I’ve called this Part of the series “ADDENDUM” for a purpose.  It is something added on that actually supports what has already been said, but can also be used as an appendix of sorts. 

I will continue with the more serious issues of THE TARGETED in Part Ten of the Series.

After seeing and reading the image above, there is not much left to say.  I’ve used this image before, but the importance of it just can’t be over stated which is why I use it.

We (collectively) must never tolerate evil, because what we are seeing taking place in our world today, is the RESULT of tolerating so much evil in all of our yesterdays that were leading up to today.

Once again, GOD is so very clear on this point when HE says:    

“As you sow, that shall you reap”

Very honestly, in my humble opinion, there is no such thing as the “right amount” of evil.  For in my estimation, we should not tolerate any evil lest it take over.

Consider it good gardening practice if nothing else. 

If you let ANY weeds grow in your garden, then the garden looks very messy and the weeds can very easily get away from you and take over the entire garden in the blink of an eye.

However, this being said and lest we fall into the trap of the Pharisees, we should also be careful to condemn the weeds of evil, but not the man, who most certainly is capable of making errors on the path to greater learning.


There is a good reason why I made the full first interview that I did with Gene Decode public, (which you can now find on Rumble) – and that is so I could use a bunch of clips from it here in the Addendum. 

Gene and I are very much on the same page where GOD is concerned.  We could be called brothers in Christ because we are serving the same Great Creator and the same purpose of awakening.   We are simply coming at it from different avenues of approach.

In all three interviews I did with Gene, I did not say anything that he seriously disagreed with, nor did he did say anything that I seriously disagreed with. 

We confirmed each others understanding of GODS greater purpose and HIS rules.

So what I am doing with this ADDENDUM is posting three video clips from that first interview, which are extremely important to hear.

The first clip shows us that Lucifer (aka Satan) is VERY REAL.  

This so-called entity is not just a fantasy that somehow does not exist.  There is a very real plan in place by those who swear allegiance to him to takeover the Earth and is being orchestrated by those who follow this darkness. 

But, this then shows us that GOD is also VERY REAL – and has a “plan” to keep the darkness from taking over and to keep us all on a very “positive” Time Line where the Earth, the Solar System, and the rest of the Galaxy not only survive, but thrive.


The second of three video clips is called:  Satan ONLY tells Lies.  

It is two-fold and is extremely important to hear because it teaches two things.

First – Lucifer/Satan can NEVER tell the truth (to anyone) – not even those in the highest level of service to him.  Truth carries the vibration of Freedom and (IF) he ever uses it – then he sets his minions free.  Therefore he MUST always lie.

Second – The Court System that we use World Wide – (the entire thing) is an inversion of truth and thus is a LIE.  The entire thing is in service to Lucifer and thus can very rightly be called a SATANIC SYSTEM!  Anyone who works inside of such a system is IN SERVICE to Lucifer – whether they know it or not.


This final CLIP is basically telling us that there is NO GOING BACKWARD! 

So please STOP praying for the world (which was totally corrupt before Covid) to go back to the way it was!

Gene also gives us a glimpse of his dreams (from the 1950’s when he was only a kid) where he had visions of his other life on Anti-Matter Earth. 

This is a parallel Earth and very closely related to our own – as well as effects OUR TIME LINE. 

The Illuminati already had that version of Earth in Lock Down and all of humanity was enslaved. 

Gene tells us that many of the people he would meet here – he already knew from Anti-Matter Earth.  He also says that our reality was getting steered closer and closer to that reality by the Draco and the Orion Group in an attempt to MERGE THEM.


Stay tuned for Part Ten of  THE TARGETED

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