By: Bradley Loves

I want to write.  I want to tell you more!  But.., I know that I can’t.

I see that now.  Finally!   It is because base EVIL has completely taken over the Earth…, and there are just not enough good people living here who care to put a stop to using Super Advanced technology directly against humanity!

I thought for sure that good men and women of conscience would step forward and say NO to the use of technology against their brothers and sisters…

Boy was I WRONG!

Instead…, every new piece of technology that gets invented…, is immediately turned into a weapon, and then used against the very people it should be protecting.

I’ve already written one book…, (not published)…, and certainly by now…, I’ve seen that it was incomplete, and also needed badly to be rewritten due to a certain lack of foresight I had on many things that I did not understand about Earth.

All of that aside…, there was always MORE that I was going to write about!  Things that I knew about, and wanted to share…, but were far more technical.

I’ve always wanted to write a book on MAGNETICS.

Advanced Magnetic Theory and how it applies to the Cosmos!  Perhaps it would seem almost lame to most of you who are reading this article right now…, but “magnetics” is really the ONLY SCIENCE that matters when you get right down to it.

It should be taught far before chemistry and even before Mathmatics.

If I were living on a super advanced planet…, the children there would be “taught” MAGNETICS from the time they were very young!

Magnetism is involved in almost everything there is…, and is one of the major forces of the UNIVERSE!

It is incredibly powerful in both the micro and they macro…, and has almost limitless potential.

There is only ONE science that is even “more” important that Magnetics…, and that Science is HARMONICS!

You want to know what’s funny to me?

Our planet does not even consider magnetics or harmonics to be sciences!

Look for yourself!  No major University teaches this stuff…, or HOW IT WORKS!

How’s that for backward?   How’s that for a planet that ended up being the “Hicksville” of the Galaxy…, when at one time…, it was at the very front of the line!

Still…, if children today were being taught Magnetics and Harmonics from a very early age…, then…,  we’d be living in a very different world!


I won’t describe that world here!  Nor, will I tell you what more is possible with that knowledge…, because to do so would only hurt humanity MORE!

Every ounce of theoretical knowledge that could help humanity…, has already been turned against it…, and the very human beings who work on these projects…, in my opinion should BURN forever, for their parts in turning our planet toward the “dark side”!!

Why?  Because they are fools and cowards!

Instead of defending humanity with their lives…, they are selling it out to save their own lives, and a paycheck.

However…, as a famous Jedi once said…, (and he is absolutely 100 percent correct in saying this this)


These people who sold out humanity…, will soon both SEE and EXPERIENCE THIS for real!

Every lame brain scientist that sold humanity down the river will wish they had NEVER BEEN BORN…, because after they die…, and leave this planet, they will see what is waiting for them on the other side.

So…, for me to actually write more about these things, would only do harm…, and that I will not do.

True…, the lame brain scientific community that works for the secret programs has figured out some of this…, BUT…, from what I can see…, they have not even gotten close to figuring out how to turn both magnetics and harmonics into what they could be (Thank God).

So…, for this reason and this reason alone…, the books that I’d like to write…, that I’d love to write…, will NEVER get written!

In this one case only…, SILENCE is better that non SILENCE!

All my love…….



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