Notice:  This important article is given in the hopes that humanity will LEARN it’s lesson and come to an understanding. It is NOT given to build weapons or to further enslave mankind.  This is advanced stuff, and as such should be thought about deeply. I claim this as my own property, and thus any scientific advances made through it’s use are MINE as well.

I’m offering this only for the benefit of mankind in the hope that the “good” military will grasp this and use it to HELP the rest.

Furthermore –  even though this is very scientific – nothing I’ve said in this post dimenishes the FACT that there is a real GOD who created us all.   We are beings with a single eternal source!

That will become clear if I am allowed to continue writing:

  • THE TRIUMPHANT – (30 Parts – 7 Parts Pending)
  • TRANSLUCENT HUMANITY – (9 Parts – Completed)
  • SATANISM – BLACK MAGIC – AND THE BLACK SUN – ( 11 Parts – 8 Parts Pending)
  • MAGNETISM – THE CURE FOR A SICK WORLD (22 Parts – Yet to be written)
  • PORTALS, GATEWAYS, AND KEYHOLES – THE ESSENCE OF ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY (22 Parts Pending the Arrest of all Satanists World Wide)
  • GOD THE FATHER – OUR TRUE AND ONLY SOURCE (To be written upon the completion of the Mission)




Precious is the world that we all live in!


But, what really is that “world”, and how does it work?

Do we really live on a great big ball in the sky (as we imagine) or is reality something totally different – something we have yet to adequately define?

This is the question that good men have asked themselves for ages, while other men who were not so good…, and who actually knew the truth…, kept that truth well hidden from the rest of us.

We are living all together in a “place” of sorts, that much is certain, but the “how’s” and the “why’s” of our “place” have not been consistent with what we all thought we actually knew!

The only thing that has become clear, is that those who DID know…, were not going to tell the rest of us because “knowing the TRUTH” was how they were operationally maintaining their power.

This open post, written by THE RUINER, and meant only for high level leaders of the Illuminati Families – basically describes the very conditions in which the LIE – THE DECEPTION – THE STORY – has been different at every level – The Ruiner wrote this just so that they themselves could see how none of their own “group” were aware of the full story!

This is the true structure of Control starting with THE PARENTS and working on down to the Illuminati according to Shane!

More Structure – Covens

The groups your writer has called Covens are direct followers of The Parents.  Each Parent has a Coven.  Each Coven varies in size and makeup of their membership.  Some Covens are as few as three members, others have hundreds.

They are a sort of ‘middle man’ between The Parent and the Bloodline or the Family Branch they control. 

Each Coven tends to be a reflection of their Parent.

Very often sharing (at times only partially) The Parents power or gift.  Which is to say most Coven members share The Parents’ prolonged life and enhanced abilities.  Not all do.  Most do.

As these beings interact with the Bloodlines and Illuminati members at other levels, they are often known by standard Illuminati members.  Many cults and branches mimic or even worship them.  This has caused many Coven members to be known by humanity over the centuries as well. 

[This is where men like St. Germaine (a Magician) – and other so called “Ascended Masters” come into specific f0cus – They are literally “god pretenders” –  Bradley]

They have been ‘Gods’ and Pharaohs and Kings and Queens and Leaders and scholars and doctors,  myths and legends, etc.

The Parents select their coven members based on their own criteria which does not have any set rules.  Often the Parent will ask existing Coven members for approval of new members.  Each has a different strength which serves the Parent, Coven and the Illuminati as a whole. 

The recruiting process often takes a long time.  Typically the Parent will identify someone of interest and begin interacting with or simply following the person of interest. 

After contact is made, The Parent typically runs the person through a series of tests, usually by means of a form of torment, to gauge their ability to handle secrets, keep secrets and process knowledge. 

What attracts each Parent also varies.  Sometimes the attraction is based on the subject having a strong mind or will or personality.  At times it’s simply that The Parent finds them attractive in any number of ways.

One thing that seems to be true for the majority is that Coven members are usually inducted against their will, or deceived enough that they are willing to ‘serve the master’. 

As a result many Coven members are unkind, selfish, and what we consider evil.

Perhaps their main function is to physically enact the agenda of the Parent which follows the plan of the Parents Group. 

As example:  A Coven member would play the ‘god’ of a certain religion in order to cement their following.  In more modern times, they like to play the role of ETs or other ‘higher dimensional beings’ for the benefit of the channelers and contactees.

They are above the Bloodlines, but for the most part influence the programs and projects more so than the Bloodline Members (aside from the Family Master of course).  Some areas they influence the most are religions, secret programs (space, military and science) and the high level cults.

They are responsible for what we call Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, Spirits, many haunting types, demons, some forms of ET and many other stories of strange creatures or beings.  They also do a lot of containment and compartmentalization work ‘rewriting’ history and rewriting recorded events.

These beings enjoy their job except for the rare exception.

Very few Coven members have a high opinion of human beings – and believe themselves to be far Superior to humanity.  This is something the Parent instills and reinforces within them. 

This seems to spiritually cripple them causing them to remain stagnant which  then increases their poor behaviors.  They are always causing trouble in the world of humans.

Black Ops/Military,  Mind Control technology, Cloning, Space Programs and work in Genetics are all under their care and control as they work on behalf of The Parents. 

They also work closely with Draco and other ETs for this purpose.

On several occasions they have altered the course of human development by posing as ‘gods’ or ETs…, and delivered indoctrination through channels and other leaders.  They are quite clever and inventive groups and share the Draconian ability and lust for deception.

Some of the Covens have become so powerful and corrupt that their Parents lost control and had to destroy their own coven…

So, observationaly speaking, our place – “Earth” – does not seem to work very well!  But perhaps – just perhaps – it works exactly as it is being programmed to work, and there is something else about it’s daily operation that the rest of us are missing!

For Ages (it seems) there have been “elite” men and women living among the rest of us who for some strange reason had been given a huge amount of control over the entire world.  They were seemingly keeping a strangle hold over all of it’s wealth, all of it’s resources, and all of it’s institutions.

But just HOW they were doing it was a big “mystery”, and no one could seem to move these recalcitrant elites from their lofty perches, no matter what they did!

It thus became necessary to “infiltrate and expose” their circles in a very ingenious way – based upon the rules – so that everyone could finally find out what they were really up to!

Going back to ages that we can hardly remember, the OLD GUARD of our world rode ruff-shod over the entire planet and it’s inhabitants – only because they KNEW something that the rest of the populations did not know!

What they knew is how REALITY GETS CREATED!

They learned something about this “place” that we are all living in, and exactly “how” that place could be manipulated!

Furthermore, they had in their possession knowledge of REALLY ANCIENT technologies that could bridge the fabric of “time” and “space” which literally gave them a “cheat code” of sorts and thus gave them a huge advantage over the rest of us.



Remember several years ago when I first wrote THE GREAT CON OF MAN…, I let all of my readers in on a little secret, and that secret was that the word “magic” is actually a shortened version of another very common word.

The real idea that this word is describing is: MAGNETIC!

I only mention this briefly here because during this long very discussion, we should not get hung up on the idea that “magic” is something other than pure science!

The TRUTH of the matter is that – Magnetics –  is the first and ONLY real science that there is.

I have also written several times on this Blog that Magnetics is the first and foremost thing that any child of 4 years old should learn about, along with Harmonics (sound), Math, and Geometry (Geometric Shapes).


The truth of the matter is that these four things are the actual buildings blocks of our REALITY!

And guess what else you never knew?

Those “elites” that I was talking about earlier…, well, they “KNEW ALL ALONG” that this is the way it worked!


In an article that I wrote on September 28, of 2017 entitled HOW REALITY GETS CREATED BY ALL OF US, I wrote this:

The world is nothing more than a blank screen…

And so it is.

I further wrote that reality is a “collective creation” that is being updated on a daily basis, and that we are ALL inputting the countless bits of necessary data to help in making “manifest” the type of world (or reality) we wish to see brought forth in any given moment of any given time period.

Let’s break all of this new knowledge (for us) down just a little to see if we can figure it out.



The “Reality” that we all live within is a “Magnetic” one.

I even went so far as to call it a “MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM…, in THE GREAT CON OF MAN.

Thus, anything and everything that is “magnetic” can and will have an effect upon that hologram. This stretches out across the entire magnetic spectrum of influences – both large and small, including everything macro and micro!

Let’s put it in a small child’s terms:

Think of a Kaleidoscope!

Remember all of the beautiful designs that you would see when you looked into one as a child? And remember how the entire design could be “changed instantly” with just a simple turn of the drum?

The entire image “shifted” and all of the tiny pieces fell into new positions and created an entire different “scene” for you to view!

In larger terms…, you could say that you were now viewing a “different version” of reality from the one you had been viewing only moments earlier.

REALITY HAD NOW SHIFTED…, and what you were now “seeing” inside of the blank screen of a child’s toy – was suddenly a completely different VERSION…, but the new version was still made up of the same basic blocks or pieces that had already been there in the earlier version!

In the above example that I just gave you…, it was your “own hand” that changed the reality that you were viewing on the blank screen.  It was your own physical effort that had a real time effect on what you were seeing, and once your effort was applied – everything inside the drum suddenly became new and different.

Our “world”…., our “planet”…, our “place” of supposed reality…, is NO DIFFERENT than a Kaleidoscope!


Scientists have already figured out that human beings are constantly having an effect on what happens in reality! 

They have also documented again and again that the OBSERVER of an event, (any event) actually changes the event!   But…, they are not really sure why!
Well…, here is the why…..

Anything that is created within a magnetic field HAS TO BE AFFECTED by anything else that is magnetic!

You see, not only is the “place” that we all live in highly magnetic (the Earth has a magnetic field around it) but every living thing upon the Earth that exists – human beings in particular – ALSO have magnetic fields around them as well – as do plants – animals and all other living things.

In fact…, even common every day machines like planes – buses – boats and cars…, have to create miniature “electro-magnetic fields” around themselves in order to operate…, and IF an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) is directed toward any these “machines”…, they simply fail to operate immediately – and all operation comes to a halt!

You can perhaps think of an image of a “fighter jet” simply just falling out of the sky without any power!

It’s really as simple as that.

One magnet HAS TO HAVE an affect upon all other magnets!



Our own mind’s (electro – magnetic ORGANIC software) work on the principles of magnetic transference.

There are very slight charges and discharges of polarity with each and every single thought that we engage in.

This happens while we are thinking, while we are talking and communicating with others, OR simply observing an event and saying nothing!

The slight magnetic discharges that happen as a result of SIMPLE OBSERVATIONare  being very literally RECORDED into the fabric of our Holographic Reality as we do the observing.

This is why “observation” actually changes things.  It is the magnetic “recording process” happening in real time.  The human mind is a magnetic instrument and it can and will therefore cause changes in the fabric of reality around it merely due to its highly inter-connected operation with the space around it.

Since the fabric of reality is potentially a blank screen until all collective magnetic data is actually written or stored onto it…, then what we consider to be OUR REALITY can never be made “manifest” until ALL OF THE POTENTIAL MAGNETIC DATA has been written/recorded fully onto the “magnetic field” that supports that reality.

Thus…, you could say something like:

⦁ It isn’t over until the “Fat Lady Sings”
⦁ Nothing is etched in Stone…
⦁ The future in not set…
⦁ Anything can happen…

If you compared the “mind” of any one being to a camera, and that being’s eyes to the camera’s lens…, then you could say that a continuous “magnetic recording” is taking place inside of the mind of that single being for each second in time that passed him (or her) by.

⦁ And so it is with EACH OF US, and ALL OF OUR MINDS.

In the aggregate…, our world has been created to function basically as a MIRROR of sorts in that it “mirrors” our thoughts back to us and then MANIFESTS WHAT WE “COLLECTIVELY CREATE” as a result of our collective thinking, our collective communications, our collective beliefs and our understandings.

Now that we understand all of this (hopefully)…, let’s be perfectly clear!

Reality (what we see on a daily basis) is a creation that ALL of us working together as a group decide…, and does not happen on an individual level. (At least NOT on this level of creation)


Now, can you grasp “why” MIND CONTROL is so vitally important to the Illuminati, and to those men and women who are at the TOP of the pyramid?  



Now…, the real questions we need to answer when we observe what we are seeing taking place in the “world” around us are these:

  • How many of us are thinking our OWN thoughts, or are we thinking the thoughts “given” to us by others?
  • How many of us are talking and communicating about things that are important to us…, OR…, are we talking and communicating about things that are important to OTHERS?
  • How many of us really hold our OWN beliefs…, or are we holding onto the beliefs of OTHERS?

You see my dear friends, it really is this simple…, “REALITY” will be the mirror image of what ever the “majority” of us are focusing on within any given moment in time – regardless of whether our focus is on the TRUTH, or our focus is simply on a LIE!



The “magnetic processes” of our own minds are giving off electrical charges and discharges in real time which have to have a cumulative effect (as subtle as they may be) on all of the events that we are collectively witnessing.

This is how we (as observers) are actually having an effect upon everything that we see – and helping to CREATE it.


What we see “happening” upon the blank screen of reality is the RECORDING PROCESS taking place in real time.

This is exactly why I have advocated that telling the TRUTH is so pivotally and vitally important in creating a friendlier reality – one that is “good” rather than “bad”…, one that is “light” rather than “dark”.


There is an old saying that goes like this:


Yes…, EXACTLY.         

Period – Thank-you – End of conversation!

This becomes all too clear when you finally understand that “matter” is the very stuff of creation, while the “human mind” is the builder and the organizer of all possible versions of creation!

We did not put the colored rocks into the toy (GOD – our loving FATHER did that) – we just tuned the wheel!

Mind is the software, Matter is the data being organized into the “field”.

So, Let’s go back to the analogy of the Kaleidoscope!

In this case “matter” would be all of the fancy colored rocks inside of the drum that can be turned…, and your “mind” would literally be “your hand” or the “magnetic force” that shifts and organizes that “matter” into a viewable image!

Now…, add into the mix all of your very powerful emotions – which I have consistently defined in other writings as – “energy in motion” – and you will suddenly have a much more powerful charge or discharge getting sent out onto the blank screen of our REALITY – and thus these far more powerful “magnetic charges” will have a much greater real time effect upon whatever it is that is being “observed”.

This is where the solid line between possible and impossible – probable and improbable starts to blur!

An excellent example are the many stories we’ve all heard about super human strength where a young woman with no real strength accidentally backs the car over her young child and then in a sudden moment of pure emotion LIFTS THE ENTIRE CAR UP off of the ground and moves it over several feet to rescue the child!

Now, as impossible and improbable as this sounds…, even an EVENT such as this one can get recorded into reality as a FACT!

And, it is largely due to the OBSERVATION of a single player who is “experiencing” a single event.

In other words (just like in the Matrix Movie) the “rules of matter” are not necessarily set in stone, and can be “magnetically challenged” by anyone with a strong enough COUNTER MAGNETIC FORCE OF WILL!



Regardless of whether or not this all sounds like “Greek” to you at this moment…, the important thing to remember here is that these ELITES who have been running things on the Earth have always known about this!

This is why they “fancy” themselves as MAGICIANS in the first place.

Additionally…, they have used this very knowledge AGAINST THE REST OF US, while on the other hand using it FOR their own advantage.


I’ve called them “Magicians” because that is what the “OLD GUARD” of our world really are.  Adept in the knowledge that was once taught in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt – Babylon – and even before that – Atlantis…, these men and women studied and learned exactly how planetary AND human “magnetics” was the very key to manipulating and changing our REALITY.

This knowledge naturally is very advanced stuff, and was considered to be quite “dangerous” in the hands of those who could not control themselves!

The “Ancient Mystery Schools” were long ago created as a way to keep the knowledge of how to create and change REALITY out of the hands of base or evil men who would simply use it for their own gain, or even worse – use it against, or at the expense of all the rest of humanity!

And listen up “campers” – Jesus himself was said to have “learned” from the Ancient Mystery Schools in Egypt before returning to Nazareth.  

Well, keeping all this knowledge hidden only worked for as long as it took a few really BAD MEN – along with their “OFF WORLD ALLIES” to learn all of the secrets of the Mystery Schools, and who then began “training” the less than deserving of society as their loyal minions and followers.

Long ago…, this was the start of what we today call: SECRET SOCIETIES!

While the curriculum was loosely based upon the teachings of the Mystery Schools, these SECRET SOCIETIES (most recently pretending to be good Christian Organizations) were in fact looking for a “FEW BAD MEN” whom they could propel to the very tops of their organizations.

Yes…, you read that right…, instead of looking for the most upstanding and worthy within the world…, the Secret Societies were very quietly looking for just the opposite.

They were willing to take anyone who came to them, and promote them upward to a certain degree or level, but only the most evil were promoted into the highest levels.
They were looking for men who wanted to take the very knowledge that they were going to teach them – AND USE IT FOR THEMSELVES ONLY – IN SUCH A WAY AS TO CONTROL ALL OTHERS.

Now if you haven’t already guessed, today’s “Secret Societies” are the control structure that THE RUINER was talking about.




Their goal was to create a power differential that would propel “their kind” – the greedy kind – THE SATANIC KIND – into the seats of world power and hopefully keep them there forever!

Although all of this started well before the days of Babylon…, and most likely goes back between 16,000 and 24,000 years…, the stealing all of the books from the Library of Alexandria was a major coup for these deranged men and women who had only just started the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD –

They did this most likely to “reset” history and to start a whole new “chapter” of control of mankind.

By the way – the world was far more “advanced” back then than we have been led to believe in the history books!  They had both “electricity” and advanced machine capabilities to cut and carve stone!  They circumnavigated the entire world and did countless other things that “we” have not been told about.

So these men and women who wanted to maintain their control over the world had to find a way to get/obtain/steal all of the “knowledge” of Ages past…, and then literally HIDE IT from everyone else.

After they stole (removed) everything that they thought was really important…, between 325 AD and 398 AD – they literally burned the entire Library to the ground in 398 AD and blamed disgruntled Romans for the deed.

I would dare say that the Catholic Church was created ONLY for the purpose of stealing and hiding underground ALL ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE in one single place that these people controlled – once and for all!

The amount of time it would take to get the rest of the world’s ancient knowledge stolen and then hidden – would literally take CENTURIES for the Church to achieve – and sadly the CHURCH is STILL at it today!

How long does it take to find and raid every single temple and underground storage facility across the entire  whole world where any knowledge may be stored?

Even before this was done…, THE DARK AGES were allowed to occur…, where reading and writing were quite suddenly FORBIDDEN to the masses (the common man) for many generations!

Only the ELITE (read Illuminati/Covens) in those days could learn to read, write, or were allowed to get an education for a long period of time!

After many centuries of controlling the masses in this way…, the result was that the only “knowledge” left remaining in the world was what the CHURCH said was “real”…, and therefore nothing else could be considered the truth!

Don’t kid yourselves thinking it’s over now that we can get a University Degree.  NOTHING taught at the university level is the TRUTH – without exception – it is almost ALL LIES!

Mankind has very literally been in a collective COMA as to the truthful nature of our REALITY ever since then!



In this way…, the CATHOLIC CHURCH had actually taken “control” of what people thought, what they communicated with each other, and what they believed to be real and not real.

THE CHURCH was now in control of “REALITY”.

This control, naturally…, gave them (and those evil men who were directly behind them) a huge boost in “magnetically” creating the type of reality that they wanted to see manifesting upon the blank screen – or being cast into the “magnetic field”.

Suddenly – the EGYPTIANS “never” had electricity!  Nor did they ever have machines that could literally cut and polish stone.   Furthermore, even though most people knew that they did…, the Egyptians never circumnavigated the globe around 325 BC, and they never came to North America in their “long boats”.  All of this was completely written OUT OF HISTORY.

Furthermore, as Steve Quayle has pointed out in his Documentary video called THE HOLOCAUST OF GIANTS – according to the CHURCH – there were never any GIANTS living in North America – even though countless bones of really huge men who were anywhere from 12 to 21 feet tall have been found ALL OVER NORTH AMERICA – and have subsequently been hidden away by the Smithsonian Instituteand you guessed it – THE VATICAN!



The Library of Alexandria had countless books and manuscripts that were thousands of years old, and PLATO talked extensively about the Library around 400 BC.

I can’t help but wonder if its destruction was the very first example of a FALSE FLAG, or was simply the standard operating procedure when dealing with these evil people who are of really dark will and intention.

People who have seen the entire VATICAN LIBRARY say that it is beyond description!

Stories have been told of an underground road that is 18 miles long with doors on both sides of that road leading into large warehouse type rooms filled with books, artifacts, and historical devices stolen from all over the world and hidden there.

Sadly…, countless men and women who have been given access to this treasure trove of data and knowledge simply refuse to speak about it, believing that somehow the “authority” that the Vatican has over these books and all of this knowledge must somehow be justified.


Once “stolen” they are always stolen…, that is until they are returned to the rightful owners…, which in this case is ALL OF HUMANITY.

If you get nothing else out of this Part One…, it is this:


It is being “hidden” from you on purpose to keep you stupid and to keep you away from the TRUTH!

The VATICAN has no rightful claim of jurisdiction over these books period, and to continue to sequester this knowledge is a HIGH CRIME against humanity!

The sooner the people acknowledge this truth – and get PISSED about it…, the better it will be for all of humanity!


The Vatican knows that they have no real claim over these books (naturally) because they have hidden them in underground bunker like rooms complete with heavily locked doors!

And, they have also retained a “private guard”…, THE SWISS GUARD, (ahem – Illuminati) who are literally armed to the teeth with machine guns, and have been given the task of protecting what they KNOW they have no right to keep or hide from the rest of humanity.

Suffice it to say that there is something they just don’t want the rest of us knowing…, and that something is:   HOW REALITY GETS CREATED!

The true knowledge of MAGNETICS & HARMONICS is the very basis of reality creation…, and this is the pure science of the Ancients that was known here on Earth – LONG BEFORE THE DRACO SHOWED UP AND TOOK OVER…..

Men who studied magnetics in the ancient past could just as well have been called:

Or, if that sounds too strange to you, how about just calling them:    Magicians.


Stay tuned for PART TWO

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