Never before have we collectively been so close to coming to understand how our world actually works.

The Elites among us – who have lived their entire lives controlling it all through the use of sequestered and occulted knowledge – are now stomping around like tiny little children and having tantrum after tantrum as everyone catches on to their schemes, their debauchery, and their Black Magic.

They are pulling out all the stops in their vain attempts to hold onto their massive ill-gotten gains.  But regardless of their endless fits – THE SWAMP is being drained.

As I’ve written countless times before – these (so-called) men and women are PIRATES!  And trust me, that is the nicest term we can use for them.

In other words they STEAL everything.

They “create” nothing but FEAR and CHAOS all around us in order to focus all attention away from themselves and their senseless acts of violence and corruption.

It is WE THE PEOPLE who actually create everything that is good – because we are still connected to GOD – and after we create VALUE on our world – these human psychopaths take it all and claim it for themselves.

They are masters at manipulation AND deception.

That is why they now (seemingly) have everything.

Of course that is all about to change because FRAUD vitiates EVERYTHING and anything that is stolen can NEVER be claimed as personal property by a THIEF!

The BIGGEST PROBLEM that we have been facing here on our world is that “WE” – yes we – listen to these thieves and actually obey them. Amazingly – we all do exactly what they tell us to do.  How sick is that?

We obey them even now when we can see clearly that what they are thinking, saying, and doing is PURE EVIL.  Shame on us for obeying evil!!!

If ever there was a serious problem that we all need to address, it is this problem – and until COVID took place, very few people around the world wanted to take any time out of their busy lives to address the EVIL that was taking place all around them.

The trouble here is that most people who are still connected to good and connected to GOD – just could not understand or imagine the level of lies and deceit that these people operate under.  And, they just did not want to dig too deeply into it for fear of being ridiculed and made fun of.



And those who were the not so good among us – millions and millions and millions of people world wide – were willing to turn away from all of this horrible EVIL and to sell out to the Cabal for piles of money. In other words – they were willing to make as much money as possible even though THEY KNEW how bad it really was, and how much evil was taking place!

I guarantee you that some of these people are YOUR NEIGHBORS!

It is my estimation that two or three out of every 10 people alive have SOLD OUT IN SOME WAY. 

This means that if you know 10 people – three of them sold out to the CABAL and made tons of money at YOUR expense.  And, if you know 100 people, then 30 of them sold out to the Cabal – and just never told you what they were really doing.

In places like the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington DC – where the concentration of Pirates is the highest – the percentages are reversed and 7 out of 10 have sold out and only 3 out of 10 are still honest and decent.

The real question here is WHY, WHY, WHY are you (as an interested party) so willing to tolerate such evil?  Why aren’t you saying something??


Well, the waiting is now over – and the Merry Go Round has stopped.  In other words little children – since you are NOT WILLING TO GET OFF OF THE RIDE – the wheels and the motor have come to a grinding HALT by forces of a super-natural nature.

Please don’t blame anyone for this abrupt halt of your lives but you yourselves – and you can do so by taking a good look in the mirror!  You were given 5 or 6 decades to see what was happening here on Earth and to figure it out!  The signs, clues, and truth-tellers were there.

The problem is that most who did see how bad it was, were being offered so much money to look the other way – that few people (if any) took the moral high road and tried to expose it all.  This, by the way, is a serious human defect and a fault that GOD finds extremely offensive.  (Selling out your own race for $$$$)

Rest assured that it is GOD HIMSELF that has decided put a halt to the Merry Go Round just to show you how bad – how evil – and how corrupt these people really are.

These world-wide lock-downs, mandates, pass-ports and the literal stopping of the flow of all life everywhere on Earth is happening with GODS HEAVENLY PERMISSION only because so few men and women here on Earth were willing to listen to HIS VOLUNTEER SOULS.

And as much as you might cry for it to go back to the way it was – it is NOT going to get any better until you and your family finally admit to what has been going on under your noses for so long, and have deliberately IGNORED.

And if you’ve got family and friends who still do not know or understand what is really going on – and you have not taken the time to INFORM THEM – then shame on you!

Make no mistake about it – you and your family are suffering NOW – only because you were totally unwilling to look into it all, and do proper research into the how and the why that these insane psychopaths were controlling the world.

Youand the entire world out there of WE THE PEOPLE – have been painted into a corner with NO WAY OUT – and there is no way out now except to walk over the wet paint.

We now have to take full responsibility for being STUPID!  And I’m sorry if that frightens you.  But ignoring big problems that are taking place all around us never ends well. Furthermore – GOD HIMSELF – is not letting us out of this one until we LEARN THE LESSON that we all should have learned long ago.


Your Christian Pastors – almost without exception – SOLD OUT to the Corporate Cabal and became 501-C-3 Corporations in order to try to keep their tax-exempt status when in matter of fact –  if they had simply checked into things and not taken the easy route – they could have kept their tax-exempt status and preached the TRUTH to their congregations without having their hands tied and gags over their mouths.

It was all a GREAT CON and Pastors world wide fell for it.  Yes – even Pastors are now being “called on the carpet” by GOD for bowing to PURE EVIL.

Furthermore – just in case you felt that “religion” no longer suited you – your New Age Channelers and Guru’s began to “channel” what they thought were very high spiritual beings from the other side – only to actually be “channeling” and hearing the voices of shadow military personnel who were sending them V2K (Voice to Skull) messages directly into their heads from places like Antarctica and other D.U.M.B.S. – (Deep Underground Military Bases) from around the world.

In this way the “messages” that millions and millions of New Agers were getting were being steered and compromised by people working for the CABAL and the PIRATES.

Most of the messages they were getting were fake ones – and not in humanities best interest. These messages kept telling us all to “stand down” – “to accept it all”“to do nothing”“to never judge anything” …

And as a result of these channelings from the New Age – and the “corporate gags” which were placed on the mouths of all Christian Pastors world-wide – the LUCIFERIAN CABAL was able to expand its evil empire a thousand-fold in the last 5 or 6 decades.


Make no mistake – over the last 5 or 6 decades most people world-wide lived pretty good lives.  Everyone was making money, having fun, taking vacations, and raising families and IGNORING EVIL.

While that was happening, many tens of thousands of very loving VOLUNTEER SOULS who were here and were giving a very different message than the Christian Pastors and the Channelers were being laughed at, marginalized, and also ignored. 

Their important messages were being drowned out by the sheer number of New Ager’s and Christians – who were willing to fight with them, and destroy anyone who did not believe in THEIR PASTORS WORDS or in the MESSAGES from the beyond and say that these were the real messages and should be followed to the letter.

And so, not wanting to start a literal “war” with any Christians or New Agers here in America or across the world, many of GODS VOLUNTEER SOULS had to patiently wait for the time when GOD HIMSELF had promised that HE would get involved and take control of the situation.

By getting involved – it was GOD HIMSELF who was going to “force” – yes that is the correct word here – “force” HIS children to have to stop what they were doing and to look up and take notice.

And, by the way, while “WE” who were volunteers waited for this to take place – and because we had already spoken out – the LUCIFERIANS had all of our names on lists and began to attack and torment as many of the volunteer souls as they could identify – mercilessly and without stopping.

So, there really is no reason at this point in time to ask yourself why – when I write all of these articles at Love Truth Site – that it seems as if I have a few degrees LESS SYMPATHY for humanity as I should have given what I and so many other completely innocent men and women have been through at the hands of the CABAL.


Instead of taking the “easy” road that the Volunteer Souls were offering, most people (even those who claimed spirituality) choose to take the “hard” road.

They took the hard road because they did not want the “discomfort” of being ridiculed by friends and family members for taking a stand and testifying and witnessing to the TRUTH of what was really going on.

It seemed “easier” do just do NOTHING – but very honestly, that is the same lesson you learn at the super-market when you desperately search for the shortest line only to find out it takes you FAR LONGER to get your groceries checked out. 


So, just like all of GODS VOLUNTEER SOULS, everyone on Earth – and that means everyone is gonna have to suffer (A LOT) until they are willing to stand up for what is GOOD, and what is RIGHT, and what is DECENT and MORAL.

Otherwise – kiss your normal lives good-bye, cuz it is NOT going back to the way it was – until the entire world is willing to ADMIT they missed something BIG in the last 5 to 6 decades.

So what is on the menu for the next 1, 2, 5 and 10 years all around the world??


There is no going backward – only forward from now on.  GOD is in charge, and HE is tiny a bit pissed – so get used to it.  This will all be “over” when we all WAKE UP – and put a stop to these Satanists.

All my love…

Stay “tuned” for Part Twenty – Seven


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