By: Bradley Loves

David Icke just covered in his latest weekly video for subscribers, one of the MAIN subjects of our time!

Here is the “preview” of his Video Cast…

David Icke – The Paedophile Ring – Archons from Elista Video on Vimeo.

David does a fantastic job in talking about how BIG this issue is…, but I’ve taken it even one step further than he has.

No one wants to hear this…, and even those who are familiar with the subject will scoff at the statement that I am about to make.

Pedophilia (sex with children) is the “engine” that runs the ENTIRE SYSTEM we have on Earth!

Read that again…, and let it sink in!

Human beings are so “shell shocked” and so “brain damaged” at how life is conducted here inside this Matrix that they can’t bear to really LOOK at what runs it all!

In the video preview above, David says matter of factly that what is called: V.I.P. Pedophile Rings are ONLY the tip of the Iceberg of a GLOBAL UNDERGROUND that is hugely involved in child traffiking and child sex.

The participants are as follows:

Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers, Presidents, CEO’s of Major Corporations and businessmen at all levels, High Ranking Military Officers as well as countless military personnel, MP’s, Congressmen, Judges, Lawyers, Police, Clergy, Priests, Hollywood Actors, Hollywood Producers, directors and writers…, The Vatican, Professors, Bankers, Sports Figures and Coaches, Child Welfare Services, Teachers, Government Agencies, CIA, MI6, Secret Society Groups including Top Level Freemasons and hundreds of other “groups” who participate in and aid in covering it all up!

People who “think” that MONEY runs the world…, do not really understand what MONEY represents!

Money is ENERGY!

Energy is what runs the world!  Energy runs our current “system”…, AND I’ve tried desperately to point out to everyone that the current system that we are living under is a:


What it really boils down to is this:

There is an ongoing struggle or “fight” between good and evil going on upon the Earth that we live on.  However…, as we speak…, the current SYSTEM that we are living and working under is a BANKING LEVEL controlled system that is SATANIC!

Because of that…, we have GLOBAL MAFIA’S and GLOBAL GANGSTERS who are running around in business suits and “doing the thing” called: COMMERCE!

All we have to do is go back to our STAR WARS saga and re-watch EPISODE ONE: THE PHANTOM MENACE.

If you remember, in that movie it was THE COMMERCE GUILDS and the CORPORATE ALLIANCES who were the real villains and doing real evil in the galaxy.

And…, my oh my…, how REALITY loves to imitate fiction…, OR…, is it that in this case “fiction” was simply imitating REALITY here on Earth?

Maybe George Lucas is a far smarter man than people give him credit for!

At any rate…, here on Earth.., we’ve got real (not fictional) people who are part of a GLOBAL NETWORK OF CRIME…, and most of them are in the top most positions of power!

They (are in fact) our leaders and our so called caretakers.  And, many of them belong to Secret Societies which are all loosely connected under the Banner of Lucifereansim.

So HERE is how our “SYSTEM” really works!

Business…, or COMMERCE is being done in such a way on our planet…, such that EVERY TRANSACTION becomes a type of liquid ENERGY, accounted for through a means of measurement called:  MONEY or CURRENCY! 

Because our “money” is cursed!  And, by that I mean that it is covered by hundreds of Black Magic Symbols!  In addition to that, the practice of charging interest “usury” on money created out of thin air…., is a BLACK MAGIC PRACTICE!

Those who are “running” this system…, (a system that is easily seen as a form of real SLAVERY) are nothing more than Criminals (mobsters and gangsters).

This is why at this point it is VERY DIFFICULT to tell the difference between Bankers and Gangsters!

It is also a FACT that the Alternative Media has labeled most top Bankers as: BANKSTERS because who really CAN tell the difference at this point in time?

Just watch the NEWS, or watch Congress…, it’s obvious we are seeing criminals at work.

At this point in our history…, most businessmen have literally become mobsters of a sort.

But it doesn’t end there!  Who can tell the difference between the top levels of the Vatican and the Mob?  Or the top levels of government and the Mob?

Even those writers at VETERANS TODAY have come out with the notion (many times now) that there is such a thing as the KHAZARIAN MAFIA which is a GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE that is trying to take over the ENTIRE PLANET!

So far in this article then…, I’m not really saying anything that has not been noticed by many, many others besides myself!

But HERE…, AND RIGHT HERE is where everyone else stops!

They are terrified (it seems) to go even one step further down the rabbit hole…, for fear that what they find will be so horrible, that they will be FORCED to condemn themselves for NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT SOONER!

So therefore…, it can’t exist!

The truth is that the RABBIT HOLE does not stop with Gangsters and the MOB…, or Organized Crime…, which is only the surface level!

The next level down is this:

Generational Satan Worshiping Families and BLACK MAGIC!

Jay Parker AND Kathy O’Brien have told us that they were brought up in “generational” Satan Worshiping Families that practice many forms of pagan worship and Black Magic.

Jay Parker has also told us that his own mother claimed to be a witch with a lineage that could be traced back at least 4,500 years to the ancient Amalichites.

He also talked about how he was told that at least 10 to 12 percent of the ENTIRE WORLD’S population was involved in this Luciferean, or Satanic Agenda…, and that they were connected with THE BANKERS (naturally of course) and also connected with THE REPTILES…, who wanted to take over humanity.

However…, even BELOW this level…, the LAST LEVEL DOWN…, and the ENGINE THAT RUNS EVERYTHING, and makes it all possible and is what no one can believe is really that HUGE…, is this:

Child Sex…, and Child Sacrifice!

If you (the reader) were to lift up the carpet of Planet Earth right now…, and look and REALLY SEE what it is that has been swept under it…, the ONLY thing you would see is MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ADULT/CHILD SEX and CHILD SACRIFICE!   THAT IS ALL THAT IS THERE!


Here it is…, here is the WHY!

Because every system needs an ENERGY TO DRIVE IT!

Every car needs an engine in order to run it!  Every ship needs an engine…, and every plane needs an ENGINE!

The Satanic System that we are living under here on Earth…. NEEDS AN ENGINE of pure raw energy to drive it!

That raw energy must be plentiful…, it must be everywhere…, and it must be constant!  (I hope that you watched the David Icke video…, but if not…, go back and WATCH IT!)

As I said in the article (Everything Goes Into The Grids)…, there is no other way to imprison the ENTIRE Earth…, in a controlled FAKE REALITY that is both dark and demonic, without constantly FEEDING EARTHS MAGNETIC GRIDS with THE HEAVILY TRAUMATIZED SEXUAL ENERGY OF CHILDREN.

That is what makes our ENTIRE SYSTEM RUN!

This is what keeps our “world” in bondage and Enslaved!

If not for this…, we would be FREE!

See THIS article called Connecting the Dots.

And…, I also know that most of you reading this can’t understand that…, don’t believe it…, and can’t MAKE THE CONNECTION.

You can’t begin to understand, or even ask the questions WHY almost ALL people in high positions of power are desperate for and NEED to have sex with children!

What blinds most people is the idea that they have misunderstood what is really going on for so long…, that now to find out how horrible it is…, would be to have to take both blame and responsibility for not seeing it sooner!

THAT IS THE FEAR  really looking and making this connection.

Jay Parker said that ALL generational Satan Worshiping families are REQUIRED to rape their children!

Don’t you just wonder why it is not an “elective”…, but a requirement of their “religion”?

A constant flow of ENERGY must be fed into the system in order to keep it going!

Becuase WE collectively have been under a Magic Spell, and have been living under a truly SATANIC SYSTEM for so long…, no one…, can really understand what it is!

No one really gets that the ENTIRE SYSTEM from top to bottom and from front to back, and from side to side  IS SATANIC!

Most men and women do not have the capacity to get that their entire lives have been lived under the rules and regulation of a Satanic Ideal.

Because we have been “given” a religion…, and a “god”  who lives up in the “sky”…, by the very people who are themselves SATANIC…, we think the system they have given us, and are running is NOT EVIL.

If we could just really start to see what we NEED TO SEE…, and talk about what we NEED TO TALK ABOUT…, we could possibly change it!

I ask you to think on these things!


























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