By: Bradley Loves


Buckle yourselves up for this one…, it’s going to be all over the place!  Its partially a RANT…, and partially an informational post!  Use Caution!




In the grand scheme of our 3rd dimensional physical reality…, nothing can happen here without DO’ers!!!

Let that sink in for a second.

Now…, let that sink in for another hour or two!


What we all know of as MANIFESTATION…, (the bringing of things in physical reality) …, is a process (finally) after all is said and done…, of doing!

Yes…, much thinking and planning must come first…, but finally…, it is only a result of DOING that brings anything into reality.

Sorry New Agers…, but the RED PILL is sometimes very hard to swallow when bringing yourself out of the MATRIX!


The ILLUMINATI knows this…, and in fact…, this is the “Holy Trinty” of their esoteric RELIGION.   They just made certain that they NEVER told anyone this – and made every effort to HIDE IT from the masses.

You must first PLAN what it is that you want…, then you draw it all up on paper to get the kinks out of it…, then finally you must ACT in the physical!


Every single Luciferian knows this…, but the NEW AGE TEACHERS have told everyone (for their own reasons) that only “thinking” good thoughts…, and basically just planning for good things – is more than ENOUGH.

No need to DO ANYTHING!

But wait…, NOTHING can manifest here on Earth…, if people do not ACT to make it so!


ENTER Donald Trump!

First off…, the Illuminati are DESTROYERS!

They hate GOD…, and so they create chaos…, (destroy) and then replace what has already been created by good people…, with their own version of reality!    What they want is a Dark Reality!


Think about this!     Now think about this again!   Why is this important?


Because Donald Trump is a BUILDER!   He does not (in the overall grand scheme of his life)…, DESTROY!

What do you see him DOING (with your own eyes) omitting everything you hear about him on the Media ??

He is working to REBUILD America…..

He therefore…, can not logically be part of the Illuminati…, because if he were…, he’d spend all of his time DESTROYING, TEARING DOWN, CREATING CHAOS, and then LYING about it!

We know exactly what that looks like!  We’ve had 30 years of it!

Come on people…, we SAW Bill Clinton doing it!   We saw George Bush Jr. doing it…, we saw Barry Soetoro doing it!   We know what a destroyer looks like!

This, by the way, is just simple LOGIC!

Logic tells us (by what we can plainly see) that Trump is BUILDING a greater America…, and so therefore he is not tearing it down, pulling it apart, or destroying it.  (Even though the Media tells us differently).

Therefore…, ERGO…., he is NOT ILLUMINATI!

Does this mean he is perfect, or even fully aware of what so many of the FULLY AWAKENED PEOPLE ARE AWARE OF ??

NO!  All this means is that he is not a SATANIST!



Having spent my entire life in the field of building and “doing” construction…, I can honestly tell you that some of the smartest and brightest people in the entire world ARE BUILDERS!

They have to be!

They get FAR LESS credit in our world than they really deserve!

Solving huge problems every single day…, just to keep a project moving forward – is part of their daily job!

This is not just painting finger nails and cutting hair for a living!!


BUILDERS are DO’ers!   They are the worlds “problem solvers”.

Remember this and remind yourself of this every single day…, that nothing comes into manifestation without ACTION!

The NEW AGE had the audacity to tell us otherwise – and now we are PAYING FOR IT DEARLY!

And remember this as well…, the Democrats/Progressives (Hillary Clinton ) had the gall and the nerve to call men and women who work hard every single day to BUILD AMERICA for the rest of the people to enjoy.. (the blue collar people)…,  Deplorables!


Because she KNOWS for a fact that the most powerful people are not the Hollywood actors…, the Media personalites, or even the University Professors!

These people are WEAK!

These are the people who could never help anyone in TRUTH…, because they can not help themselves!

They are the ones who could NOT survive in the world without the BUILDERS also being here (because builders are the people who create physical and tanigible things into reality).

If you think I’m joking…, lets’ take every single Hollywood actor, CNN Anchor and (Liberal) University Professor, and put them on a deserted Island and watch them all die in less that 30 days because they can’t DO a single thing to help themselves.

In the great line up of GILLIGANS ISLAND characters…, they are the Howells, Mary Ann, and Ginger of the cast – with the Skipper, Gilligan and the real world Professor missing!

Not one of them could figure out how to survive without help from a DO’er!


Because they are “thinkers” only…, not do’ers!

They do not even know HOW to do!

This is why they gravitate to the ILLUMINATI every single time!

They are terrified at their own weaknesses and their own flaws and short comings!   They really have NO ACTUAL TALENT because all they do is talk, opinionize, and fantisize…, and so they NEED to take shelter under the floorboards of the most powerful people!


Now here is where the New World Order rubber meets the road!

Why (pray tell) are ROBOTS being created to DO almost everything that needs to be done in physical reality!  And why are the weaklings in Silicon Valley working day and night to create them?

(Even robots that can BUILD houses and buildings?)

Because the New World Order plan calls for getting RID of the men and women who are the most DANGEROUS…, which are the DO’ers!

Once these people are wiped out…, the liberal “thinkers” who don’t know how to tie their own shoes…, and thus are helpless everywhere but inside the Classroom…, will very literally need ROBOTS to DO everything for them!

But that is totally PERFECT and OKAY with the Illuminati!


Because it is the perfect enslavement system!

If you have millions of human beings who can not care for themselves…, then they will NEVER (for all of eternity) attack the Illuminati who actually own and run the robots who are taking care of them!





Donald Trump is trying to wake us all up to remember that WE have to take care of ourselves first!

(How can you save a drowning man if you yourself can not swim??)

He is trying to remind us that we all need to be DO’ers…, just like the men and women who survived through the Great Depression and only did so because they made and built everything they needed to survive on their own!

The Liberal THINKERS and UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS who have way too much time on their hands “musing” about “social justice”, “personal pronouns” and “micro-agressions” are going to be dead within a few weeks of any major Earth Changes period!

Like the countless Snow-flake Millenials that they are teaching…, they will all be triggered by tiniest of adversities, and will need a warm blanket, color crayons, and a furry puppy to hold when the very first MAJOR EARTH CHANGE takes place.


The Illuminati knows this!      They have planned for it!

They gave these people just enough FAKE NEWS and BAD SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS to make certain they could NEVER survive in a suddenly changing world…, and even “IF”  the so-called Earth Changes do happen to take place in a major way as a result of in-coming HIGHER ENERGIES…, those who want it the MOST…, are the least prepared for it!

Now…, what will happen (predictably) is that once the SH*T HITS THE FAN…, every one of these liberal protestors (who marched, mobbed, and protested simply for money handed to them by George Soros by the way)…, you know…, the highly educated WEAKLINGS…, and the trans-genders who spend FAR TOO MUCH TIME every day thinking about whether they want a penis or a vagina…, at that time will all run and gravitate to the very STRONG men and women who are actual DO’ers and BUILDERS…, in order to survive any major Earth Shift!

At that time…, their “ANTIFA” tails will be between their scrawny legs…, and like scolded little yap dogs (that know that they are beaten).., they will beg those who know how to “DO” things to give them aid, comfort, and basically care for them (if indeed Major changes began to take place here on Earth!)


This is the pure logic that all New Agers who read channeled messages FAIL to grasp!

They continue to look OUTSIDE of themselves for Saviors!

They continue to look OUTSIDE of themselves for their care and their food, and their clothes, and their housing, and their EVERYTHING!


So they pitifully look to ASCENDED MASTERS, GALACTICS, and HIGER DIMESIONAL BEINGS to “save them” only because they KNOW they could never survive in a world where they had to do for themselves!


They are secretly quite BITTER about this too!   They know that their upbringing and programming did not “prepare” them for a world where they would have to make EVERYTHING THEY NEEDED to survive…, for themselves!

Naturally they therefore want the GOVERNMENT to hurry and at all costs…., take away all the guns and LIMIT every single personal FREEDOM…, including Free Speech…, (because they are tofu eating weaklings who would never survive without a body guard in a Major Earth Shifting World)!

They could not even have a simple debate without losing it…, and needing a warm blanket to deal with the emotions of being challanged!

And so, those who CAN create the stuff needed to survive – the BUILDERS (in the Illuminati’s opinion) are quite DANGEROUS…, and will be the first ones to be gotten rid of…, for the good of the New World Order!

(Enter the Robots and Artificial Intelligence to do it all for the rest)

This is why Hillary Clinton (purposefully) called them (the builders and such) DEPLORABLES!

This is why the Illuminati and Hillary hate Donald Trump and every single human being like him!

He does not need them or their help to SURVIVE!


Hillary said this because what she and her masters (the Illuminati) want left on Earth after all is said and done, are helpless, spineless, weaklings who can not survive without them – and who are TRAINED to engage in “group-think” and do as they are told!

ENTER THE MILLENIALS who live on Social Media, and get all of their News from Google – Facebook – and Insta-gram.

Perfect little “group think” pets and puppets for the New World Order Masters to easily control and move around like little puppets on a string!

Enter also the Satanic Hollywood Actors who have been given Millions of dollars to spend their entire life PRETENDING…, and can help them to keep the Millenials Distracted and not learning anything real.

And yet the actors are slaves as well…, because they could not lift even a single board to build their own home!

It’s all right there in front of you…., IF…, you use LOGIC!

Trained…, planned…, and implemented …, WEAKNESS!

Make America Great Again is about more than just jobs!  It is about how we THINK…, and about how we SEE LIFE and OURSELVES in LIFE!

Are we WEAK or are we STRONG??

Will we survive…, or won’t we??

Now…, after having pointed all of this out…, my NEXT article will be about the possibilites of an actual Ascension.

But first things first…,

We can not drive our car to the “promised land” if we don’t even know where we are on the MAP!

KNOW WHERE WE ARE AT FIRST…, then make plans to go somewhere else!

All my love…, and please as always…, think on this….


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