By: Bradley Loves


Whether you like him or not, it is always a good idea to watch the president speak!

Regardless of what a man is doing behind the scenes, you can always tell if they are lying simply by reading their body language and listening to their words.

It’s an art that needs to be carefully practiced, and a very healthly dose of “God’s Presence” needs to be surrounding you as well, but reading “between” the lines can easily be done if that is what you are attempting to do.

For those of you who don’t think so, trust me, IF your entire life stands for BRUTAL HONESTY, and you have practiced honesty in every moment, then it becomes very difficult for people to lie to you or to hide the truth…, even if their words are trying to do so.

So, let’s get into a little “heart” to “heart” here, after Donald Trump gave his very first State of the Union Address, and my personal take home feeling on him as a man and what is going on behind the scenes.


After listening to his speech very carefully, watching his mannerisms, and considering deeply what he felt was truly important, I came away with several deep impressions.

  1.  He very “honestly” believes in the Presidency, and is doing what he “feels” is the most helpful for the country and the American people.

This being said, it became abudantly CLEAR due to all of his talk about tax cuts, a strong military, health care, and the rule of law, that he was going to be a STATUS QUO president.

What does this mean?

Well, I don’t mean “status quo” in the sense that he will be a GLOBALIST like the Bushes, the Clintons and later Obama was.

Donald Trump is NOT a criminal, nor is he even the criminal type!

But what did become quite clear is that he is NOT fully briefed on deepest and darkest secrets that have been hidden from the world ever since WWII.

My opinion of him is that he is going to use the office of the Presidency to try to effect change to the system in a lawful way using the SYSTEM as it is.

Making a very long story short, don’t expect REAL disclosure from him any time soon (if ever).

The point of the matter is simply that I don’t think that he KNOWS!

Here’s a perfect example.

  • Why spend a trillion dollars to rebuild “infrastructure”, ie roads and bridges, when teleportation and time travel are waiting in the wings?
  • Why talk about OIL and “clean coal” when there is Zero Point energy that is Tesla based, waiting in the wings?
  • Why talk about “lowering” the price of prescription drugs when MED BEDS that can heal anything are already being used by the Secret Space Program?

It does NOT make sense, and I didn’t see that Trump was lying at all.

You see, if Trump had “known” about any of this, he would have structured his speech differently.   Of that much I am certain!

So the long and the short of it is that he has not YET been told about this stuff!

Now, Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) did in fact KNOW!

He knew from the very moment he first took office because he was in fact a “particpant” in the Secret Space Program and was groomed heavily by the C.I.A., to be President.

So every single time he gave a speech, the FACT that he was lying was written all over him!  No matter what he said, he could not “hide” the fact that his words were untruthful.  (At least to me).

Obama knew all of the secrets and therefore had to “act” as if he did not know what was going on.

Trump in my opinion is different.

I read somewhere, or heard a video of some insider saying that the RULES of secrecy say that a man must be President of the United States for two full years before he is finally given the highest clearance.

(I suppose that is so that they can have plenty of time to kill him, or impeach him if they see that over the course of the first two years he is just TOO honest, and TOO uncontrolable).

This could indeed be the case with Trump.

Obama (on the other hand) started day one with knowledge of the Secret Space Programs…, and through all of his 8 years…, did not say (or do) a damn thing to expose anything, or to help the world.

Instead, he did everything he could to weaken America, to export all of the factories and jobs out of the country, and make it possible for the New World Order to come in and take over.  This much is CLEAR about Obama.

So, where are we then?

Sadly, this leaves us in limbo!

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that Donald Trump is going to in fact “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!

No doubt about that!

He is going to clean up Washington DC, and make it a better place, just not in the way that we were hoping.

If he continues on this current path, and replaces all of the CRIMIANL ACTORS with “honest men and women”, but does nothing more to change the Status Quo…, then we are still left with a United States of America that is more or less the way it was before the days of John F. Kennedy.

It is like turning back the clock and doing a “reset” sort of.

We get far more honest people in the government, we get strict adherance to the rule of law, low taxes, lots of jobs, good roads, blah, blah, blah, but nothing more.

This is where I see Donald Trump heading, because this is all that I think he knows at this point.  From what I’ve seen, Trump deeply believes in Secrecy and in National Security.

He does NOT think that Satanists or Luciferians should be running things!  And on this point, I whole heartedly AGREE.

This is where the coming or looming battle is where Trump is concerned.

He is simply a very “good guy” who was “chosen” (most likely by certain “better” factions of the Military) to bring back sanity to Washington DC and to clean house of all of the rats!


You see, on some level, the MILITARY knows what has been going on in Washington DC and around the world, and I do suppose they are just damn FED UP with all of it!

They are very tired of taking orders from men and women who SHOULD be hanging at the end of a rope!

And I think that the entire Obama Presidency, with his “Bathhouse Barry” reputation, and the fact that Michele was a transgender named Micheal, and the “children” were nothing more than props was JUST TOO MUCH LYING for the military to stomach any longer.

They could not sleep at night!

So they ASKED Donald Trump to run, and made certain that he was elected!

I’m almost positive that the DNC never saw this coming, because it was a top secret military operation.

This is why the Democrats are heavily BLAMING RUSSIA for the loss they could not see coming.

You see, IF they proceeded to blame who really did it (the MILITARY) then they would never get another president in the White House ever!

They (the Democrats) can NOT afford to turn on the US MILITARY especially with all of their “skeletons” in the closet.

So, very quietly, and like a Surgeon with a very sharp scalpel in his hand, Trump is cutting away obvious BAD ACTORS who (more than likely) were part of the Deep States “New World Order” team.

You see, in my opinion, I think the Military has finally come to see that IF the SATANISTS do come to power, and get what they want, the “world” as we have known it is GONE FOREVER.

The Chaos and Tyranny that will be unleashed is simply MORE than they are willing to tolerate.

Trust me, if I can see this coming miles away, then how much better is the vision of the military if they are “right in the thick of it?”

So all of this being said…, WHERE does this leave us with disclosure?

I’m sorry to burst your bubbles, but I do NOT see Donald Trump, (based upon his words in the State of the Union) disclosing ANYTHING that is TOP SECRET, simply because he does not KNOW about these things yet.

Not only that, there is more “bad news”.

I do NOT see Trump doing ANYTHING (to push for an RV) or a revaluation of currency, because he is focused on Draining the Swamp at the moment.

This will most likely take up most of his time during 2018 and maybe even into 2019.

As I said, what I saw in his speech led me to believe that he is going to try to be the “best” President based upon what the American Presidency is set up to be traditionally and nothing more than that.

But it is also clear that he does NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS.

This being said, he did ask Anna Von Reitz to write a book for him, but heres the rub with that.

In ALL HONESTY, it took me a full 3 or 4 years (from the very first time I found out how it all works) to really and deeply understand the level of the CON.

And, not taking anything away from Donald Trump, I’m a really smart guy, and a very quick study!

Just because he reads a book from Anna Von Reitz, does not mean he will really “get” what is going on here in just a week or two.

So WHO then is really “running this country” ?

Good Question!

I doubt very much that even the Military that Trump has surrounded himself with is in control of all of it.

NO, instead I would have to say that somewhere there is a hidden faction of the “DEEP STATE” itself that has turned “white hat” in certain regards.

But they are not going to give us everything.

My opinion is that they just could not stomach what the LUCIFERIANS/SATANISTS had in store for the world and when the time came to “flip the switch” (make Hillary Clinton President), they simply chose another option.

Make NO MISTAKE here.

I am certain that Hillary Clinton was going to be the final nail in the coffin of America, and for that matter the rest of the world.

She would have made certain that America was disarmed, and that America was turned over to the United Nations for their governance.

Deeply into PAY for PLAY with her Clinton Foundation, she would have expanded her influence in the world wide drug trade, gun running and gun smuggling, and child trafficking for sex.

Of course anyone who has been around long enough knows that these three crimes are the biggest funders of the DEEP STATES BLACK OPS, up to and including the Secret Space Program.

So naturally, she would be in on all of them.

So the LONG, and the SHORT of this article is to say that in my opinion REAL DISCLOSURE IS ON HOLD!

In addition, the RV is NOT going to happen any time in the forseeable future.  There will be NO NESARA/GESARA as long as the Military who is beind Donald Trump is holding the reins of power.

That’s the downside.

The upside is that we don’t have a blatant take over by the New World Order and the Luciferian/Satanists who want to destroy all of us.

So I suppose the Military would hope that we would be “grateful” for that.

What we WILL GET is a “house cleaning” of sorts, and a “draining of the swamp” to get the really bad actors out of traditional government!

That being said, having carefully watched the progress and the pace of this “house cleaning”, I can say that it is happening on a very SLOW AND METHODICAL PACE, which is typical of military types.

This will not happen very fast, and will most likely take up the rest of Donald Trumps first term.

So THIS, in all honesty is where we are at, and I don’t see it changing unless something very dramatic happens.

As far a “Spiritual Things” are concened and those who are still hanging desperately on to the idea of “Ascension”…, I will write about that in my next article.

For now,

All my love….







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