In this Part of the Series, I would like to post some things that another actual “target” wrote – just a few weeks before he died! 

I also want to remind my readers that a “Confession Video” was posted a few years ago on You-tube (its gone now) done by a Deputy Sheriff who claimed that other off duty Deputies in his department had been given V2K Weapons Technology – and were actively using it on innocent men and women in their local area. 

He claimed in the video that they (the ones using the technology) would gamble and take side bets on just how long it would take before the “target” would not be able to endure their torment any longer – and simply KILL themselves in order to make it stop.

He made the video because he said their lust for the death of the target sickened him to his core.

All excerpts are taken from this Post below, which was written by Bryan Alexander, a good and very decent Soul who never hurt anyone.  He wrote this entire thing just a few weeks before he was compelled to commit suicide.

Bryan Tells All – The Heartfelt and Tragic Story of a Targeted Individual (TI)

So let’s see what he says about his own experience with Targeting. 

He writes:

Having gone through this myself, it would not surprise me if many people who seemingly have “lost their minds”, had nervous breakdowns, committed suicide, or done other things they normally wouldn’t have done, would not have done so if they hadn’t been targeted or weren’t led there by targeting.

I could not make it any more clear than how this man said it.  He laid it out, and knew how bad it was, and what they were actually doing to him.

Next, he describes the apparent power that those who use this technology have, and how they are fully aware of the effect they exert over their target.  This means that if they use it to drive someone to suicide, it is not only murder, but it is “premeditated” murder for sure.

Bryan continues:

On that note, this targeting is so precise and so intimate, that every single thought seems to be immediately known by the person doing the targeting. One time while praying, I simply had the random thought, “I wonder if they hear these things”, and I got an immediate response placed into my mind, “we hear every word”.  Targeting, then, would afford great power in thought manipulation and overall behavior modification.

There is also a very “Satanic and Ritualistic” element to those who use this technology – and Bryan was very aware of that and wrote about it.

He wrote:

One night after a particularly nasty night of sick demonic mental impressions where it seemed like some type of satanic ritual was being done in / on my apartment (Oh yeah, it can get downright nasty at times), I was naturally having a very hard time sleeping, and afterward my mind was having a hard time handling all that had happened. So much so, I was debating going to the hospital, because my brain felt like it was on fire. As I was about to fall asleep, I awoke with a start only to hear a conversation…, Is he okay?”  “Yes, we watch him like a hawk.”

There often seem to be two targeters. The worst is hearing them while they are laughing at you, taunting you, or trying to intimidate you once they’ve twisted you around mentally. Through all the above tactics, they can actually get you to start questioning anything you’ve ever done.

Bryan finishes his essay by telling everyone just how devastating a Weapon this actually is – and that no one on Earth deserves such a fate.

As I said in the ‘Lasting Effects’ section, I believe very strongly that targeting and the technology being used to achieve it gets into the area of infringing on a being’s free will. The sacred states of a being’s divinely granted soul, consciousness, and mental states deserve to be protected. And every being’s free will and agency must be preserved.

This type of activity must be known, talked about, and hopefully stopped. No one deserves to have to wonder if their very essence has been compromised in some fundamental way.

I believe that no one deserves the type of experience that I’ve been technologically forced to go through. No one.

Now, once again – please click on the video below called: TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, and listen to what the EGG-HEADS who have developed this INSANE TECHNOLOGY think about it when they talk about it. 

Some (those that love it) claim that the human mind/brain is the final battlefield!   They also make the claim that it is not only okay for this technology to exist – but that it is imperative that we actually use it to GO TO WAR inside of other people minds!


If you hear anyone talking like this (ever) please find a straight jacket and do the world a favor and “PUT THEM INTO IT!”

What we are talking about here is a CRIME against GOD – a CRIME against HIS CREATION – a CRIME against all of HUMANITY – and a CRIME against the Soul itself.

What we are talking about here is Human Insanity run amok and being tolerated to the point where the total destruction of what has been CREATED here on Earth is all but inevitable. 

Shame on anyone who takes NO action to stop this!

This is the Luciferian/Satanic response to what GOD HIMSELF wants for mankind.  For if GOD wants to create “life” – then the Satanists most certainly want to DESTROY LIFE.

If you allow it or worse join up with them – then you are COMPLICIT – and you are a part of it.

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