By: Bradley Loves


I have long been an advocate of peoples absolute NEED to question everything!  Since it is, at this time, quite provable that information coming from “so called” authoritative sources is not just false…, but mis-leading in a way that actually has an AGENDA, we need to be looking into things for ourselves.

And so…, there is no doubt in my mind that what we call the “ALTERNATIVE MEDIA” is going to be filled with people who may actually sincerely believe they have found some “truth” and want to put it out there…, when in fact they are no more correct than the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, which was lying to us in the first place.

The “idea” that I am going to use as an example is a good one…, because it is so prevalent…., AND seems to be everywhere at this time.

That example is the FLAT EARTH THEORY.

I myself do not “buy into” this theory!   Having watched videos and done some study on  this subject…, I find that even though the QUESTIONS that are being raised are compelling ones…, the questions that remain unanswered are as many, or more, than those the THEORY puts to rest.

However…, that being said…, it shows me something that I think absolutely everyone living on this planet  (whatever shape it is) should be doing and, also has the right to do…, and that is this:


Right down to the very air that you are breathing…, and YES…, even whether the Earth is round or FLAT!

This is why I (even though I don’t agree with the findings) think there is a potential benefit to the exercise of digging into and researching a subject that most people have taken for granted all of their lives. (Such as is the Earth Round or Flat)

Due to the system of absolute LIES and FABRICATIONS that we (as a population) have been subjected to…, (which is hiding everything from us) it is time to WIPE THE SLATE CLEAN.

This means that NOTHING…., I repeat…, nothing you have ever learned from the so called institutions of basic or “higher” learning can be trusted or be believed!

It is the duty of every living man, woman, and child to start over again with the gaining of knowledge of their surroundings and how the world actually works.

What this effectively does is to turn the criminal ROCKERFELLER FOUNDATION…, and the ROTHCHILDS evil plan of “dumbing down” all of mankind on its head…, and proceeds at the same time in giving the “finger” to these pervert psychopaths once and for all.

Every one of these “family members” are responsible for what has happened here on the Earth…, and according to MY PERSONAL findings…, I guarantee you…, they are all guilty of COSMIC LEVEL CRIMES…, for which they will all (each and every one of them) most certainly pay the consequences for!

Especially AFTER leaving the physical portion of their bodies.

That being said…, we as a species and on Earth…, NEED to take responsibility for ourselves and once again start “learning” things anew.

We do this through research…, and personal study and observation…, and learning how to ask questions and THINK FOR OURSELVES!

Naturally…, this is why, at this point…, A.I…., and Trans-humanism is becoming such a big deal with the controllers of this world!    They were able to see this “push back” coming.

Instead of giving up…, and throwing in the towel on their completely SATANIC GOAL of controlling the entire world…, they have now “doubled down” on the level of their CRIMES!

Since “religion” and “government” are NO LONGER able to keep the masses of the people in line and “believing” in every LIE they tell…, they have brought in Alien A.I., and “Cybernetics” as their answers.

Their feeling is this:

If they can no longer “trick us” …, or “con us” into believing all of their lies…, they will now simply use “technology” to FORCE US…, to “think” only in ways which they want.

This forced adaptation toward A.I. and “cybernetics”…, naturally leads us into the world of “CYBORGS” and unreal humans…, which is where these COSMIC CRIMINALS are desperate to take humanity now that they feel they can no longer LIE TO US.

So, even though the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA…, has almost certainly become a “sticky web” of half truths and half lies…, we really need to continue our personal search for TRUTH…, while doubling down on our own personal RESEARCH!

We have NO CHOICE but to double down as well!  Keep Going…, and don’t give up.

QUESTION EVERYTHING…, especially if that information comes from someone saying they are working for the Government!

All my love…,












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