These millions of “targets” world wide – so many of whom are good and decent people – sometimes DO end up committing crimes eventually, that is “IF” they don’t kill themselves first by committing suicide.

The real question we all need to ponder, however, is this:




Even after writing a full ELEVEN installments to this incredibly important series – and even if you’ve been faithfully following and reading every single part with baited breath – you are STILL not prepared to hear this, and have no idea just how awful and how bad it is to be a “Targeted Individual”.

To help you digest this better, I’ve even taken the necessary time in earlier parts to explain “WHY” they are doing it – and “WHY” they are targeting people in the first place, and what the final goal of doing this really is – (Changing Reality and Shifting Time Lines).

Just like what the Luciferians/Satanists are doing with their endless Pharmakia – which is basically a form of magic and witchcraft (done through the use of mind and body altering chemicals) – the targeting of good men and women through broadcast waves and Mind Control Technology is also a form of magic and witchcraft that uses a deviant thought suggestion system (where evil thoughts are placed directly into the mind/brain of the target through technological means) and if these thoughts are not acted upon – the target is physically punished with REMOTE TECHNOLOGY in order to activate or achieve a REALITY SHIFT or a TIME LINE SHIFT with that individual such that a larger shift can be accomplished later.

This is MAGIC and WITCHCRAFT at its finest – and actively employs the newest and most advanced technologies to achieve its goals.

This is no different than a form of Voodoo or Witchcraft where the Witch Doctor (in this case the military/civilian operator who is using this super advanced technology) gets extreme glee and pleasure out of sticking needles and pins into his or her victim, and then watching them squirm in pain.


Anyone who says it is different is deluding themselves and are psychopathically INSANE.   It IS torture, and the only difference between this torture and other forms of torture is that these monsters have found a way to torture people without actually “touching them”.

But is goes even far deeper than just torment and torture.

You see, as I’ve said before there are GOALS to using this technology, and those goals are to destroy the life of each and every target in whatever way possible!  Each target can (and hopefully will) commit suicide as a result of the Mind and Body Control part of this technology which can not be seen by anyone else, but if that does not work there are other ways to destroy the target.

IF the target wants to live, no matter how brutal the torture and the torment they are put under are, and so refuses to just commit suicide, then the military/civilian operator has many other tricks up his or her sleeve to destroy the life of the target utterly and totally.

The military/civilian operator, as depicted/imagined in the Matrix Movie image below, can “implant” fully developed criminal thoughts and images into the targets mind.

They do this by using actual thoughts/ideas/images, (literally PROGRAMS) that were “harvested” and recorded onto computer hard drives from actual criminals such as:  murderers, rapists, thieves, and pedophiles!  

These harvested thoughts are recorded in the form of “frequency waves” of the type and kind that the mind/brain can interpret and then decode and have been labeled:   EVOKED POTENTIALS  by the military.

So, while under this kind of frequency attack – the poor target instead having a very pleasant day-dream about having a nice day and taking a walk in the park – will be subjected to and – TECHNOLOGICALLY FORCED – to visualize raping and murdering people or worse than that –  all in the form of “downloads” that are forced into their minds. 

If not these types of thoughts, they might be forced to visualize and imagine having sex with little children, or having an affair with someone else’s wife, or they could be forced to imagine stealing cars, shop-lifting, or selling harmful drugs. 

It does not matter what the crime is, these operators have recorded all of these things from actual criminals and have every sick thing that can be imagined to download into your brain if they so choose.

Again, there is a purpose to this. 

IF the target can not be forced to “self-kill” (such that the sick and twisted Witch Doctors sitting behind the screens don’t have to hire an assassin), then they will simply “settle” for setting the target up with any number of possible CRIMES – and using their hidden “tactics and methods” (which they never disclose or discuss) to get the target thrown into JAIL, or if that does not work, at the very least placed in a mental institution!

Trust me – I know from FIRST HAND experience exactly how evil these people really are, and what their “tactics” are.  I am not just making this stuff up!  I have been fighting against them for four decades or more!

And by the way, if V2K Weaponry is not enough to take you out – then they will spend the extra several million dollars to use Looking Glass/Time Travel Operations against you – in order to get you at your weakest moment in THE PAST – long before you ever knew WHY they were even after you!

Regardless of whether it is suicide, mental institution, or jail – the result is the very same.  The targets life is destroyed, and they are no longer able to “pose” a threat to the Luciferians who are in POWER.  

Getting the targets to just “self-kill” is the far less expensive and more preferable outcome to these sick operators.

Setting targets up with a crime, and getting them cast into jail or an institution is the FAR more difficult, and it takes extreme amounts of TIME and MONEY. 

Naturally, theses Luciferians are NOT paying for all of this – no not at all – YOU are paying for this instead!


All of those millions of “statutes” and “codes” that were put into place over many decades – mostly by the Luciferian leaning Free Masonic Lawyers and Judges – who got into the Government (and who had no business being in the American Government in the first place) – and who very intentionally put all of these millions of “statutes” and “codes” there to help ENTRAP innocent and GODLY people for their Luciferian leaning Fraternity of Brothers – aka – (Secret Society Members).

They created these endless (read that again… ENDLESS) paper crimes…, crimes where there was NO VICTIM and NO PROPERTY DAMAGE – all so that almost anyone could be dragged into their Satanic Leaning Courts – and hopefully “cast” (read magic spell) into JAIL – for almost any reason.

These “parasites” in Government wanted to make sure that all of the fast running horses (intelligent humans) who were the winners and the doers on the world – could be “throttled” and “held back” so that they would never run any faster than the Luciferians wanted to allow them to run.

These legal monsters – who to this very day are working for the CROWN CORPORATION and the VATICAN – are (highly paid) foreign agents who are also working against the free people of America and the entire world daily – and are in matter of fact exactly what the Witch Doctors who are using the V2k – VOICE TO SKULL WEAPONS PLATFORM needed in order to help them get rid of all of the goody two-shoes men and women that were, and still are, working for GOD in a stand of defiance against the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The V2K Weapons Platform and the INJUSTICE SYSTEM is a “match” made in the fires of HELL.


This includes Government Officials, Lawyers, Judges, Police, Sheriffs, Military, and the like – who have all “joined up” and are working toward the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT/NEW WORLD ORDER



These hidden methods go way deeper than what is listed above, and upon which all other forms of MIND CONTROL (currently being used on the unsuspecting public) are based on. 

These are instead, very continuous “directed” and “personal” attacks against key individuals that are fully intended to either kill them or destroy them for good – without having it look like murder.

A HIDDEN WAR has been declared upon certain and specific American Civilians and other innocent people world wide for being – Truthful, Godly, and Virtuous.  All of which are “extremely high frequencies” which actually block the Satanic Agenda from moving forward.

These people can’t be bribed, conned, bought or sold, or fooled into going against GOD.  Therefore extreme “methods” and “tactics” had to be created for them.

In almost every case (that I’ve heard of) the “Target” is given thoughts which are not their own, but are being put there to see if the Target will or will not act on them.  All of the “targets” actions, and behaviors are being recorded and watched to see what they will do.

If they simply act upon the thoughts – then the OPERATORS have found a very spiritually weak human being who is susceptible to suggestion and will usually do or act on anything that comes into their heads.

These people are very useful for their orchestrated and choreographed False Flags and Color Revolutions World Wide!  It saves lots of money not to have to hire so many Crises Actors if you can just mind control half of the people you need for an operation to go along with whatever you want them to do.

These people usually do not get forms of Frequency Punishment because they are good little robots and do everything they are told to do (inside their heads).  Instead they are given feelings of:  happiness – euphoria – bliss and joy for doing things they would not have otherwise done.

Lots and lots of New Age Channelers come to mind here – especially the ones who channel information coming from the Orion Grays.

However, there are very stubborn “targets” who know almost immediately that the thoughts coming into their minds are NOT their own.  In addition to that – they are mystified as to where they are coming from and do their best to ignore them.


This can last not just days and weeks, but months and years, in the cases of people who just refuse to kill themselves!

It is a very long road because changing the behavior of these people and “reformatting them” to be obedient slaves to Mind Control has very little to do with their minds and everything to do with breaking their “SPIRIT” and harming their “SOUL”.

Various “crimes” are suggested into their minds, and when they do not comply – a physical (albeit unseen) punishment is applied.

These OPERATORS – who basically are idiot psychologists and think that “Pavlov’s Dog Experiment” is applicable to all human beings – once again are basically insane, and need to be locked in their own jails and asylums.

This treatment can go on for days, weeks, months, and even years.  In this way the OPERATOR wears the target (who is extremely weary of the torment and the torture) down. 

By this time, the target is VERY AWARE that there is someone else who has the ability to be inside of their mind. 

The target also finds that he or she can communicate with the OPERATOR inside of his or her own thoughts – and the operator makes no attempt to hide from the target any longer once discovered.

The operator simply says DO THIS – or you will be punished directly into the targets mind.

It is now clear to the target that going to the Police, the Military, the FBI, any other Government Agency, Congress, or even to a family member will do them little to no good. 

Few (if any) who were told would even believe such a story, recommending instead that they please hurry and go see a doctor or a psychiatrist – who would almost immediately declare them to be schizophrenic and prescribe a huge bottle of pills (courtesy of Pharmakia and Black Magic) as was done with Bryan Alexander.

However, those GODLY SOULS who can still think logically – very quickly come to understand that this type of experimental torture program would have to be coming from some part of the Government, the police or the military, and would have to involve extremely advanced technology, and as a result of this conclusion, any remedy that they might want to get from who ever they might tell would be categorically DENIED FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY.

Just like every other TARGETED INDIVIDUAL out there – they would get no help from the Luciferians running most Governments.

This is when a Godly soul (who does not want to commit suicide) will try to make small bargains and deals with his or her tormentor instead.

Instead of doing the suggested crime – the target may plea and bargain for doing something far lessor – in order to not be tormented, or not to have to feel physical pain.  In order to make progress with the target, the OPERATOR will agree, and then watch the target do the agreed upon activity, and finally REWARD the target with several hours, or even a few days, of peace.

In this way – the target slowly finds him or herself under the “control” of the operator, whether he or she wants to be or not.  It is a desperate situation with no apparent solution.


What is it when a gleeful psychopath takes sheer delight in pushing a button near a computer screen which then can cause severe pain in any number of ways for the target? 

And naturally, this is exactly the type of technology that the Luciferian Hierarchy which operates at the very top of the World’s Governments (and who are Black Magicians) would use.

It is completely in line with what Lucifer/Satan wants – and is all about the “control” of an individual. 

Furthermore, every sick and twisted SECRET SOCIETY MEMBER (of the higher levels) who lives in the same area of the target – is generally asked to be a part of the “program” – and to help in whatever way they can.

Finally, because the targets are watched constantly, it is not difficult to find “Police” who will very quickly arrest the target once a large enough “line” has been crossed.

At this point – THE TARGET – is quite gleefully taken to COURT – where the Judges and Lawyers (who quite gleefully work inside of the Luciferian Crown Corporation System) are only too happy to do exactly what the operators wanted to have happen all along – and that is to get the target into JAIL and out of the way.

Luciferian “problem” solved.


Stay “tuned” for Part Thirteen

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