You know, one day…, I will get the respect I deserve, OR…, a NOBEL PRIZE for being completely correct!  Until then…, humanity could care less.

At any rate…, being RIGHT…, and HITTING THE NAIL ON THE END never gets tiring.

As I pointed out in the post called:  THE “SOUND” OF TRUTH…, here is a link to 37 images of 37 “women”…, whose minds have become so fragmented and distorted…, they can no longer REFLECT womanhood any longer.

See this link:

The author of the artice calls it:  THIRD WAVE FEMINISM…

Reread my post.   The CORE or the ROOT of this problem is not just Feminism…, but is really the SOUND OF LIES being flooded into the magnetic field of the Earth.


And the “sound distortion” is creating SATANISM in all of it’s ugly glory!

See the pictures and gasp!



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