By: Bradley Loves


This article is going to be a continuation of the last one I wrote…, sort of a “part two” if you will, concerning Preston James’ most recent article…, and the “question” about whether LUCIFER does indeed exist.

You see…, it all started for me in Sedona, Az (surprisingly) just before I decided to change my life and get into writing.  I spent an entire summer there climbing rocks and hiking through as much of the natural landscape as I could.

And, I met some people!  People who, unlike the ones that come and go…, had actually been living there (and working there for many years).  These people were sort of “new agers” but on the fringe…, or something on the side of “disgruntled” new agers.

One man…, (who was very intelligent) seemed to have a passion for seeking knowledge and truth about as much as I did…, but had really “HAD IT” with people who were either stupid or just to blind to see what was right in front of their face!

It was he who gave me the “low down” on Sedona, Arizona…, the supposed place of “high energy” and lots and lots of “high minded” people.

“First off”…, he told me BEWARE of these New Agers living around here…, a lot of them are NOT who they claim to be….

“How so?” I asked.

“Once you’ve lived here as long as I have…, AND…, you get to know people around here, and meet a lot of them…, you start to hear all kinds of stories about people who’ve been screwed or taken by more than one of these so called healers, psychics, and teachers.

“Really?” I said…, simply taking it in, but not necessarily believing it.

“Interesting” was all I said and moved on.

You want to know the real truth about Sedona?  he asked me.

“Sure”  I replied.., always open to learn something new.

There are MORE retired CIA agents…, NSA agents…, and other ABC “agents” living in Sedona, Az than in any other small city in the world.

This caught my attention!

“Really!?”  was my reply.

“Well…,” I told him…, I do know that I’ve heard that a certain “teacher” named Drunvelo Melchizedek lives here…, and runs classes on meditation here.”

“BE CAREFUL!”   he said…, NOT EVERYONE living here is who they say they are, I’d recommend checking into people MORE before I claimed to know what they ACTUALLY did.

“Why do so many CIA agents and other agents RETIRE in Sedona?” I asked him changing the subject.

“You tell me!” was his reply.   “But get this…,” he added.

“Did you know that back in the 1950’s Walt Disney was desperate to buy land here, and was going to put DISNEYLAND right in Sedona, Arizona?”

“No…,” I replied.

“He pushed really hard for it!  But in the end…, the City did not want to ruin the atmosphere of the town with a very large amusement park, and he was forced to go elsewhere.   However…, if you’ve ever been to Disneyland…, one of the rides there…,   (a old miners train ride) is sitting on top of all RED ROCKS, and is based upon the landscape of SEDONA.”

“Well…, I know for a fact that Walt Disney was working for the CIA as an asset during World War II.  I found that bit out from an old gentleman who was a World War II veteran and who told me personally that he was “assigned” to guard Walt Disney 24 hours a day during the War.”

“I’ve also hear horror stories about “the massive underground” tunnels and such at Disney World in Florida where young kids sometimes can get lost…, OR…, get taken for a little bit of MIND CONTROL programming.”  I told him.

“All I know…” the man said, “Is that this town…, for as much as you HEAR all about the great energy of this place…, it has a real LUCIFERIAN underbelly!”

It was then that I told him all about the other man I had met who claimed to be able to Astral Travel…, and claimed to be somehow “helping” LUCIFER.

“I told you…,” he said…, “once you’ve been living here long enough…, you start to see how quickly things no longer add up!”

“So how many of these “retired” CIA guys to do you know?”  I asked him.

“A few…” he replied.   “Very hard to get them to talk about anything…, it’s like pulling teeth.  But…, if you get em drunk enough…, or high enough.., they will usually say a few things.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like about how “f*cked” America is…, and how…, it’s being destroyed from within by the very people who are claiming to be saving it.”

“That’s all?”  I asked.

“Yea…, and then the guy cried like a baby!” he told me.  “Real tears…, and this guy at one time worked for the CIA.”

“Most of these guys are armed to the teeth!” he added.  “They aren’t going down without a fight.”



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