By: Bradley Loves

Who is it that is “running things” in D.C…., and where do their loyalties lie?  James Comey…, the hapless and disgruntled face of the FBI was fired in disgrace for countless problems arising between him and the President, but all along Comey claimed he had a HIGHER loyalty!!

Well…, loyalty to WHO?

Certainly not to the people who put Donald Trump into office!

So just WHO is it that Comey was being “loyal” to?

Well, in his very usual and unapologetic style of lying straight up to the American people…, because THAT is all this guy knows how to do…., he says this about his MASTERS living in the DC swamp.


Culture includes DOJ, FBI, military, intelligence community

Former FBI director James Comey, who was fired, said during a question and answer session that there is no deep state right before describing the existence of the deep state perfectly.

He simply called it a “deep culture” instead.

The context, as reported by Twitchy, was a question about what would happen if Trump were to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Comey was specifically addressing whether those under Trump would adhere to such an order or not.

“I don’t know. That’s a really interesting question,” Comey begins. “I think there’s an argument to be made that it would be utterly ineffective in practice.”

And why, exactly would it be “ineffective” for Trump to fire Mueller? Because of the deep state, wait…no…the “deep culture.”

“You’d have to fire the entire FBI and the entire justice department for two reasons,” Comey says.

The first reason is that Comey doesn’t think Trump could find an executive willing to carry out the order to fire Mueller. And the second reason firing Mueller would be ineffective is because of the “deep culture.”

“There is no deep state, but there’s a deep culture and commitment to the rule of law that runs all the way down through not just the Department of Justice and the FBI but the military services and the intelligence community. It would be interesting to see what would happen next,” Comey said.


This was said in the spring of 2018!

Well, now we are in the fall of  2019…, and the New York Times is basically calling James Comey a total LIAR…, and telling us that YES…, there is most certainly a DEEP STATE!

So now we have the choice of believing a totally lying newspaper…, and words that are not worth they paper they are printed on…, or a totally lying former head of the FBI!

Neither prospect is very good for WE the people!


This is the system just as our Founders intended!

President Trump is right: The deep state is alive and well.

But it is not the sinister, antidemocratic cabal of his fever dreams. It is, rather, a collection of patriotic public servants — career diplomats, scientists, intelligence officers and others — who, from within the bowels of this corrupt and corrupting administration, have somehow remembered that their duty is to protect the interests, not of a particular leader, but of the American people.


Naturally the “interests” of the American People are the furthest thing from the minds of the swamp creatures walking the halls of every building in DC.  But just like this blog is intended to inform TRUTHFULLY…, the people of the future what actually took place here in America in 2019…, the New York Times is using its print media to lay a FAKE, and a FALSE picture of current events for upcoming generations as to what “went down” in DC when Donald Trump was being politically attacked because he refused to give in to PURE EVIL!

My opinion is that HELL can not burn hot enough or long enough for these human monsters…, who deserve eternal destruction for their lies, their deceptions, and their crimes against living and breathing human beings.

So many have “sold their souls” at this point…, it is more practical to count the ones who have not sold out and who have remained loyal to GOD and to America than to count the ones who have not.

According to Former CIA Agent Robert David Steele:

Q:You are a former CIA officer who personally trained 7500 agents in 66 countries, and you claim that the CIA as well as the NSA are now out of control. How do you explain this drift and, in your opinion, what would be the solution for these agencies to be under the authority of the State?

A: First, I trained 7,500 mid-career officers in an ethical, legal, open manner. While I recruited over 25 agents (five times the regional average in my CIA Division), I have never recruited an agent since I left CIA.

Bear in mind that in my world, agents are people who commit treason.

It is not a term we use lightly.

These 7,500 officers were generally from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries, attracted in part because I was hired to write the NATO Open Source Intelligence Handbook and also provided most of the content for the NATO Open Source Intelligence Reader.

Your readers can find many Handbooks on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) at Phi Beta Iota, listed under the Blog page.

Second, NSA and CIA are indeed out of control, and in fact as I write this senior NSA and CIA officers are trying to topple the US government in a blatant coup d’Etat.

They are using their long-standing ability to spy on all politicians with impunity to blackmail politicians such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham (Wayne Madsen broke this story).

Part of the problem is that the FBI is also part of the Deep State — remember that the FBI was founded by J. Edgar Hoover, a cross-dressing pedophile — and does not do serious counterintelligence, it is more of a theatrical agency that goes through the motions.

The drift can be explained by a combination of Wall Street subversion of the US Government, from creating the Federal Reserve to federal taxation to the creation of the CIA as a secret lily pad for the Deep State, and the simultaneous dumbing down of the public — schools including universities are part of the over-all mind control campaign being managed by CIA and funded by Wall Street.

Newly finished NATO Head Quarters located in Brussels, Belgium

So…, the real question here is just WHO are the DEEP STATES MASTERS…, and who does Comey have a HIGHER LOYALTY TO??

They say a “picture” is worth a thousand words!   Well…, here are several thousand words then…..

A young Heinrick Himmler before he took over leadership of the SS

Robert David Steele:

First, the USA is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet. I am most distressed about this and believe that we need a massive purge of 500 traitors across the government as well as a cut of the federal budget by 50%.

We need to close the 1,000 overseas bases whose real function is to facilitate the smuggling of drugs, cash, gold, guns, and small children for the elite, by CIA using conscripted military aircraft, and we need to bring our Army home.

My three monographs for the US Army Strategic Studies Institute provide a review of grand strategy, global reality, and concepts for re-inventing the US Army and everything else, your readers can find those three monographs free online as well as at Amazon.


Child sex trafficking and child trafficking for RITUAL SACRIFICE to demonic entities is the fuel that runs the engine of PURE EVIL all around the world.

These people need to be stopped, killed, destroyed, burned, and put into the eternal flames of HELL for all eternity!

Finally…, there is this story today:


Claims fellow AZ senator told him to drop investigation into child sex trafficking

Arizona state Sen. David Farnsworth (R-Mesa) accused a fellow colleague of threatening his life for refusing to stop investigating a possible link between missing children in the state’s foster care system and organized sex trafficking.

Farnsworth told the Arizona Department of Public Safety that state Sen. Kate Brophy McGee (R-Phoenix) made a veiled threat to him during a meeting the two had earlier this month, reported the Arizona Capitol Times.

“I’m not asking you to stop. I’m telling you to stop. Stop or my husband will stop you,” Farnsworth recalled Brophy McGee telling him in the meeting.

“The police officer asked me if I felt threatened, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve thought about for the last 24 hours. So, I guess I did feel threatened,’” he said after meeting with police.


Hey…, James Comey…, WHO is your HIGHER LOYALTY TO??    WHERE do your loyalties LIE??    Inquiring minds want to know!!


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