Word magic is really a very profound thing – and especially when it comes to the English language.

There is not a single word or phrase that hasn’t been specifically molded through history to HIDE its far deeper meaning, and those lying “English” with their allies the DRACO – just can’t stop doing this to us.

EVENT = “Even” – “T”

The word “even” – means everything is fair and square. It means that both sides of the equation are now “balanced” – and no one has a better deal than anyone else. The capital “T” part of the word event represents the accounting ledger or the balance sheet used in all forms of business – it is a single piece of paper which MUST – after all is said and done – be balanced out at the end of the day.

And thus, The Event very literally becomes the – “even” – “T” – or the moment in time when all things get balanced out.

If you look hard – you can see that the Freemasons are desperately consumed with things like “balance sheets” and “compass and squares” and the like.  This is due to the fact that the Draco – for all of their conspicuous lack of charm – are masters at record keeping.

And there is a good reason for this…

They do NOT want to be blamed for any of the evil that they actually do. Their goal is to blame it on others. Believe it or not, “events” appear to be happening on a regular basis!  Furthermore, due to the strange formation of this single word – it does make one wonder if “events” are nothing more than “accounting maneuvers” that are being implemented from very high up the chain of Earthly command on a regular basis simply to balance out debt that can never be paid back.

Because they happen every hundred years or so – it appears as if they occur simply to balance out a financial equation which could never possibly get balanced out without some huge physical occurrence created in such a way as to cause the deaths of millions of people.

The New Age “spiritual community” – which in all honesty is an off shoot of the Luciferian Hierarchy – has made a huge deal of an upcoming EVENT, but they have said nothing of the fact that we’ve had and experienced many other events here on Earth in the past.

Ooopps…, I guess they just forgot about that part….


This event happened in 1859, and according to some accounts, disrupted countless systems around the world. As you may or may not know, our HISTORY really is constantly being re-written in order to hide these types of things from the common man – and this amazing Solar Event is just ONE of the many things that those who have been “running things” here on Earth – may be attempting to hide and at the same time may have used to simply “balance” out the books.

Don’t you find it just a tiny bit “odd” that the American “CIVIL WAR” started the very next year right after this phenomenal event – and that the “civil war” was said to have caused extreme destruction in the American States – and was said to have killed a minimum of a half a million people – but did it really?

At least – this is what our History Books tell us.  And who is alive in this day and age to even tell us what actually took place back then – and how? Now – what if something far stranger took place in America at that time – and the powers that be used the CIVIL WAR as a cover up merely to hide all of the massive damages that had taken place as a result of something similar to the Carrington Event?

Depending on how long this enormous “Super Flare” actually lasted, and further depending on which side of the Earth was facing the Sun at the time, this would tell you which parts of the Earth got the direct blast – and thus suffered the MOST SEVERE DAMAGE.

Not every part of the planet would have suffered the same level of destruction mind you, and some places may have gotten off fairly well.


It matters because of something that we have all found out very recently about the writers of history in the short period of time that most of us have been alive in the last 60 years or so.

What we have found out is that “history” is rarely recorded as it actually happened – and this is most obvious in our political arena where it has become imperative for the opposing sides to lie and to cover up ALL of the facts surrounding what goes on in the halls of power.

In other words – just reading or hearing about any occurrence on the news sheds very little light on what actually took place.


Certain “events” appear to happen every 100 or 200 years – with two major Earth changing events happening around the late 1600’s and then again in the early 1800’s. Now – going back in time to the period between 1812 and 1860 – we’ve got another example of a specific event even far more bizarre than the Carrington event, which appears to have changed the entire course of history across the world.


As always, we are being lied to on an EPIC SCALE, and all of our school history books hardly ever reflect the truth of the matter. It appears as if their primary goal is to simply train our minds to believe in whatever “version” of reality they trying to sell to us at the time.

See the MAP below:

If you click on the map above, you will see a highly detailed map – one that was made in France in the year 1684 – which shows us a VERY DIFFERENT WORLD than the one we have been led to believe existed in the later part of the 1600’s.

The French were very good map makers at that time – and they would not have created such a detailed MAP as the one that you see above – with countless errors all over it.

If you look at the map above, you’ll see that there is a huge and very advanced Nation in northern Asia called GRAND TARTARIA – right where “Prussia” should be – at least according to our most recent version of school history text books.

And right where Crimea should be located – on this same map – there is a large nation called: LESSOR TARTARIA.

These nations – according to some versions of history should not even exist. There is hardly any record of them. However – it has been said that after World War II – Stalin exported all of the TARTAR’s out of “Russia” (or just killed them) in order to take away their homeland.

This is not being made up – and is not a joke.

Apparently TARTARIA – a place where all of the TARTAR’s once lived – is or at least was a very real place. So why is “our written history” not telling us all about the grand and glorious triumph’s of GRAND and LESSOR TARTARIA – and more importantly, why are they not telling us just how “technologically advanced” these Asian Nations could have been?

Even today (as we speak) it seems that the TARTARS do still exist, and certainly THEY have not forgotten who they are! You can see the proof of this in the two videos listed below.

Now…, if you think THIS is wild…, and that the endless LIES of the Global Elites (mostly led by the Vatican) have ended there…, we’ve got literally countless other highly detailed MAPS many made during the very same period – at the end of the 1600’s and into the early 1700’s – that show us a very different planet than the one we are living on today.

The next two videos are very important – and have lots of old MAPS that are highly detailed – and strangely hyper accurate – but do NOT show us the Earth as we are being “taught” and “told” that was during those dates.  In fact, it is radically different.

These maps below are being used as the basis for what the man who made these videos is talking about below.

He basically describes what could only be called:


Below is a “highly” detailed MAP that was made around the same time in the late 1600’s that shows California as an Island!  (See video above)

Here are two more:

These are highly detailed coastal maps made in the late 1700’s. 

Now…, even though these maps are kept (and preserved) in the archives of major Universities like STANFORD…, the lame stream media tells us (if you look them up) that ALL of these maps are fake – and that these were made when people only THOUGHT that California was an island and of course…, wink, wink, – they were totally mistaken and out of their minds.

But…, didn’t we learn in this Documentary Video – done by Steve Quayle…, that the Egyptians actually came up to the Grand Canyon in their LONG BOATS…, because there was an Inland waterway which allowed for it.

Well, if you start looking at all of the other highly accurate parts of Coastal America depicted on these maps – just ask yourself WHY those parts of the map are so correct and it’s ONLY THE WESTERN PART of the MAP that is totally wrong?

What happened on Earth in our history that they don’t want us to know about??


Finally, I will leave you with two thoughts.

How accurate is our “history” and can we even trust those who wrote it down – or even better, those who write the text books which supposedly explain that history to us.

And are “Events” – a periodic thing in history – that are “created” by some means of technology we do not as of yet understand – and are these so-called events really “EVEN” – “T’s” specifically created by Bankers and money lenders in order to kill off what those who run things on Earth see as an excessive worldwide population – merely so that the books can be “balanced”?

Post Script from 2021

– Could the Corona Virus – and the world wide Vaccination of Billions – be considered “an event”?

More will be coming….

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