By: Bradley Loves


Look, I know that much of this is probably going to go over my readers heads.  Even so, the time is now short.  As I’ve already said, my casual readers are not the only audience that I write for, and there are in fact some “Good Military” people out there who care about the people of Earth.

This “post” is for them, because this is something they NEED to know.

The Grand Scheme of the Satanists…, the Luciferians who are desperate to control the planet – is to “over-run” the Earth with higher frequency beings which exist outside of our range of vision.  

These are mostly very negative frequency beings which exist in a state or form of energy which for all pratical purposes can – if they choose to do so – interrupt, disrupt, re-route, or change the natural flow of EARTH frequencies (also known as Harmonics) around on the planet in a way that would be VERY BAD for mankind. 

These beings are NOT NEW…, but have been around for a very long time.

THE ANCIENTS had to deal with these very same difficulties and problems in their day.

They also had to deal with Satanic forces or beings that were PURE EVIL and just could not be reasoned with within their own ranks.

Perhaps this DEMONIC problem was always out there just waiting for us, or perhaps it came as a result of some super advanced Magnetic Experiments gone bad…, who knows…, because the fabric of Reality can experience rips or tears if it is strained too much in any one area.  

What ever the reason, THE ANCIENTS saw the need to defend our “reality” (the very frequency that all human beings call home) from an invasion of FREQUENCY BEINGS that they had labeled as “Demonics”.


They used the only known tool – “or weapon” – that they knew of which could actually fight and defeat beings of other frequencies, and that tool was HARMONICS or SOUND.

This is just “one” of many, many reasons why all of the ancient religions that go way, way back in time just happen to worship sound.  

Grand Temples were built all over the world that were involved specifically with creating a natural and uplifting Harmonic Resonance…., (frequency waves) that were very helpful and GOOD for human beings…, but at the very same time killed and destroyed most “Demonic” beings that were out of phase with our reality – or existed on the unseen frequency levels of our reality and were acting as PARASITES!


The “danger” to the Ancients and to their way of life that these “other dimensional beings” presented was large enough that they considered it to be worthy of a world wide Temple Building Project.  

They undertook a massive Celestial Mechanics Operation here on the planet that was done in DEFENSE of human beings, while at the same time created an impenetrable shield which the “DEMONICS” could not breach.  

The ANCIENTS considered these beings/entities to be a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to our level of reality – the realm/reality in which all human beings exist, and that is why HARMONIC TEMPLES – which operated on the Earth’s natural electro-magnetic power plant – were built.  

These temples were built and placed specifically around the Earth to operate indefinitely into the future!  That is why they used the Earth’s electro-magnetics as the engine to run them.

The entire goal of the Harmonic Temples was to PROTECT HUMANITY and to protect the HUMAN FORM from being tormented, taken over, possessed, or tortured by these very negative frequency beings that they had labeled as “DEMONICS”.

To the ANCIENTS – anything that helped and supported life was – HARMONIC  

Anything that interfered with, or tormented life was – DEMONIC


You see, even though we humans “appear” to have a very solid human form, when looked at from another dimension or another frequency all together…, we merely appear as RANDOM FREQUENCIES to those beings who consider themselves to be solid in their own realm.  

Having gained access to our level of Reality…, from their point of view they saw “great power” in these random frequencies and decided to TAP INTO our reality and to use it as a SOURCE OF RAW POWER.  

This meant that they needed to  “control” our reality (thus controlling us as well) to output the MAXIMUM amount of energy per human – per second –  per day.  They discovered that if our reality was in a perpetual state of WAR and TURMOIL – that the natural energy output that was being siphoned off from our reality could be increased DRAMATICALLY.  

Thus they worked hard to find a way to get their “representatives’ to be able to come here into our reality and to take human bodies so those “representatives” could take over the roles of LEADERSHIP and thus make certain that the exact circumstances needed for MAXIMUM ENERGY OUTPUT was constantly being produced.

THE ANCIENTS FOUGHT BACK – by building Harmonic Temples all over the planet – and thus effectively putting a STOP to their insane crusade against our level of reality.  These other dimensional beings however did not “forget” what a great energy source this level could be for them.

It seems that somehow (I don’t know how) the protective shields that were being provided for by the HARMONIC TEMPLE COMPLEXES suddenly went “offline”.  

That was all that was necessary for these other dimensional beings to once again start sending their “representatives” into our level of reality and to start TAKING OVER ONCE AGAIN.  

Their entire goal is to turn humanity into nothing better than a form of POWER GENERATION for their own level of reality.  

It is my opinion that we are basically out of time.  

Meaning, we either WORK TOGETHER to create anther shield that is as vast as the one created by the Ancients, OR…, these negative frequency entities…, being constantly conjured up by the Satanists – (and fed by child sacrifice) and used in Black Magic Rituals will simply take over our reality for good.  

It is truly strange in my opinion how these Satanists and the Hollywood elite are so very excited when they become “possessed” by another frequency being.  

They actually invite these beings into their bodies and allow them to take over.  The result is incredibly unnatural and always ends up with the SOUL of the human being eaten away until it is destroyed.  

They become like ANIMALS and do things that only animals would do.  I do think that GOD our loving Father has given us a choice.  It is a simple one.  

We either all work together and FIX THIS PROBLEM (just as the Ancients did) or these DEMONIC FREQUENCY BEINGS take over Earth and our planet turns into a literal HELL.  

There is a choice.  

But it is one that is either this…, or that…, not one that gives us a whole bunch of options in the middle.  

We either get rid of these Satanists – and their conjuring and their Demonic Frenzied Parties…, or…, we lose the Earth.  

Which will it be…, GOD IS WATCHING.


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