As I’ve already said, the “excuse” (the “lie” is different at every level excuse) for the creation of this technology in the first place was to find (through brain scanning) so called criminals, and then provide a hidden way to control them.

Most certainly it was “sold to Congress” and to Local Police – as a very early version of a PRE-CRIME/CRIME PREVENTION DIVISION TECHNOLOGY – which they would possibly control, and forgive me here if I make the simple observation that these insane men and women (who wanted to develop this in the 1970’s for use on criminals) were about as stupid spiritually as any human being could get.

If they had been clear on GODS LAW and GODS RULES – they would have understood that you can not trespass upon another human beings FREEWILL unless they have already hurt someone.

This being said, this is why one of the very first testing places for V2K – which in the very early days of its development was called – SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY – was done inside of a Utah prison in the early 1970’s, located in Draper, Utah. 

The only reason that we even know this, by the way, is that so many of the inmates complained of hearing voices in their heads, and they were all hearing the exact SAME things when they compared what they were hearing with each other.  Some of them even filed lawsuits against the prison.

So, this is OLD technology.


Naturally, if you want to steal someones car – then you have to get them to ALLOW you into the car in the first place – and the WAY in which the Government and the Military – (DARPA) – got Congress to let them into “your car” (not their own) – was to say that developing this technology was all about catching criminals (which it wasn’t).

Needless to say (in my opinion) there were already huge amounts of acting criminals inside of the Agencies, the Government, and the Congress (due to that insane Secret Society known as Masonry) which was already very heavily involved in the “Secret Space Program” and all of the surrounding support programs –  such that an obscene need for NATIONAL SECURITY was created whereby no one knew what any one else in the Government was actually doing.

ALL MORALS – ETHICS – RULES and LAWS had suddenly taken a permanent holiday from all Governments world wide.

It was in this insane atmosphere of Secrecy and National Security that the V2K Weapons Platform along with all kinds of sadistic Bio-Weapons were being developed right here in America – and the very people that were doing it were the SAME people who had been doing it inside of Germany and who were working for the NAZI THIRD REICH under Hitler.

Under Operation Paper Clip, America had welcomed all sorts of Nazi’s like Joseph Mengele, and many others to continue their completely sadistic work – only this time – instead of experimenting on Jews, they were experimenting on AMERICANS!

Of course, since this was all very highly ILLEGAL – the Agencies and the Government found every way in the world to keep this information from getting out into the pubic.  Lawyers were involved!  The Courts were involved!  Agencies and Agents were involved.  Congress itself was involved! 


If you click on the web-site below, you will find information from Kathy O’brien (a MK Ultra Mind Controlled sex slave) who was rescued by an honorable man named Mark Phillips!

You’ll also see that as early as 1977 – the US Congress was made very aware of these problems concerning Mind Control and while listening to the problems – did NOTHING to correct them.

On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA’s TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK-Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, a top-level MK-Ultra victim, Cathy O’Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips.

What do you REALLY know about minDControl?

You’ll further read (by clicking on the link above) that all of the actions attempted to be taken against the perpe-traitors were STOPPED dead in their tracks FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY – just as I wrote in the paragraphs above.

Both Kathy O’brien and Mark Phillips were so pissed off that they co-wrote a book titled: ACCESS DENIED FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY!   I highly recommend buying and reading these two books from the link above.


They wanted to be able to get into YOUR MIND and be able to control YOU!

Naturally, in order to develop this technology – they need TEST SUBJECTS!   Furthermore then needed a huge sampling of subjects from all walks of life – and from all over the world!

Far too many test subjects to get if you are only going into a few prisons here and there.  They needed to test this on honest people, decent people, religious people, smart people, hard working people as well as every OTHER kind of human being to test this stuff on. 

They needed it to work on every single demographic of human beings located across the entire world that one could think of.

So the “program” was funded and expanded after the 1970’s up to an absolutely INCREDIBLE and UNBELIEVABLE LEVEL.

Once again – AMERICANS and others became the Nazi’s favorite “test subjects” instead of the Jews.

I’ve already begun to explain to you as well that this was not just about scanning your thoughts or suggesting thoughts into your MIND!   You’ve got to get this! 

What good does it honestly do for these people who want to “control” you – if they suggest thoughts into your mind/brain that you refuse to act upon?

They knew this – so there HAD to be a convenient way to also PUNISH the many test subjects for not complying with these commands, mandates, dictates, and suggestions.   It’s as simple as that.  Those who did not, or would not ACT upon what they were/are hearing inside of their mind/brain were no good to them.

So they HAD to have a program of torment and punishment that worked right alongside of the V2K Weapons Platform when they were doing these BETA TESTS on the unsuspecting public!

This is what I will be getting into more of in PART ELEVEN and PART TWELVE.  But what you need to know for certain is that whatever they were doing to the “early” TARGETS, this is exactly what they had in store for everyone else once it was fully ready to implement world wide!  Maybe you should try to figure this out BEFORE they turn it on you and your own family.

The METHOD of getting you hooked into their system so that you could never escape was THE JAB!

Please watch and listen to Dr. John Hall and his hours of videos and podcasts concerning these very early Targets:


Please also see this important 2022 interview below with Dr. Sheri Tenpenny and General Michael Flynn as concerns THE JAB.

Watch the above video on Rumble:

For further study – please listen to this much older interview featuring Dr. John Hall.

Also, remember, this technology can be LETHAL!  It has been used to drive very innocent people to suicide.

Stay “tuned” for Part Eleven


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