By: Bradley Loves



IFmagnetic mind control” is the way in which we are all being enslaved…, and the Catholic Church (for many centuries) was the primary controlling factor in that MIND CONTROL SCHEME…, where does our current day media come into play?


Because “The Dark Plan of the DRACO, THE PARENTS, and their COVENS was always to remove any IDEA OF GOD from the picture – eventually and permanently – then an “interim” period of moving away from the FALSE IDEALS OF RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION – indoctrination’s that they themselves had created – needed to be planned for by the Magicians!

However…, this period needed to be very HIGHLY controlled.., because just one single mis-step could literally RUIN centuries of hard work!

In the plan to move away from GOD, and thus move away from THE CHURCH, it was the MEDIA that were “chosen” to take the place of the preachers on the pulpit!

These men and women – most of whom were well aware of the DEEP STATE and the ILLUMINATI – were highly paid and highly trained interim managers of global information!

Would it surprise you to know that every single News Anchor pictured above is either GAY or LESBIAN?

And thus…, they are each highly “controllable” and compromised assets that are easily manipulated by the people above them! 

Furthermore, each one is CIA “trained” and gets paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year…, Anderson Cooper making over 12 million alone!  And sadly…, all they ever do is LIE!

DAILY FAKE NEWS was going to replace the weekly FAKE RELIGIOUS INDOCTRINATION for our planetary controllers.

This is very important (more important than you know) because you see… REALITY…, is actively being created by our “collective” thoughts, conversations, beliefs, and knowledge on a daily basis!

So even IF everything that we think, talk about, believe is true, and feel that we know for certain…, IS WRONG…, it is still those very things which will create and determine OUR REALITY as we move forward!


These FAKE MEDIA “PREACHER PERSONALITIES” would be supported by:

⦁ Fake Scientists – who did not teach real science…
⦁ Fake University Professors – who did not teach real knowledge…
⦁ Fake Government Officials – who did not participate in actual Government…
⦁ Fake analysts and commentators who were PAID TO LIE…
⦁ Fake Social Justice Warriors who did not care about Social Justice…

The “MEDIA” was going to be our MODERN DAY – “SENSIBLE CLERGY”  for the new “Scientific Era” of  FAKE LEARNING.

They were going to “tell us all” what was RIGHT/MORAL and what was WRONG/IMMORAL – just like the “priests” and the “preachers” of old used to do for us – before the days of television broadcasts.

Thus…, the MIND CONTROL of the masses would continue unhindered and would be kept safe…, because the MIND CONTROL over the masses had to STAY secure at all costs!

“Evolution” – “Global Warming” and “Trans-humanism” were going to be the new SENSIBLE BELIEF SYSTEMS that the common man must adhere to over the next 2000 years of Global Enslavement!

“GOD” – out of necessity – HAD to be written out of the picture!


This would now become the “NORM”…

Image of Obama above taken from this article linked below:

Thus, would the mind of man stay fully “controlled” – and the CHURCH as that Primary Controlling Institution would finally be able to fade out of the picture for good!

Those SECRET SOCIETIES – who had created the “CHURCH” so long ago would also simply fade away and BLEND THEMSELVES INTO THE MUCH MORE SECULAR and PUBLIC IDEA OF UNITY CALLED:   THE UNITED NATIONS…, or the UN!

And we are right “back” to CAESAR – and the ungodly antic’s of ROME!

The MIND of mankind would now be fully, totally, and undeniably controlled by the RELIGION OF THE UN!



  • Why does it work this way?

It works this way because “reality” is collectively created as a result of the “magnetic recording process” of all of our thoughts, our communications,  AND our beliefs!

THEY know this – and they have known this for a very long time!

Thus…, they can create a world of LUXURY and OPULENCE for themselves and their Elite brethren, while all of the rest of us experience lives of turmoil, suffering, chaos, and want!

They live like Kings and Queens and rule from ON HIGH – all the while protected from behind large and impenetrable walls!

Anyone who cares to “join with them” can also live in a Palace…

⦁ Drive a Rolls-Royce.
⦁ Own a Yacht.
⦁ Have a “hidden” bank account filled with ENDLESS WEALTH.
⦁ Please see HOLLYWOOD – and the MUSIC INDUSTRY for all of the ugly details…

But never forget THIS ONE THING…, the people above these lower level puppets are DARK MAGICIANS!

They love “sacrifice” and “torture” and laugh about it!

The “Dark Magicians”  are using the knowledge of the Ancient Mystery Schools against the rest of us for their own benefit.

Their “spells” – which are mostly spells of Black Magic – must be re-cast and re-calibrated on an almost daily basis…, and it is especially important to do this during certain planetary “alignments” where the “magnetics” of the Earth fluctuate too greatly!

They watch the passing of planetary bodies so that they can be certain of  which astrological moments are just right to either enhance a “spell” for long periods of time, or so they can magnetically ERASE all of the previously cast spells, so completely NEW SPELLS can be cast!

Thus, they do RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE at regular intervals and on Satanic Feast Days and also on the Equinoxes and on the Solstices…, all done to feed countless astral demons and other dark forces which give them AID on the unseen Astral Levels to help them RESET THE MAGNETICS of particular – “Spells of Mass Mind Control”.

They use these “astral demons” because they exist on an unseen level, and can manipulate time and space in specific ways.

If you want to know WHY  –  “Astral Entities” – can do what they do…, it is because just like us…, THEY ARE MAGNETIC BEINGS!

One “magnet” has to have an affect upon another “magnet”


The “dark energy” of a ritual child sacrifice is funneled directly into the Earth’s Magnetic Grids in order feed (give energy to) these magnetic astral demons AND to rot and corrupt the MAGNETIC MIND OF TERRA…, so that she can not think properly, and therefore and most importantly – she can NOT give aid to her people, her children, her Earthly inhabitants.

The blood of the innocent has been spilled over and over and over again in order to MAINTAIN THIS HUGE SPELL OF ILLUSION BEING CAST BY THE SATANISTS.

All Kings, Queens, High Level Bankers and Government Officials are required to participate in Child Sacrifice in order to maintain the dark’s magnetic hold upon the Earth.

But…, it is all coming “unraveled” at the seams due to the GREAT AWAKENING!

Good men and women are “finally” waking up!

So many of them should have come on-line decades ago…, but instead, they slept on leaving only a handful of awakened men and women to carry the entire burden of humanity on their shoulders for far too long!

These early awakened and very hard working men and women – for their trouble – were targeted by silent frequency weapons – attacked as children via quantum access methods – subjected to implants from the Grays – experimented upon – attacked mercilessly with broadcast waves and other weapons, and ridiculed by the CIA so as to make them seem crazy.

Now is not the time to cry over “Spilt Milk” however, but instead to celebrate the fact that these “very late to the game” sleepers – have shown up on the playing field at all!

We are in the last “quarter of the game”…, and the “score” needs some radical adjusting!

And if you paid any attention at all…, you’ll know what kind of “score” I’m talking about!

Stay tuned for Part Four….


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