THE TARGETED is one of the most important series that I have ever written. I wrote it in December of 2021, and January of 2022.  The purpose of writing it then was that the “energy signature” of this series was meant to be held in BOTH YEARS.

This phenomenon of hidden abuse (something the Agencies world-wide have decided to call: NO TOUCH TORTURE) and affects the lives of literally millions of innocent people, is one of the most insidious abuses of power and authority that has ever been undertaken by the Deep State Military, (D.O.D.) and their Off World Allies.

This incredible series (which was written with the help of the Holy Spirit) has been specifically designed to save lives and to change the fate of the entire world for generations to come!

Luke and I have decided that even though this series will go into the Audio Books Section for our normal subscribers to hear, it will also be uploaded to our Love Truth Site Rumble Account so that anyone can hear this important information.

The knowledge of what is being done to so many innocent people behind the scenes as concerns this insidious technology is just too vital.

Please listen to this entire series as it gets uploaded to Rumble AND please share it far and wide.

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