By: Bradley Loves


Apparently the “WAR” department does not go to movies…, because they have just created the very A.I. “machines” which will probably destroy the world!

Taken from this post:

We get this headline:

US Air Force Reveal New Fighter Jet with Artificial Intelligence

Now…, for anyone with a “brain” out there…, tell me…, what could go wrong with this picture???

Giving a “fighting” and “killing” machine…, a MIND of it’s own? Sure…, what could possibly go wrong?  Are these people INSANE?  Oh, wait, YES…, they are insane!

So how long do you think it will be before these things get smart enough to start picking their OWN targets?

Remember my friends…, these things are happening becauase YOU are not saying: I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT!

I make that statement daily…, on everything I don’t agree with…, do YOU?

You do have a roll to play in helping the planet…, and if you just roll over thinking someone else is gonna “SAVE YOU”…, I’m sorry…, you’ve been lied to!

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