By: Bradley Loves


So many men and women walk through their lives in blissful ignorance!

They feel it is safer to leave the bigger and larger details of their lives to the “smarter people”.

They leave all the “BIG THINGS” to the Churches and the Governments and the Militaries of the world…, whose job it is (in their minds) to take CARE of such things!


What happens when all of the “smarter people”…, you know…, the people in charge…, start to do completely and totally HORRENDOUS THINGS???

Now…, I’m not talking about common every day crimes…, or even petty thuggery…, but I’m talking about the types of things that bring about “WRATH OF GOD” and “WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION”…, kinds of things….

It is when this happens…, that we get super-natural and mystical responses to trangressions against NATURE and the COSMOS itself.

We have seen it happen on Earth before!

The total destruction of entire land continents like ATLANTIS and LUMERIA…

The utter obliteration of Sodom and Gomorrah…

If there was an article that gives you a hint of what I am talking about…, it has to be this one by Tracy Twymann called:


If you read this article…, you’ll understand what I mean when I say we are no longer in KANSAS TOTO.

What those “leaders” of ours are doing is messing with supernatural forces that are not meant to be messed with!

Such has happened BEFORE!

In their quest to understand MAGIC…, and weild ever MORE POWER over others…, they are bringing about the DESTRUCTION of the MATERIAL WORLD!

Such has happened BEFORE!

Give the article a read…, and see if you the reader…, OR any of us for that matter can “afford”…, to remain blissfully ignorant of what these MAGICAL SATANISTS are attempting to do??

Unfortuantely…, the position that WE JUST DON’T NEED TO KNOW THAT…, (and still remain safe in the world) no longer applies….



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