By: Bradley Loves


If the tone of my posts sound intense, then hopefully I’ve caught your attention.  That is all I wanted to do.   The truth of the matter is that those of us who are practiced at reading between the lines can see the agenda becoming more and more unveiled as we move through 2019 and into 2020!

What you see happening in the world and in the political arena around you is calculated.  This is not just “accidental” emotion…, nor is it the Globalists simply being “concerned” about migrating humanity.

What you are seeing is planned!

That means that the “hype” in the News Media is NOT just an innocent reaction to events and statements but a very well thought out and contrived “pretense” to move people’s perception of events into an ordained narrative.

This is mass MIND CONTROL at it’s finest.

The problem for most people (literally 99 percent) is that they have NO CLUE that events that seem random and unfortunate are being designed and executed precisely to MOVE THEIR OPINIONS and CHANGE THEIR POSITIONS ON ISSUES.

This is mass MIND CONTROL at it’s finest.

Most good people have no clue that “daily events” are planned in advance to sway human emotion and behavior.

Unable to THINK THIS BIG…, these people are left unprepared to realize that the entire GOAL of these events was to change the world, change humanity, or change our culture.

Instead of expanding their mind in order to see the big picture…, most people don’t want to think in terms so broad.

They focus only on their lives and what makes their lives EASIER!!

So if “giving in” to a planned and contrived “manipulation” by men and women who seek to control them is easier in the short term…, almost every single human being down to the last will just “give in” or “surrender” to the external pressure being placed upon them by the GLOBALISTS!

I’m sorry people…, but this image above is a perfect example of what is being done to YOU!

Humanity (collectively) is being herded toward an outcome that they have not even considered.  They are just moving in the path of least resistance hoping to get back to their comfortable lives!

The problem with that type of thinking is that eventually…, humanity…, not having stopped to see the BIGGER PICTURE…, and having miscalculated the COST of taking the path that is easiest in the moment…, end up in a place they don’t want to be!

My blog posts are getting MORE INTENSE because those who come here to read have got to be clear that what is happening all around them can NOT be ignored!


Even though that is exactly what you want to do!   Those who would control the entire world know this!  They have studied human emotion and human behavior.   They are very aware that most people just want to be left alone and get back to a normal way of life and a comfort zone!

That is why they are putting MAXIMUM PRESSURE on you in the political arena and also in the social arena!  The goal is to change our entire culture and thus change the world!

You and people like you are IN THE WAY!

Your way of thinking is a direct “threat” to the Globalists plans for total control, and thus your “thinking” has got to be hammered into obedient submission!

And, unfortunately, the one thing you want to do the most…, which is to just get back to the ease and comfort of your every day life…, is what you can NOT afford to do!

The GLOBALISTS are betting on that!  They are hoping that you are willing to quickly cave in to their demands and their agenda only so that you can be more comfortable with your own life.

The more “horrid” and the more “outrageous” they make the world seem around you…, the more quickly they hope you will put your head down in SURRENDER and just give in to their demands just to keep your sanity and peace.

This is the result:

Just like cattle…, you are all being herded exactly where they want you to go!

The NEWS MEDIA is there only to horrify you and scare you and demand that you “perceive” danger around every corner!   Once you do…, then they can “prescribe” the very solution which has been THEIR AGENDA ALL ALONG!

The Liberal Far Left has been in SCARE MODE ever since Donald Trump became President!

Their goal is simple really!   It is to get you to “ditch” your original feelings and opinions and to take on THEIRS instead.

Thus we have entire News Cycles dedicated to:

  • Donald Trump is a Racist
  • Donald Trump is a Russian Agent
  • Donald Trump is crazy and unstable
  • Donald Trump hates women
  • Donald Trump hates blacks
  • Donald Trump is too fat
  • Donald Trump is……

This is mass MIND CONTROL at it’s finest.

And yet…, they don’t stop to give you a single break!   They have goals…, they have an agenda!  That agenda is to change the entire world and all of it’s cultures.


So now…, (since things are not going too well for the MIND CONTROLLERS)…, they have changed tactics and they are attacking YOU directly!

  • Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a Racist!
  • Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a Russian Agent
  • Anyone who supports Donald Trump is crazy and unstable
  • Anyone who supports Donald Trump hates women (even if you are a woman)
  • Anyone who support Donald Trump hates blacks (even if you are a black)
  • Anyone who supports Donald Trump is just ugly!

I’m NOT making this up people!

Liberals are now willing to target any Trump supporter for ruination

There is a real world GOAL that these Globalists are heading for!

They want you to just “give up” …, “cave in” and “surrender to them!

This is where they want the entire world to GO…., if not now…, in the very near future!!

I’m not making this up!   It is definitely part of their plan!  Just because they have not sent you a “memo”…, does not mean they are not eventually going to force you to surrender to this!

So why is the “tone” of my posts getting more intense?


The Globalists are putting maximum pressure on humanity in order to change it!

Now…, if you just sit there and do nothing…, if you give in to being herded just like cattle…, then this is where you will soon end up:

One way or another…, the GLOBALISTS will continue to force humanity toward their agenda “unless” we push back!

It is either DARKNESS…, or LIGHT!

There is no resting place in the middle!

Those on the side of DARKNESS have already chosen!  They know exactly what their goal is and what they are doing.

It is the rest of humanity that is still not seeing the BIG PICTURE!

It is those who are basically “good people”…, who have not actively CHOSEN THE LIGHT YET!

They think they can play both sides of the fence and survive!

NEWSFLASH…, the “DARK” wants no such people on their side who lack real devotion to their cause!

So if you are not ready to give yourself over totally to the DARK.., then you MUST CHOOSE THE LIGHT!

Just don’t wait too long, because you may soon find yourself in a world you never wanted and never thought possible!

All my love….




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