By: Bradley Loves


For those of you who took the time to read the TERRA PAPERS written by Robert Morning Sky (not to be confused with “robert morning star”) which seems to be a personality that was created to lead people away from Morning Sky’s work…, you’ll be interested to know that there is a TERRA PAPERS PART TWO.

I’ve looked and looked for the actual copy of Part Two, that looks very much like the typewritten copy of Part One.

However, the internet being what it is these days…, I have not come across it.

What I did find is a link to someones website that posted Parts ONE and TWO together!

So here is that link:

If you scroll down on this page far enough…, you’ll get to PART TWO…, which adds even MORE background to the story.

I highly recommend reading this part as well!

For those of you who liked or resonated with what you read in Part One of the Terra Papers…, this is just more to describe what has happened on Earth since the “Sheti Lizards” (who live mostly underground and are also known as THE GREYS) took over management of the Earth after stealing it from the Ari-ans (Lizards) and the Asa-rrr (Sirians) thousands of years ago!

If you are looking for a way to TIE IN the extreme forms of MIND CONTROL that we are now finding ourselves under technologically…, and the REASON FOR IT BEING DONE…, then this is a key part of that story!

Keep in your mind the entire time…, that this “History” of Earth or Eridu comes directly from an Alien Grey!

(As given to Robert Morning Sky’s Grandfather after a rescue that he performed for the Grey.)

I will be writing more about it soon!

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