Just as the title says, I am the “target” of a Time Travel/Black Government Operation that failed badly and as a result of that failure – I have lived to talk about it.

Most of those who get this kind of “special” treatment – are not as lucky…

Few of the completely innocent men and women who become this kind of target are able to live through it – usually ending up committing suicide (like Bryan Alexander) – or dying in some lonely jail cell on totally trumped up and false charges.

But those who have a very strong faith in GOD – and have HIM on their side – and who are very strong souls – can and sometimes do survive, but it is rare indeed.



What you are about to read is a true story – and even though it sounds completely impossible – it is the ONLY explanation that fits all of the facts, which are verifiable and endless.  As another GOD lover once said to me –

“Stop forcing the facts to fit your pet theories, and instead just allow your theories to fit the facts that are available…

I assure you that these kinds of “Time-Travel/Black Operations” have been going on for quite some time and have already been done to tens of thousands (if not millions) of really good men and women all over the world and have destroyed not only them, but have also destroyed the lives of most of their family members as well.

These innocent people have become “targets” because they are very courageous and they are standing in the way of something really big that the darkest people on Earth want to see happen – and are thus SAVING the rest of you from certain destruction!



Time-Travel is a very real phenomenon, and has been completely hidden from the general public by Government Agents and Military Officials who knew about it a long time ago – and were using it to help create an insane agenda of total Global Control for the Earthly Elites – as well as to help certain groups of Time-Travelers from the future who were giving them military technology.

The Rabbit Hole on this one runs very deep!

It is a story that can not be told quickly or easily, and so the beginning can only be stated in vague terms.  You will have to do a LOT of reading to really grasp this one because it is complicated.

The initial statement (on its face) is quite simple however.  That statement is this one:


That is all you really need to know – and I am not the first one who has said it this way.  Phil Corso Jr. – the son of Lt. Colonel Phillip Corso of Army Intelligence said it this way first.

The result of this idea of TIME having been compromised is about as far reaching as the human mind can possibly imagine and then some.

Not only has it been discovered that Time-Travel is very possible, it has been discovered that CHANGING EVENTS as a result of time-travel, creates another Time-Line in spatial reality, which then breaks off from the original time-line and proceeds as an ALTERNATE future from that point on.

Just like a new branch grows out of the tree, a new time-line will branch off from the root and create a separate time-line.  Our Earthly reality, as a result of messing around with time, currently has countless other time-lines hovering around the main time-line, some of which are very negative and destructive.

THE NEW WORLD ORDERis/was one of those very negative and destructive time-lines!

See this video of Andy Basaigo describing his own personal experience with TIME TRAVEL.



The discovery of time-travel created a huge problem for the Earth and its inhabitants on countless levels.  However, the main problem is simply knowing that there is a future at all, which gives exceedingly greedy, thoughtless, and reckless people all the permission they need to be even MORE greedy, thoughtless, and reckless because they know that the Earth will still be here – no matter what they do it.

The side problem to this main problem is knowing that there are various POSSIBLE FUTURES (none of which are set in stone) and thus “which future” we actually see and experience, depends upon the very choices humanity (collectively) makes along the way.

This is all the knowledge that the most cruel and unusual among us needed to know before they tried endlessly to figure out which choices humanity would need to make on a grand scale so that only a small handful of people’s lives would be successful, glorious, and happy – while everyone else’s life would not matter in the least, and they could be considered “throw away” lives.

Here is AMAZING POLLY – telling us where we currently are in THIS particular Time-Line, and what the rich and the greedy have planned for the rest of this world – which (if implemented) will CREATE AND MANIFEST the New World Order Time-Line that they are so desperate to achieve.


Because the richest men and women (usually Bankers, Kings, Queens, and Oligarchs) have historically controlled all of the money and where it went to – their greatest quest became the project to manipulate TIME ITSELF and to see if they could somehow hand pick which TIME-LINE all of the rest of us ended up on – because the TIME LINE they wanted to see manifest was the time-line where only a tiny portion of very rich people (like them) owned everything in the world.

However, in order to do this, they needed to be able to CONTROL THE REST OF US – in subtle ways – so that we would always make the exact choices that THEY wanted us to make.




The way I wrote the word above is NOT an accident.  It is deliberate.  It is a device that was specifically designed to TELL YOU A VISION or rather a TELL YOU A VERSION of reality that they wanted you to believe and buy into.

This was the start of television (Tell – a – vision) and all of the endless advertising that came with it – which by the way is also mental programming.

Their entire goal from day one was to “program” us all – just like computers – into thinking, talking, and acting in ways that THEY wanted us to think, talk, and act, so that we would create the “FUTURE” that they wanted to see.

This video sums it up fairly well – and was taken from the 1976 Movie called NETWORK – so please watch it:

They even told us what they were doing to us when they named absolutely everything that we were watching on their “tell-a-vison” a PROGRAM.

Thus, over the course of decades and decades the human mind became “programmed” with thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that THEY wanted us to have – because they KNEW (from viewing the future) that the only way to get to the future that THEY wanted – was to have the rest of us PROGRAMMED with godless thoughts, godless ideas, and godless behaviors.

Naturally this is MIND CONTROL on a very subtle level.

And, as more and more people – all over the world – became PROGRAMMED by the “tell-a-vision” with what this handful of really rich and powerful people wanted us to think and thus to base all of our choices on – (collective choice is what creates the Time-line and is thus what creates the reality that we all see) – then our time-line slowly became more and more “steer-able” and just like a car traveling down the highway – could be steered and turned off its natural path – onto a totally different path and therefore a whole new time-line.

But then, I already told you this – didn’t I…


Naturally, this is very immoral and endlessly unethical, but most of the people at the very top of our world leadership are and have always been Luciferians!  They are a cult of blood drinkers and child sacrificers.

What this means it that the “greedy”, “thoughtless”, and “reckless” ones I spoke about above actually worship Satan, instead of LOVING GOD who created this Universe and very naturally their goal for our reality was anything but good or positive, but instead was quite dark and negative because it served their purposes ONLY.

And how did they get away with it?

Simple.  They merely offered tons of money to anyone willing to take it and to join up with them, or to those who just wanted to make tons of money regardless of what they had to do to get it.

They appealed to the greedy ones among the lowly people which are literally everywhere – paid them tons of money to do slightly immoral things – and very slowly over decades and decades – more and more greedy people came into power and more and more greedy people were put into very high places of authority so that in the end ONLY GREEDY PEOPLE – people who were willing to sell all the rest of humanity out for money – were in charge of EVERYTHING.

Millions and millions of people world-wide took the bait and humanity SOLD ITSELF into this slavery initially, by not caring about each other and instead taking money to do what ever it took to get ahead.



The trouble we are having with waking up so many of the Earth’s inhabitants at this late hour has to do with extreme guilt!  These are the COUNTLESS men and women who wanted to live a good life and just get ahead.  They KNOW that they were offered money and advancement in their lives and careers to do immoral and unethical things.  But they did not know why it was all happening. 

They just took the money and did what it took to get ahead so they could get a better house, car, education, and longer vacations.

The problem they are now facing is having to ADMIT (a very difficult thing to do indeed) is that their OWN ACTIONS most likely added toward making the New World Order possible. 

They and millions and millions of other people around the world aided and abetted these Oligarchs in moving our reality toward the DESTRUCTION TIME-LINE – and they just don’t want to ADMIT that their own actions (done in ignorance) is the cause of what we are now seeing.

They would rather cut off their arm – than admit they were complicit – and helped to create this mess!


This was ALL made very possible by the “tell-a-vision” programming which portrayed luxury and glamor as wonderful and desirable, while making people who were honest and had morals as short – sighted squares with no future.
Therefore, more and more people gave in to their greedy side due to the PROGRAMMING they never knew they had been subjected to.

Eventually, all of this programming created an Earthly humanity which was very selfish and thus created a TIME-LINE that was very negative.

This time-line (WAS) a real time-line that created ripples and events far into our future and from the standpoint of certain time-travelers who came back from this “particular” future (there are of course other far more positive futures) – it is the only time-line they knew.

The negative time-line was what created them – and how they came to be.  So naturally, they would want to see this Time-Line continue.



According to a man named Dan Burisch – a scientist who was interviewed a few times by Kerry Cassidy – this negative time-line is known simply as TIME-LINE TWO (or rather the Disaster Time-line).

Now apparently there were various “versions” of the disaster time-line and once again – just how BAD things actually got in any one version depended upon the collective choices that humanity was making.

This is why those who “wanted” the disaster time-line decided they had to find ways to FORCE HUMANITY to make bad, selfish, and immoral choices every single day.


According to many of the beings now coming back in time (from the future) it appears as if these dark beings were successful in getting what they wanted (once upon a time and very long ago) – and they managed to create a very dark reality here on the Earth – which they then EXPORTED out into the Galaxy.



A very real problem (for the entire Galaxy) started far into our planet’s future where one version of the disaster time-line created a type of arrogant and hateful human that was so MIND CONTROLLED and so MANIPULATED that they eventually went out into the Galaxy in mass and started creating tyranny and destruction where ever they went.

The havoc these robotic humans from Earth were wreaking upon the entire Galaxy was pointless – and many innocent races of beings and planets complained to the highest Universal Councils and even took the matter to the Great Creator himself.

These humans were more robotic than human – having willingly given up their own  DNA to machine technologies.

Because GOD created not only our Earth, but every planet and every race that lives on every planet out there – HE was concerned about the actions being taken by the future humans that came from Earth.

HE thus decided to CHANGE HIS MIND about certain things which HE had once allowed to occur.

Now GOD knew that he had given human beings on Earth FREEWILL as a gift!

This is a gift he would never take away from them – however – he did put his toe on the scale so to speak and decided to ask for Volunteer Souls who were willing to be born onto the Earth into the most crucial period of time where all of this began. (1900 to 2020)

By asking for very spiritual souls (lots of them) to be born onto the Earth starting in the early 1900’s – GOD believed that the most negative of the TIME-LINES would simply take a much less negative course.

This would make everyone happy – and leave HIS GIFT of Freewill intact.


The “Dark Ones” did not want to give in – and did not recognize GODS AUTHORITY to change his mind…

Once an “intervention” was called for – and action was taken upon physical reality by sending far more spiritual souls into Earth’s past (1900 to 2020) – many of the things, places, beings, and events that were created into existence by the dark time-line – started to “wink” out of existence – and disappear in the future. (2100 and beyond).

This was the effect of the corrective measures that GOD himself had taken. In other words – after seeing what took place – HE simply changed his mind about what HE would allow to happen.

I’ve written about this many times and will say it once again here. GOD – who is the “author” of the entire Universe – has the right to change any part of it that he does not like.  Just like the author of a book has the right to change things here and there if he does not like what he has written.

Very simple.

The AUTHOR of anything has the right to change what he has written.

However, most of these very dark humans – who were quite robotic – had given up all faith and all belief in GOD.

In other words, they no longer believed in GOD or his Authority.

Therefore, they saw what was taking place in Earth’s past not as an intervention from GOD – but as highly dangerous anomaly, and a threat to their (negative) future which was disappearing from existence.

Thus, many races of beings Time-Traveled back in time (from the future) to find out where these changes were coming from – and found it to be right in the very time that we are all now experiencing as our present.

So instead of accepting what GOD had done, they added their own big foot on the scale and made treaties with the dark and greedy leaders of Earth starting with Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s in order to try to steer the Earth back onto its original destructive Time-line so that they could justify and continue to have their DARK FUTURE.


By coming back in time – these negatives brought advanced technology with them and gave this over to the NAZI’s in order to help them win the second world war and to place Earth back onto the Destruction Time-line. Thus, the period of time between 1900 and 2020 was replayed a second time! It happened differently than the first time and thus another alternate version of time was created.

Naturally, the good races from the future (who did not like all of this evil) saw what was being done, and so they once again appealed to the higher councils and to GOD himself – who sent even MORE highly spiritual souls into Earth’s past which caused even MORE things, places, races, and events to start “winking” out of existence in many of the negative time-lines.

In other words – HE/GOD was basically saying NO – I don’t want that kind of result.

As a result of sending these spiritual souls down onto the Earth, GOD was still following his own rules of allowing for FREEWILL – he was simply watering down the collective living on Earth with too many good souls – for the bad ones to have such an over powering VOICE.

So, the negatives from the future doubled down yet again!

Eventually a third loop, a fourth loop, and then a fifth, and a sixth – and many, many more were created by pulling back and forth on this ONE PERIOD OF TIME IN HISTORY – which is the time we are all living in right now!


This is where the WAR really started – and it was all about the very negative races of beings from the future – WANTING the “future” that they were used to – which was a very negative, greedy, and war-like one.

While GOD (and many other races from the Galaxy) were saying NO – we don’t want that!

What basically began was an all out WAR between good and evil – or between LIGHT and DARK.

It was the negative beings from the future against GOD and against the Earth!

Again – the negatives sent back their people to Earths past, some to the period of 1900 to 2019 and others even much further back in time in order to try to regain control of the situation.

No matter where they sent their people – they always looked for the most greedy and the most evil people to make their deals with – offering them everything and anything they wanted if they would help to enslave and control the rest of the people in order to CREATE A DARK FUTURE.

Corruption through greed and godlessness became their primary tool!

This is when they began to use people like EPSTEIN and gained control of HOLLYWOOD and the MUSIC INDUSTRY.

The first Loops in the Time-Line War were never as bad as what we are all seeing taking place in our current situation. 

The Loops have gotten progressively more and more vicious and more and more evil with each failure of the DARK ONES to restore their NEGATIVE FUTURE – a future which GOD no longer wanted to allow them to have.

The main battle field for this TIME WAR has been the period between 1900 to 2020 – this is the crucial moment where Earth goes either to Dark or Light.  This just also happens to be where we are all living right now – and this is why our lives are so damaged and so horribly interfered with by so many beings and entities that we can’t see or even imagine.

So what “role” did I play in all of this – and why am I such a “hated target” of those who are pure evil?  Well, for that you’ll have to read the rest…

More coming soon...




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