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This information is VERY IMPORTANT TO US ALL.

By: Bradley Loves


Construction on the Great Pyramid of Giza Complex (according to Edgar Cayce) began in 10, 425 BC – and finally ended in 10, 325 BC – a full one hundred year project – even with their many forms of advanced technology.

The “Greater Complex” which included not only the Pyramids – but also a huge underground city – was finished about 12, 325 years ago from the “perspective” our history…, and was just before the beginning of the last downward spiral into “forgetfulness” according to the Hindu Rishi’s schedule of YUGA’s that they claim the Earth must travel through.

According to Andy Basiago, our entire planet subsequently went through a huge and unexpected cosmic “upheaval” about 9,500 years ago, or somewhere around 7,500 BC. 

He claimed that he learned this vital information from members of the CIA when he was participating in PROJECT PEGASUS, and was sitting in regular “information classes” being given to school kids by certain “CIA group leaders” when he was a mere child in the project. 

He told me that they informed him our entire solar system was unexpectedly struck by countless remnants of a Super Nova known as the Vela Nova.

VELA NOVA remnants by Telescope

When he (as a child) asked his handlers “why” he was not learning of this event in his regular school curriculum – they told him that this information was NOT for the commoners.  His handlers said to him that nothing he was learning in his regular school was really very truthful – and that because he was now involved in a SECRET PROJECT – he was “worthy” of knowing the history of Earth as it really was.

This information (if true) as told to me by Andy, tells us that the Great Pyramid Complex endured a mere 3,000 years in history before it may have been heavily damaged by the falling debris of the Vela Nova, and needed to be seriously repaired.

The entire complex was built in order to RECORD INTO STONE mankind’s history and to safeguard what he…, “enlightened man”, considered to be his greatest achievement:



3D Rendering of the above ground complex. Ignore the labels of “tombs”…, these were NOT tombs.

After carefully watching these two videos, many current day “scientists” are going to muse and wonder how it was even possible for the Pyramids to create “electricity”.

Naturally, their own “University” educations have been woefully incomplete – Thank you VATICAN – and they (just like the rest of us) are not considered to be “worthy” of knowing the history of Earth – as it truly was!

That being said, as a “gift” from a mere carpenter (with NO shiny University degree whatsoever) allow me to suggest a whole new idea as a clue for the “code breakers” who can think outside of their supremely limited “FAKE NEWS” educations.

Consider a whole new branch of science called:  ELECTRO – HARMONICS.

Now…, look at this Harmonic Temple one more time, and then ask yourselves how “WATER” was one of the main ingredients in its operation!



Now, whether or not you even believe in the Rishi’s – or in their theory of the Yuga’s – there is endless evidence HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT that our Ancestors (in an attempt to overcome the dreaded Cosmic Clock) found a very clever way to hide all of their most important knowledge and understandings within the physical layouts of the endless Temples, Buildings, Cities, and even Countries – spanning across the entire world.


This was done using advanced mathematics and geometry…, which are the foundations of Universal Knowledge.

You see…, it was not just the knowledge of math and geometry that they thought was vitally important to pass on to all future generations of mankind…, but it was also the WISDOM – and the ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY that we ALL SHARE A COMMON HERITAGE IN – that was “gifted” back to us by our ancient ancestors.

The Ancients wanted to leave for us their knowledge of how to travel throughout the Universe with great ease!

One of their main legacies to us (to we the people) was the manipulation of both TIME and SPACE – and the opening of Portals and Gateways to instantly allow us to go from here to there – anywhere in the Universe as we pleased!

They never wanted us to lose this knowledge – and so the Mystery Schools (the “good” mystery schools – not the Satanic ones) were created to act as a KEEPER OF THE CODES so to speak – so that the knowledge hidden within all of the Ancient Structures could be deciphered.

This is one of the main reasons why the Ancient Mystery Schools (besides teaching us all about magnetics) taught extremely advanced mathematical concepts as well.

These codes, written into the layout of all Earthly architecture, was really the code of how to do HYPER – DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL.

Their “gift” is understandable when one realizes that it is a very BIG UNIVERSE out there…, and the quite isolating idea of thinking and believing that we are all alone in this huge Universe – would be unbearable to our minds.

Of course – our “Secret Space/Secret Time Travel Program Participants”- which were not really smart enough to decipher these codes…, decided to do some time travel “recon” backwards in time – and really messed with things!

That’s how we suddenly got dozens (if not hundreds) of alternate “time-lines” running side by side with the original organic time-line.

Not a smart move…, and it has definitely caused us all “endless” problems!



You see…, the Ancient temple layouts that contain so much information – also keep pointing to “man” himself as a “grand architecture”…, and constantly relates every single building in the over-all temple design back to the “physical body” of a man.


Because the “greatest gift” of the Ancients…, the pinnacle of ALL OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE was this:

That an “Enlightened Man” can open up a fully operational Hyper-dimensional Gateways without using any technology what so ever!


Perhaps, one of the main reasons that this knowledge was so vitally important to pass on to the rest of us as future generations…, is that it contains a HUGE WARNING to mankind:  NEVER mess with your own genetic code!

Perhaps, they had already made this very same “mistake” – and it had taken them thousands of years to figure out a way to CORRECT what they had done to themselves!

It is said that some of the greatest temples of ATLANTIS were dedicated to nothing else but the healing and “getting rid of” bad genetics in countless people with “ physical anomalies” which were due to horrible earlier experiments they had done on both humans and animals – with the mixing and splicing of genetic materials.

Perhaps when they found out how badly they had actually RUINED their chances of transforming into DIVINE MAN – (as GOD our loving Father had intended) they worked for thousands of years to correct this single egregious mistake.

Divine Man was actually “designed” to travel through the Universe simply by using his own biology as the only vessel he would ever need!


Naturally some within mankind just never seem to learn their lesson, and with the continued presence of the DRACO and the GRAYS…, it seems as if some of them at it all over again!   Only this time, instead of doing it above ground and in Universities (like last time) – they are slinking around in huge underground Military Bases, and doing it all in SECRET – because “most” of mankind DID learn it’s lesson…, and only a FEW “retches” of human existence did not!

I’m not certain…, but it does strike me that it may have actually been the DRACO and the GRAYS which tempted mankind the “first time around” to mess with his own genetics…, and that the ATLANTEANS at least had the good sense to repent from their horrible misdeeds, and to fix – or at least try to fix – what they had done to themselves.

See “Level Six” in the above schematic!

This is why I tend to see the Draco and the Grays as the FALLEN ANGELS talked about in the Bible.  They just never seem to stop tormenting mankind!  And mankind never stops falling for every single one of their endless lies, and their false promises – even today!

That our “Secret Space Program” is still working along side of these “demons” is appalling beyond words, and it is ALL being hidden by the current Luciferian – “powers that be”.

Now, I want to be “very clear”  here, that when I say “ancients” – I am talking about the ANCIENTS who were living on Earth “before” the Vela Nova fell and caused so much Earthly destruction – about 9500 years ago!

The time period I am referring to is – pre – 7,500 BC.

It is quite clear to me that both technology AND human wisdom got dashed out by that single horrible event, and that it must have been the very heavy handed influence of darker magicians living on Earth who then attempted to “re-build” our civilization into something far closer to their liking…, because by 4,000 BC – we had the beginnings of Sumer, and then later Babylon, both of which were nothing but trash heaps of Satanic and Pagan worship, and men and women doing unspeakable things – all in the name of demonic “gods”.

By 2,500 BC – the very time that our modern day historians are telling us that the Great Pyramids were built – which is a huge lie – mankind was already deeply involved in every kind of pagan worship/evil dark magic ritual that the mind can possibly imagine. 

This was going on in Egypt, Israel, Syria and Babylon, and well as parts of Europe, Italy, Cyprus, and Sardinia  – with the “Cyclops’s”.   It was going on over South America with the forerunners of the Aztecs, and the Incas, and even in North America with the Giants that the Native Americans talk about having to do “battle with” because they were “cannibals” who could not stop “eating people”!

Therefore, it is quite important that you comprehend that I do not “consider” those people living on Earth from  7,000 to 2,000 BC  to be the “ANCIENTS”.

Stay tuned for PART ELEVEN….


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