collective.

Now, the reason that we are not getting the “godly reality” that we all say we want is due to the interference of evil-minded men and women, dark beings, dark entities, and even off worlders – who as I’ve already said (many times) want to create a very DARK REALITY here on Earth instead of a godly one.

These entities – from other realms and dimensions – just happen to know something that few people living on Earth know or remember any longer – and what these entities know is how REALITY GETS CREATED.

This is something that we’ve all forgotten and has been quite well hidden from the rest of us. So, now that I’ve given just a tiny bit of foundation here – I’m going to connect all of the dots seamlessly – so that everyone can understand why we are WHERE we are at the current moment with Covid and everything else that is happening to us.

Firstly – and just so you know how it works – Earthly “dark magicians” – in order to change reality – cast spells using Sound and Geometry.

These are the first two creative factors in what is known as reality creation.

However, all spells need a power source! Spells need energy, they need electricity, and they need deep emotion to make them work, because the Universe only runs on electricity!  When casting spells, dark magicians NEVER use their own power, because using their own power makes them weaker.

In seeking to become the strongest magician possible, they always steal the power and the energy they use to cast their spells – and they almost always steal it from other people.  Because they are total cowards – they usually steal the energy they use to cast their spells from young children who cannot defend themselves in what are called Satanic Rituals.

They very literally are PIRATES!  Because they STEAL everything they use against us – FROM US.

Casting “magic spells” is just a tiny part of the DARK CABALS endless need for children, and is why so many millions of children go missing and are trafficked around the world every year.

The spells they are casting have to do with CHANGING OUR REALITY from a godly one – into a Satanic One.

However, there is one catch that they cannot overcome (as I’ve already pointed out), and that catch is how GOD created the Earth to work – and what the Earth actually does for us while we are here.

Reality is collectively created by ALL OF US together – which is why they have to hi-jack the air waves in order to CONTROL what we are thinking – saying – and doing.

The Earth mirrors back what is happening with the collective consciousness in the aggregate – not the individual – which is why just a few million Dark Magicians and Satanists cannot bring forth, manifest, or create a DARK REALITY here on Earth without the help of every single one of us put together.

And so, they concocted a plan to use our own lives, our own energies, our own thoughts, and even our own words and our own deeds AGAINST US – so that WE would all be helping them in creating a Satanic Reality.


The big PUSH for a Satanic Reality has begun in earnest…

If we are going to be really honest – then we could say that everything that has been happening in our Reality since the turn of the 20th century – since about 1900 has been focused on USING THE PEOPLE as pawns to create a Satanic Reality here on Earth.

First, they got control of all of the money through the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE, and then by having control of the creation of money – they proceeded to buy up all of the corporations, all of the oil, gas, energy, food production, transportation, the Media, the health and pharmaceutical industries, the educational system, the government, all of the agencies…, basically EVERYTHING!

So, collectively we were forced to experience WW I, then a Great Depression, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and every other war across the planet only as a means to help these dark magicians in creating and manifesting a very dark reality here on the Earth – by using OUR OWN LIVES as the energy pawns to get it done.

The reason that I chose 1900 as an important focal point and not some time farther in the past is that Nikola Tesla invented TIME TRAVEL in the late 1800’s – and by 1900 –  people were going back in time with information about the future – most notably were THE FREEMASONS!

I do believe that Albert Pike – who was a very high-level Luciferian and a Freemason in the 1800’s wrote a particular letter to one Giuseppe Mazzini in Italy – sometime in the 1870s – describing the Luciferian PLAN to create three great world wars on the Earth and how it would lead to the installment of the LUCIFERIAN RELIGION on Earth and the NEW WORLD ORDER.

It is my theory that he got this information from other Freemasons who had brought it to him though the process of TIME TRAVEL.


This is where LOOKING GLASS and the countless TIME LINES that were created get involved from my point of view.

Stay tuned for Part Two…




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