By: Bradley Loves


The SOUL…, is a frequency!

It is a “projection” of coded information that appears in our dimension as a WAVE of light!

If you want to get technical, then your SOUL is what you really ARE, when you are not here in the physical.

There are many “levels” of progression between your SOUL, and the physical domain…, and each individual level has a method of “stepping down” the frequency of a SOUL into a more and more “dense” wave, so that it fluctuates or “vibrates” slower and slower in order that it may actually be seen within this LIMITED realm of bandwidth…, that we call “visible light”.

“SPIRIT” is the conscious awareness OF THE SOUL.

SPIRIT is the essence of the SOUL…, and is the essence of YOU.
Spirit is THE MIND OF GOD…, which first “invented” you as an individual projection.

Each one of “us” is a unique and individual thought projected forth from the SOURCE…, a being which I call PRIME CREATOR.

I call it PRIME CREATOR…, because “we” as holographic versions of this great “self” are being sent forth…, and ALL have the same ability to create!

There are many “lessor” creator “gods”…, (small “g”…., thank you) walking around in the COSMOS, and telling us they are GOD with a big “G”.

It’s part of their “dream” and “drama” to use, abuse, and control many of the other “lessor” creator souls that they find along their path…, because they get their “kicks” that way!

So we are ALL creators…, playing in a “sandbox” of frequency, which allows us to CREATE.

Now…, this “SANDBOX” has some very STRICT rules!
You can “create” anything you want to create AS LONG AS…, you do NOT remove from, or “trespass” AGAINST another beings FREEWILL RIGHT to create what they want.


It is their desire, (their “dream”) to CREATE an entire world filled with slaves which will worship them as “gods” (small “g” thank you) and serve them, and do all of the work…, so they can live ON HIGH…, and live the good life!


How do you do this…, and still “follow the STRICT rules”?

How do you do this…, while still allowing for others to have FREEWILL?


Enter the GREAT CON…., with it’s cute and tiny little tool called:

A contract is a very unenlightened way…, for one FREEWILL BEING…, to hand over it’s own freewill rights to “another” FREEWILL BEING…, without suffering any COSMIC LEVEL CONSEQUENCES for breaking the “rules”.

Brought to the Earth by OFF WORLD BEINGS many thousands of years ago…, THE CONTRACT is the one tiny tool…, which has done such GREAT DAMAGE to our world…, that it would seem “unlikely” that this one thing could be so destructive.

And yet…, it is just this device which is the BANE of human existence.

It is the device which LIMITS FREEWILL…, and which “when entered into freely by another being” allows the deepest and darkest manipulations of that being to occur while ESCAPING THE COSMIC JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Earth beings have been “taught” from the time they are old enough read that CONTRACTS are the way “business” is done.

Everyone is told this…, but NO ONE knows or remembers that the origin of CONTRACTS came here from OFF WORLD, and from a race of very advanced beings who wanted to CONTROL things here the on Earth and escape COSMIC JUSTICE.

As we speak…., there are people who want the ENTIRE EARTH SYSTEM to be under the control of CORPORATIONS!

Why is this?

Because the “Corporation” is a system of doing things whereby every detail of business is DONE BY CONTRACT.

Human beings in this day and age are now “on to the idea” that their freewill is being taken from them!

They are not quite certain how that is being done yet…, but are very rightly seeing that it is the BANKING WORLD…, and the CORPORATIONS which are doing it!

The SINGLE tool involved…, which seems to be so simple on its face is:


For example:

How do you get people to keep secrets…, and hide and cover up every kind of EVIL?

You have them sign a device called:


A non disclosure agreement is a CONTRACT

Signed by a human SOUL…, a projection of the INFINITE CREATOR, that has been endowed with FREEWILL and the ability to “create”…, a non disclosure agreement gives FREEWILL PERMISSION of that soul to another being to HURT, DESTROY, and END IT’S PHYSICAL LIFE…, if the contract is breached!

It’s being done everyday…, all over the world…, and millions of people sign these things constantly…, because they do not understand that the TOOL or device of their enslavement is:


This is where you have handed over your freewill!

This is where we are at right now…, and every human being is being asked to WAKE UP so that they can see “HOW” their FREEWILL is being hi-jacked and taken from them.

Prime Creator can not get “involved” IF his created projections every single day…, willingly HAND OVER FREEWILL to others by contract!

Why do you think the OFF WORLDERS were such meticulous record keepers?

Why do you think that there are a dozen copies of everything you sign carted away and placed in a hundred different places the very moment YOU SIGN IT?

They are the records of YOUR WILLINGNESS to give up your FREEWILL by signing it away!

I can not make it any simpler than this!

AND…, in order for those who PUT THIS IN PLACE…, to counter this message to you …, which is meant to be your LIFE RAFT and save you from it…, the NEW AGE (MIND CONTROL) has come up with the notion and “LIE” that you…, somehow “contracted” for any evil that is being done to you while you are here!

Any being which is saying this nonsense…, NO MATTER HOW NICELY THEY SOUND when they are saying it…, are in league with…, and are working for the ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM! PERIOD!
They are simply working for it on a much higher level! Creator “gods”…, with a small “g” thank you.


My friends…, think on these things!

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