This long and difficult to write series about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS was written for others! 

It was written for all of the men, women, and children who have had the V2K Weapons Platform secretly used on them – had it ruin their life – and simply could not live through it and then committed suicide. 

The true numbers – if they were actually known – would be staggering.

These sophisticated weapons platforms have been in use and in operation since the late 1970’s. 

This is a full fifty years of operation, and the “OPERATORS” have moved from working out of Labs and Local Neighborhood Police Departments, to working out of Deep Underground Military Bases – first here in America and then in Antarctica – and finally to working out of Pocket Realities and Pocket Universes – as the technology and the use of it became more and more wide spread – and the total illegality of it all made the users very nervous about being found out, arrested, and then given a death sentence for their obvious crimes.

This was an immense operation that ruined the lives of so many people, the numbers may not even be countable.

So I dedicate this effort to the memory of those that it has been used on, if they died while under it’s use – and even more importantly to those who are still with us, and live lives of silent torment and quiet desperation just trying to survive for another day.

I also dedicate this effort to the many millions of good-hearted men, women, and children that this technology – which is still classified and kept secret – might be used on in the future.

I pray for their souls and for their lives because they will certainly need it.

And finally, I dedicate this effort to the countless men, women, and children who were “tricked” into getting the JAB – an experimental mRNA gene modifying therapy which literally changes their own DNA, and implants them with enough Nano-technology, Graphene Oxide, and other metallic and magnetic components that can create self-replicating tiny robotic machines inside of their blood-stream and could “POTENTIALLY” make them far more susceptible to the V2K – Weapons Platform in the near future, thus allowing it to be used on them as well.

If just ONE human being is saved from a life of horror and torture – then all of my time – which amounts to probably over 100 hours of writing – and many hundreds of hours of research on this series alone – will have been worth it.


Please one last time – watch this video!  Some of these people actually worked for the NSA!

All my LOVE…

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