By: Bradley Loves

If you click on the image above – you will find that someone very clever – imagined that the “code” used in the fantasy computer reality movie known as THE MATRIX – is really millions of tiny bits of “geometry”. 

(It may not have been this way in the movie.)


Didn’t I say several times in this epic series that one of the building blocks of reality is geometric shapes?

Apparently a few people – somewhere out there – agree with me!

You see, if you were going to create a very realistic expose’ (even within a movie) talking about “the fabric of reality” and how it gets created…, you’d certainly want to include the fact that IT– (even in a computerized reality) would have to be created out of geometry!

Naturally – they leave out the idea that SOUND is behind the geometry…, but the basic idea is still there!

Mark Passio talks at length in an interesting video about the “allegory” of the Matrix Movies and how they apply to understanding morality.  I like Mark – even though I do NOT agree with everything that he says. 

In his own way, however, he is trying to wake people up, and bring them some of the truth.

For your convenience, I will post his talk about the Matrix Movies below.

Shane Bales – aka THE RUINER – left an interesting goodbye note on his private blog for a handful of “former” members of the Illuminati.  

In fact, his private blog was always supposed to be ONLY FOR escaping or former members of the Illuminati who had recently left “THE CULT” and were still unclear as to how much they had been lied to.

That any of us stumbled on that blog at all, was sheer dumb luck!

He titled this “good-bye” note:  GOOD NIGHT MY FELLOW TRAVELERS – and in it, he says some of the same things that I have written here on this blog over and over.

Most notably in this “good bye” article – he says that everything that the Illuminati “teaches” or “tells” it’s members – IS A LIE!

And as I’ve always said…, what can you expect if you follow the FATHER OF ALL LIES – BUT TO BE LIED TO

Here is some of that good-bye letter:

All of your actions have contributed to the control.

Everything you were promised was a lie.  Your spot underground or on a craft leaving this planet in this life or the next…   It was all a lie.

You are guilty of imprisoning humanity.  You are guilty of manipulating truth to a point where it is unrecognizable and unknowable to many.  Yet the advantage you have is encouragement, not knowledge, and not wisdom.

The people who have not been a part of this structure, who do choose to search for truth in all of the various materials left for the public, can know more than you do.

They can do more with the knowledge than you can.

Unlike your conditioning, they don’t need guidance. They do need encouragement, which is the only thing missing before they do exactly as your writer says…, more than you.

These people, for money – for an easy life – for leverage and advantage over other people…, took the bait and worked with and for the DRACO against their own species!  

Shane is quite correct when he says they are GUILTY of imprisoning humanity!

What’s just as bad, however, is that I’ve spoken with too many NEW AGER’S/SPIRITUAL PEOPLE (some of whom run websites) that don’t seem to care about this – and even think that lying is necessary at times.


I’ve written countless articles on this very blog saying that LIES and DECEPTION are the greatest problems that we face as a species – and it must be corrected if we are ever going to move forward!

Above are only two of dozens of articles I’ve written that say the same thing.

However…, I can’t get more than a handful of people to actually agree with me on this – because everyone has been quite literally programmed and conditioned to think that “lying” is necessary in order to survive!


The Freemasons – who are literally “everywhere” inside of America and all around the world – think that their organization is a really wonderful Christian Organization – and that by being part of it -they are doing “good works”.

This is highly debatable – because right from the very beginning of a man or woman’s “journey” up the “ladder” of so-called Spiritual Knowledge within Masonry…, they are being LIED TO!

What is worse than this fact…, is that with each new “step” or “rung” of the ladder that they climb within Masonry…, they are given NEW information which cancels out the previous information they had been given.

…Last time we told you that “G” meant this…, and that this is the way things were done….

Well, that is only for the lower levels…, “G” really means THIS…, and this is the way things are done from here on out…

The poor sap who is moving “upward” into a whole new level (or degree) within the Masonic Organization is so excited to be going upward…, that he completely over-looks the (quite obvious fact) that “they” just admitted to LYING TO HIM.

They admitted to DECEIVING HIM (right to his face), and by not calling them on it…, by not saying anything about it at all…, he was basically “consenting to” or “agreeing” with their practice of deception.


This actually has the hands of SATAN all over it!  

These “fraternal organizations” are the epitome of the DRACONIAN hierarchy – and uses their supreme lust for deception – as an integral method in moving their chosen people upward in “rank”.

This is NOT rocket science here folks – this is right out in the open for all to see!

Eventually – these Freemasons are given at least SOME correct information…, but it comes only after they have been watched for a very long time to see if they are really “wanted” within the organization.

If they are to actually HELP their Masonic Brothers to “manipulate” reality – then they would need to know how REALITY GETS CREATED!

By the time you get to the 33rd Degree – you find out that Masonry is not really a Christian organization at all…, but a LUCIFERIAN one!


We are living within a very pliable and mold-able MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM.

Imagine if you will – “harmonic sounds waves” floating upward from these HARMONIC TEMPLE SPIRES into the atmosphere…

The hidden TRUTH of these Temple Complexes is far from what we’ve been told that they were used for, because their real purpose was to help “stabilize” the fabric of reality.

I am posting this video below of Angkor Wat –  NOT BECAUSE IT TELLS US THE HISTORICAL TRUTH – much of that part of the video is 100 percent a bald faced lie – so just “ignore” most of the stuff concerning the history side of things (and the idiots that are saying it) – however the basic “structure of the temple” is also talked about at length within this video as well – and so it does tell us something VERY IMPORTANT!    Watch and see if you can find it…

HARMONIC TEMPLES were “harmonic resonators” built to cleanse, purify, and stabilize the natural environment around them through the use of SOUND and MAGNETICS!

This article will give you even further clues as to how it was able to use SOUND and MAGNETICS to do it’s work!

The Hyper-Sacred Geography of Angkor Wat

These HUGE TEMPLE COMPLEXES were put there to help the Earth in “stabilizing” the fabric of reality within the local area by being “resonators”.


Instead of Harmonic Temples…., today…, we have these:

These have been put into place in order to DISTORT and to DISRUPT the “Fabric of Reality” through the use of SOUND WAVES and ELECTRO-MAGNETICS.

They are there to do exactly the opposite of what the HARMONIC TEMPLES were doing for mankind.

Whereas the TEMPLES were put there to help the Earth…, these TOWERS were put there to HARM!

See this article:

Anything To Learn From Nature About Microwave Radiation?

Please read the above article carefully!

Stay tuned for PART SEVEN…


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