As you may have read in the last article – common men and women all over the world are committing great crimes daily against their human brothers and sisters! 

This is no longer a question that needs to be decided.  This is actually happening and is a fact!

The entire MEDICAL SYSTEM WORLD WIDE has proven this beyond all doubt!

The innocent people being hurt are living souls which are a part of the Great Creator and do not deserve even a tiny bit of what is being done to them.

Many times, people are just ignorant of what they are doing and do not even know that they are actually hurting and causing DAMAGE to others.

This does not matter!

Lucifer and his minions will STILL ACCUSE THEM in front of God’s Throne anyway, and they will demand that the required punishment be handed out for every single transgression!

It is really important (now more than ever) that you KNOW about this and that you know why it would have happened in that way – had Jesus (Yeshua) not come!

They will accuse you because of what happened to Lucifer and because of what happened to the Watchers! 

You see, they were caught breaking God’s rules and as a result they were severely punished.

They have great plans to accuse you in front of God’s Throne so that if God does NOT hand out the proper punishment to you – then a claim will be made by them (in front of the entire Universe and all of the created realms and worlds everywhere) that God is “not fair” and that God is “not just” if punishment for breaking his rules and laws is not handed down to the last man, woman, and child who has ever lived on the Earth.



The very reason that this is such a big problem is that the people of Earth are deliberately not being told (at all) what the rules and laws are, and what is expected of them.  The “truth” is being hidden from them.  The Luciferians are doing everything they can to con, mislead, and fool every man, woman, and child into committing crimes against Gods Laws!


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of My law, where I reveal My will].
Because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge,
I will also reject you from being My priest.
Since you have forgotten the law of your God,
I will also forget your children.

This is wholly due to the interference of Lucifer and his insidious con games that are still being perpetrated on the Earth as we speak!



Otherwise a claim can be made that God is unjust, unfair, and therefore not perfect!

However, because of what Lucifer has done ever since he has been here, and because of what he is STILL DOING (as we speak) here on the Earth, God had no choice but to send Jesus (Yeshua) – his most beloved son – to take and endure the required punishment for the rest of us.

He did this many, many years ago, in order to prove to us that He is beyond both TIME and SPACE and that He exists outside of all of it!

He did this to show us that HE saw all of this coming, and to give us a way out of a terrible situation long before we even knew that we needed a way out.



Without this “payment” for our crimes (and you can call them errors, debts, crimes, sins, or anything else that makes sense to you, because it just does not matter what you call them) – we broke God’s Laws!

We broke Universal Law – We broke Cosmic Law – We hurt each other daily in ways we can not even comprehend simply due to the lies and deceit of Lucifer.

We broke COSMIC rules daily, rules that were handed out long before we ever got here, and we did so countless times without even knowing how or why we were even breaking them.

Because of what happened with the Watchers and with Lucifer – you would have been accused, charged, and testified against by many insolent beings who are still in support of Lucifer.  Then there are the unfairly tortured Emissaries, Witnesses, Prophets, and Volunteer Souls who came to help everyone, and because so many people world wide stupidly embraced the Luciferian Corporate System – these souls ended up being tormented, and in many cases TORTURED as well.  These unlawful acts deserve extreme consequences to say the least!

There would have been NO MERCY shown for you in front of God’s Throne if left without a way to pay off the debt.

So, God sent Jesus to PAY YOUR DEBT FOR YOU!

In this way, the debt (which must be paid) is paid. 

There is only one catch.  You must at the very least acknowledge that God did (in fact) pay your debt for you and then give honor to his son who carried out HIS will so that the debt could be paid!

He requires this for all of the rest of Heaven and all realms everywhere to record that those who have been forgiven have accepted and realized what was done for them.

In this way, God fixed a huge problem that was brewing in such a way that HE can never be called “unfair” or “unjust” by anyone giving testimony in front of HIS THRONE.

A simple requirement to be sure, but how many people world wide have actually taken these steps?  How many people acknowledge that the debt has in fact been paid and have given any honor at all to the one who paid it?



If you’ve been wondering, this is why the Luciferians hate Jesus so much!

But it is not just the Luciferians who hate and reject Jesus.  Let’s go back to the prophet Hosea!

Who is that “priestly nation”?  Who is it that was supposed to “teach” everyone about the Laws of God and to give them HIS knowledge – but instead turned a blind eye to all of the rest of the world in an attempt to TAKE IT for themselves?

Perhaps this is why the name of Jesus Christ cannot even be spoken in the Deep Underground Military Bases (by signed contract) – which are mostly run by deviant ET’s and ED’s – and are also being run and managed by the Satanic/Luciferian arm of the Nations Militaries that operate across the world.

Could this also be why these Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) are being blown up, destroyed, and all of the advanced technology down there being removed as we speak?

Could this be why these many Luciferians even tried (over the last hundred years or so) to write God completely out of the picture and brought Darwinism and Evolution into every single school and public building across the entire Western World in an attempt to make you believe that God Himself did not exist, could not exist, and that the entire Universe is a huge random accident?

Why did they work so hard to get you to think and believe that Jesus never even existed at all?

Could the reason be as simple as that if Jesus did not exist – then how could He ever have paid your debt?  And if he did not pay your debt, then how can you acknowledge that act while living here on Earth or be grateful to him and give him any honor?



God does in fact “love you” more than you’ll ever know.  He saw what Lucifer was going to do and how everyone on Earth was going to be fully accused.  He also knew for certain that extreme punishment would be demanded by Lucifer and his followers.

HE further knew that Lucifer and his followers (can you say “free-masons”) (or Albert Pike) would torment you, lie to you, con you, and fool you while you were here on Earth to make certain that you would break every single rule God laid down for you.

For this very reason (before any of it even took place) he arranged for a payment of your debt by sending his own son to pay it.

But you must (at the very least) be willing to see this and to acknowledge this.  In other words, it is important for you to WAKE UP (THE GREAT AWAKENING) to see, grasp, and know all of these facts and to know why Jesus had to make this payment for everyone in the first place.

You need to LEARN what these Luciferians were doing on Earth and are doing on Earth so that THEIR CRIMES against the rest of us (and against the entire Universe) can be fully comprehended.

You need to see what their goals really were (to destroy humanity) and to then acknowledge that Lucifer does indeed deserve what God did to him (and what God is going to do to him), and also what God is going to do to those who follow him!

By the time it is all finished – every soul on every level of Creation and in every realm will see that God was indeed correct in his judgement of both Lucifer and the Watchers.  That HE is, and always has been, fair, just, and perfect and not a single soul with ever question HIS actions or HIS motives ever again.

You need to know that because of what Lucifer and his followers were doing here that you, your family, and all of your friends everywhere were breaking the laws of God daily and that you were doing it without even knowing what the rules were, or being told how it all worked.




This most recent post is PROOF that almost everyone on Earth has done great harm and has done great evil simply by “following orders” and by “doing what they are told” by Deep State/Luciferian figures of authority who have sworn secret oaths to Lucifer and wanted to take over the entire world.



So what then IS the true value of Jesus (Yeshua).  Do you see it now?  Is it true?  Is it possible?

Open your eyes!  Learn to see into FOREVER!  God most certainly does and HE saved us as a result!

Play the Perfect Game and look FAR into the Future…, you’ll never be sorry.

All my love


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