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For those of you who took the time to read the TERRA PAPERS written by Robert Morning Sky (not to be confused with “robert morning star”) which seems to be a personality that was created to lead people away from Morning Sky’s work…, you’ll be interested to know that there is a TERRA PAPERS PART TWO.

I’ve looked and looked for the actual copy of Part Two, that looks very much like the typewritten copy of Part One.

However, the internet being what it is these days…, I have not come across it.

What I did find is a link to someones website that posted Parts ONE and TWO together!

So here is that link:

If you scroll down on this page far enough…, you’ll get to PART TWO…, which adds even MORE background to the story.

I highly recommend reading this part as well!

For those of you who liked or resonated with what you read in Part One of the Terra Papers…, this is just more to describe what has happened on Earth since the “Sheti Lizards” (who live mostly underground and are also known as THE GREYS) took over management of the Earth after stealing it from the Ari-ans (Lizards) and the Asa-rrr (Sirians) thousands of years ago!

If you are looking for a way to TIE IN the extreme forms of MIND CONTROL that we are now finding ourselves under technologically…, and the REASON FOR IT BEING DONE…, then this is a key part of that story!

Keep in your mind the entire time…, that this “History” of Earth or Eridu comes directly from an Alien Grey!

(As given to Robert Morning Sky’s Grandfather after a rescue that he performed for the Grey.)

I will be writing more about it soon!

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You’ve got to wonder if George Soros is working for the Ari-an’s


  1. Exactly one year ago, the subject of Terra Papers has been revisited.
    Exactly one year ago since the date of your article, this article has been done by me:
    I talked in this blog about Terra Papers. You should look into Wes Penre papers for more.
    Terra Papers was very important for me, was seen first in 2011-2012, but research it more profoundly in 2014. In 2015 I looked into wes penre papers, you should look too.
    Also, you should look for more in this blog, because it’s possible a slight majority of your future posts will revisit topics already covered by me. So to all, you readers, look into the blog.

    • Just Way,

      Thank you for your comments, as always, comments are appreciated. That being said. Be careful not to question the writers “motives” for what he posts. (That would be me).

      Your own work on the Terra Papers, may be interesting, and if you wish, post a link to your own work.

      I FIRST SAW (and read) the Terra Papers in the mid 1990’s. They have been around for a LONG TIME.
      I have done much research around them since then. They are a good part of what MAY be going on out there. HOWEVER…, there is quite a bit that is missing.

      One of the things that I have learned since first reading the TERRA PAPERS (all of the information contained therein came from an ALIEN GRAY)…, is that you can NEVER trust an ALIEN GRAY.

      They may tell you some things that are true, but they will also lie to suit their agenda. ALSO, Alien Grays are not the top of the NEGATIVE FOOD CHAIN and therefore do not get to see the entire picture (THEY CAN BE LIED TO) by their higher ups.

      Sorting out the TRUTH is tough work and needs a clear mind.

      If you want to use the COMMENT section to TOOT YOUR OWN HORN about how smart you are, or how you’ve already covered a topic that I recently wrote about…, please spare us. I re-visit many topics over and over again, because THAT is the way people learn. THROUGH REPITITION.

      I hope I’ve made my point.

      All my love…

      • Thank you for your reply.

        Well the Wes Penre Papers goes a lot further than the Terra Papers in my opinion, however my assumption about the narrative presented by both might be a bit different from the whole narrative. I’d like you to compare Hinduism with both Terra Papers and Wes Penre Papers and tell me the differences in each of their narratives compared to the two.
        As for Alien Grays, I have no idea what your assumption is, but I do know people who are “alien grey sympathizers” and I don’t like them. I would make an article some day about them, and it’s no good word I can say about them, only that they are liars and scammers.

        Thank you for the reply,
        May the Tao be with you! <-Recent ending remark with what I wish well to the people

  2. Hi Bradley !!!

    Thanx for your Reply!!!

    !!!! GOT IT NOW !!!!

    I was almost there ………………………………………………just couldn’t quite pull the threads together !!!

    I have tried three times now to send you some Information……………………each consecutive time it is being BLOCKED !!
    My thoughts are Word Sensitive Selection !!!
    Let me know an Alternative Avenue if you would like !!!

    Thank you for Continuing to EXPOSE the TRUTH with LOVE !!!

  3. APPOLGY !!!!!……………………..should read circa ( feb1st 1995 to feb1st 1996 )…………..
    OOPS!!! Cheers !!!

  4. Hi Bradley!!

    Thank You for this Amazing Information, it is certainly connecting DOTS for me !!

    I have been Viewing on You Tube THE TERRA PAPPERS consecutive Presentations and on Episode 10…………at 4.30………….I herd some very DISTURBING AND PUZZLING words from Robert Morning Sky ??????.

    During Audience Q @ A he was asked once again why he is not Continuing his Research ( Apparently started Feb 1st 1993 to Feb 1st 1994 ) and he drew Attention to how many times he has been referred to being called THE ANTICHRIST……………………

    His Reply……………………





    END of Presentation !!!

    Can you Please shed ANY Information on these Comments ???

    Bradley Thank You Dearly for All you are Bing to Humanity !!!!


    • Berniie,

      Okay I will give it my best shot!

      If you read the Terra Papaers carefully. And it took me several read throughs to get this…, this is the story of the Annuannki/Sirians/Dog Race.

      King Anu had two sons, Enki…, (Frist Born) and Enlil, (second Born).

      Enlil was always the “favored” son because he was born of Anu…, and Anu’s half sister. While Enki was born of Anu and someone from outside the Royal Family.

      I’ve written about this before.

      Even the Egyptian Pharoahs knew that in order to secure the THRONE…, they had to take at least one sister as a wife so that the off spring would have MORE ROYAL BLOOD.

      Enlil was therefore always in CHARGE of the Earth during the reconstruction phase after Tiamat got Blown to bits. He was next in line for the Throne…, even though Enki was the older brother.

      Enki’s job was as a MASTER GENETISIST!

      It was his job to re create the flora and fauna on Earth…, and as the story tells he was damn good at it.

      When the mining operations on the surface got too difficult for the Annunnaki, there was a revolt.

      Enki stepped in and offered a solution.

      It was HIS idea to create a SLAVE RACE (aka human beings) using already walking around advanced “apes” and giving them an “Up-grade” using his own DNA.

      (Im not certain I believe this part…, but it’s part of the story)

      Once the slave race was created, ENLIL – seeing them as no better than cattle or donkeys literally worked them to death!

      Enki was hysterical with shock.

      He begged his brother to stop…, and so began a VERY LONG FAMILY FUED BETWEEN ENKI and ENLIL.

      Fast Forward….. (Reread the Terra Papers)

      Both brothers betrayed each other over and over…, so eventually ENKI…, also known as Prince EA, is cast down inside the royal family.

      Instead of being seen as a great master genetisist…, he becomes DA BA EA EL…, or Diablo…The Devil.

      But in this Family Story…, Enki, or Prince EA is the one who tried to SAVE mankind from Enlil which wanted to destroy them.

      ENLIL hated what he called THE BEAST.

      Although Enki (or EA) initially created the “beast” in the first place.

      So from the point of view of Robert Morning Sky…, “strictly speaking” he is on “ENKI’s SIDE” in this Family Feud.

      OR…, the side of the Devil….

      Now…, I think there is far more to this story…, and because Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather got all of this information from an Alien Grey…, I would say that it is incomplete AT BEST…, and filled with huge holes AT WORST.

      My experience with the GREYS is that they are INCAPABLE of telling the TRUTH. And I would take everything they say with a MOUNTAIN OF SALT.

      This story was always meant to just fill in lots of holes in our history…, which I think it does…, but not to be taken as the last word (like the Bible).

      Robert Morning Sky…, because he got this stuff from his own Grandfather.., is taking this story as THE GOSPEL…, and he should not!

      There are far more things going on here.

      Read all about DULCE…, and you will see the DRACO and the GREYS in action trying to create another human SLAVE RACE!!


      Even Robert Morning Sky has BIAS…, so never take anything as the last word….

      All my love

      • Paula

        If it is true Enki used his own DNA in the “beast” could that be the mark of the beast?

  5. Linda Torgrimson

    Thank you, Bradley. This certainly fills in more missing pieces of the puzzle. The world makes a lot more sense after reading this.

  6. I dont know how you have come across all of the info you have posted here and sent to jean but bravo mate you are a strong and courageous hueman being for helping out humanity in our dire need.
    Kind regards
    From the pig catcher analogist

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