By: Bradley Loves

Now that you have read the first FIVE PARTS of this epic new series, I am wondering if you can finally understand why it is so VITALLY important for everyone to “pay attention” to what is happening in the world.

I am writing this “addendum” mainly for the New Ager’s and other Spiritual people out there – who for the last few decades have been telling everyone the EXACT OPPOSITE of the truth!

Every single channeled Teaching and New Age Concept has “falsely taught” that it does NOT MATTER what is happening around you!

Only “YOU” are important they say…, and you can somehow place yourself into a “private reality bubble” where you will not be effected by what is happening around you.


Reality is collectively created…, and the ANCIENTS KNEW THIS FOR A FACT!

Every man, woman, and child’s input is very necessary to aid in creating what we call (and collectively see) as “reality”.

Now…, Donald Trump – a really smart man in anyone’s reality – knows something that most NEW AGERS don’t know!

Individual NATIONS can actually create “individual” realities because a nation’s “culture” is based on what it collectively “perceives” as REALITY.

Let’s go back to THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE – where I wrote this:

I further wrote that reality is a “collective creation” that is being updated on a daily basis, and that we are ALL inputting the countless bits of necessary data to help in making “manifest” the type of world (or reality) we wish to see brought forth in any given moment of any given time period.

Next, I wrote this:

In the aggregate…, our world has been created to function basically as a MIRROR of sorts in that IT “mirrors” our thoughts back to us and then MANIFESTS WHAT WE “COLLECTIVELY CREATE” as a result of our collective thinking, our collective communications, our collective beliefs and our understandings.

This is so vitally important – and pivotal – that you just can’t imagine how necessary it is to understand this single idea!

It “speaks” to the core reason of even having “nation states” and “separate identities” for far differing cultures in the first place.

In order to avoid CHAOS or PANDEMONIUM in creating “a stable fabric of reality” it has always been very necessary to separate certain cultures and ideas which are FAR TOO DIVERGENT for the sake of stability within the HOLOGRAM!

Donald Trump understands this!

He understands that once you “mix” two cultures which are completely different in their perceived ideas of “reality”…, then both cultures CANCEL each other out.

The FABRIC OF REALITY – THE MIRROR can not possibly reflect both polarities at the very same time – and so both polarities will simply destroy each other.

Christianity and Islam have been at each other’s THROATS for well over 1400 years!  It is impossible for “both” realities to exist in the same “space”!

They are far too divergent!



Even the Atlanteans had to deal with “cultures” that were living on Earth at the very same time they were…, and deal with the idea of simply LEAVING THEM ALONE inside their own culture, even if that culture was far less advanced than theirs and appeared to need help.

By trying to “FORCE” a less evolved culture into too quickly accepting higher ideals (or worse by trying to mix it into an advanced culture)- it causes extreme STRAIN on the “REALITY MIRROR” that is holding up the advanced culture – because the polarities it is now dealing with are far too divergent.

If you want to more clearly understand this idea – watch the short video below.

Here is the perfect example of what happens to the REALITY MIRROR when two radically divergent polarities start attempting to MANIFEST INTO MATTER…, the mirror can’t handle it and implodes!

In other words…, the “MIRROR” can’t decide which reality to make manifest…, and thus it simply stops working properly.

Don’t for a second think that the ILLUMINATI don’t know this is exactly how it is!

They KNOW very well that Christianity and Islam can NEVER (this means NEVER) live together!  

That is precisely why they are mixing them.

They KNOW for a fact that the end result will be the destruction of BOTH…, as well as the complete COLLAPSE of the FABRIC OF OUR CURRENT REALITY – WORLD WIDE.

They want this…, so they can step in and create a whole new reality…


Think deeply on this TRUTH – It is a GIFT!


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