By: Bradley Loves

The silence in the comment section is seemingly telling me volumes.

I have some questions for my readers however before I make too many assumptions.

Does it surprise any of you that the DEPRAVITY and CORRUPTION taking place behind the scenes and in secretly hidden places around the world was so purely evil??

  • As normal, good, and decent people go…, are you shocked that the sum total of what you thought you knew about mankind, and what was truly taking place here on the Earth was just a minuscule portion of the overall picture – and therefore you were honestly lacking in information when it came to the grand scheme of things?
  • If you are a New Ager, do you find yourself wondering why not one single “channeled entity” ever mentioned (even just one time) the subjects of:
  1. Child Sex Trafficking
  2. Ritual Child Sacrifice
  3. Blood Drinking
  4. The Luciferian Brotherhood

…. to ANY of their many groups of followers, whether it was at an in person event, or published on the Internet during the time period when Barack Obama was President – so as to raise red flags that these were SERIOUS ISSUES that needed to be addressed in order to save innocent lives?

  • Do you now believe that you were lied to by BOTH the Main Stream Media…., AND…, many of the  so called Channeled Entities who were being channeled over the last decade or so…, and that only now are you finally starting to get a much clearer picture of what is really happening out there having stopped reading those types of “messages”.
  • Do you find that coming here to LOVE TRUTH (over the last five years) and reading the articles and watching the videos that I’ve posted for you has helped you to see things in a way that were previously hidden from you?
  • Do you think that the first article I ever wrote called: THE GREAT CON OF MAN, was aptly titled given that so much of what you thought you knew was an out and out LIE!
  • Are you more “capable” now to be able to even look at this stuff, whereas a mere decade ago it was way to scary to even address or think about??

Please comment so that I know what you all are thinking!


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