In April of 2018, I wrote a very important article.  Naturally, most of it’s importance was missed at that time because the people of our world were still fast asleep or in a deep spiritual coma.

The article was about the ability of spirits (or unseen beings) to attach to us, or to even “possess” our bodies in an attempt to control our actions and to control our thinking.

If you read this article (written almost five years ago) it will have far more meaning for you today.


After reviewing this post, here are some important Quotes that I’ve pulled out:


This new Series is designed to prove to you that you can easily be possessed and led astray as a result of the “infiltration” of your energy system!

And this:


It is a living, organic cloak of plasmatic memory which is in constant contact with the HIGHER LEVELS of creation.

In their arrogant march to over throw GOD HIMSELF, and to aid LUCIFER in regaining his former place in the HEAVENS…, all good men and women living on the Earth have been declared: ENEMY COMBATANTS!

Now I would like you to please listen to something Jay Parker said about Generational Satanists and what happens (at age 8 or 9) if and when they decide to “go cult”.


Think VERY CAREFULLY about what Jay just said!  This is the big pay off!  Please listen closely if you have ears to hear!  The “Cult” of Lucifer first severely abuses and traumatizes people (mostly when they are young) but even can do so when they are adults, and then after significant abuse and trauma – the targets of that abuse are asked if they want to “go cult”!

If they say yes to the cult – they then have an unseen 4th Dimensional dark spiritual entity magically (magnetically) attached to their minds and bodies for the rest of their life!  These entities will work very hard to mind control and operate through the human being they have been attached to, blocking them off from the true Source of Love and Light which is God our loving Father.



Now, it is my firm opinion that the time for “ASKING” if people want to go cult is over!  These recalcitrant monsters have decided that EVERYONE that is still living and breathing on Earth needs to go cult and that is why we are seeing extreme forms of TRAUMA and ABUSE happening on the world stage.

Whether the abuse is of a child or of an adult, the formula for getting their energy barriers (which protect them from demonic entities) down and out of the way is still the same.  That formula is TRAUMA.

Businesses going Bankrupt, the losing of everything you own, the loss of your family members due to the JAB, explosions of food factories, inability to pay your bills or to pay your rent, breathing in of toxic air due to Chemical Burns after train derailments, and the watching of men and women in Agencies and Government come out with completely EVIL laws and rules when no justice is being done and nothing is happening to put a stop to them….


Once a human being is traumatized enough, their ability to defend against harmful unseen entities that want to either attach to them OR to possess them are so highly damaged and dramatically reduced that it becomes relatively easy for an invading or infiltrating enemy to take that human beings mind and body over and then use it for a dark purpose.

So basically, what Jay is telling us in the video clip above is that the people who have been severely abused and traumatized (and can’t usually make good decisions as a result) will decide to go cult and then very literally get “possessed” by a demonic/unseen being or entity (for the rest of their life) who has a very dark or sick agenda.

Now – let’s revisit once again what I wrote in CLEAN SPIRIT/DARK SPIRIT – PART ONE


This new Series is designed to prove to you that you can easily be possessed and led astray as a result of the “infiltration” of your energy system!

Isn’t this what Jay Parker just told you?   I mean, now that you’ve heard how they (the cult) do things, wasn’t I right all along?

Now please read PART TWO and THREE of the same series:



Here is a quote taken from PART THREE:

In the “great war” for our planet (and for our very souls), SATAN has gone to extraordinary measures to “recover” as many souls as HE thinks he can.

At this point is this epic battle, all semblance of TELLING THE TRUTH has been thrown out of the window, and what is happening all over the world as we speak is a DIRECT FRONTAL ATTACK on truth anywhere and everywhere that it exists!

Even though you may not have been able to see how LIES and DECEIT have taken over absolutely every part of our world when I wrote this five years ago – SURELY by now you can see that what I wrote then is absolutely the truth!

Surely, this small Series is making far more sense to you if you have “eyes to see”!

You’d have to be wearing blindfolds, covering your ears, or be under total MIND CONTROL not to be able to see the truth of this.  The only thing missing in what I wrote back then is the “WHY” of it all.



Beings from other dimensions and other realms (who should not be here) want to take over the Earth by creating Hybrid Humans who can control this realm for them and turn it into a very dark/emotional/satanic reality so they can FEED off of that negative energy!

These beings are PARASITES and they live off of dark/evil energy and emotions.

Here is a quote taken from PART TWO that concerns people who willingly “go cult” and engage in Witchcraft to get what they want in life.



Laggards are LAZY souls who just don’t want to have to work for what they get!  They don’t want to wait for a reward, they want it NOW!

They are people who want special favors, an easy life, and who don’t care about cheating to get these things!

Witchcraft is one of the many ways to CHEAT the rule book that GOD set up for us here on Earth.

It gets “other beings” to do the dirty work for you…, BUT…, these beings do NOT WORK FOR FREE!

Usually…, they MUST be paid, and since they do NOT live here in our realm, they do NOT work simply for money!!

What they usually want is to FEED, and they FEED on other peoples energy.

If you are a LAGGARD SOUL, then you are certainly NOT going to give them YOUR own energy…, so you must find a way to steal energy from someone else!

Now, if you really want one of these entities to work for you…, you have to find a way to offer them SOMEONE else’s energy!



Are engaged in a process of using unseen beings and entities to HELP THEM gain positions of great power and great status in the world.  In return for these beings helping them – they are giving them access to our entire world and everyone living on our world.

Withes and Warlocks have engaged in a WAR against mankind in order to live easy lives!  Ten percent of all of humanity is in this category.  Ten percent of humanity has taken this dark route.

Maybe now you can see what I was trying to convey to you five years ago!  In all honesty – five years later – matters are much worse!  Let us hope and pray that another five years do not go by – because by that time, it may be too late to stop it.

Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site today.  The only place where you get the whole truth with nothing ever held back.

All my love

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