By: Bradley Loves


In this part we will continue our “look” at what the Roman Catholic Church really is, and really represents in “TRUTH”!!

(Regardless of what they SAY…, or what they TELL US)

A single picture is worth a thousand words…, and here are a few more for you to consider!


Dagon is an “Ancient God” worshiped by the Philistines!  (Image on Slide taken from this website)

See also a huge amount of real information at this link:

Here is a quote from the first link to consider:

…the symbol of a fish in human form was really meant to represent  fertility and the vivifying powers of nature and reproduction.

Haven’t we seen over and over that the “real” purpose of the Catholic Church is to show us about the “Ancients” pre-occupation with SEX, and SEX WORSHIP??

Why is the “giant” Obelisk…, (the Phallus of Osiris) standing in St. Peter’s Square??





Notice the “Solar Winged Disk” in the above image along with Dagon??

Remember this image from an earlier part of the “How Deep” series?


So in the second to the last image, we not only have Dagon the FISH GOD (Fertility)…, but also the WINGED SOLAR DISK of Ancient Egypt.

Now look at this slide below:


“IF” the Pope really represents the teachings of Jesus Christ (as it claims to do) then why is the Pope dressed in “vestments” which are clearly giving the nod to the Ancient fish god – DAGON, who was a representation of  fertility and reproduction???

Can you say… “They are LYING to us….” ??

Here’s a little word magic to consider as well!

Doesn’t “Dagon” look and sound quite bit like “Dragon” ??

Here is an image of the Ancient Pagan “goddess” Cybele who is also wearing the “fish hat”…, otherwise known as the: Dagon Mitre.

Here is a link to information about Cybele:


You’ve got to seriously ask yourself this one simple question.  “Who or What does the Catholic Pope REALLY represent ?  (compared to what he claims to represent)

IF they are lying to us NOW…, then were all of these ANCIENT religious signs, symbols, and rituals ALSO JUST LIES, designed to fool those who were living back then…, and considered the undeserving masses at that time??

You also have to seriously ask yourself just HOW LONG…, these “concocted LIES AND CONS that have been put into place to “fool” the masses, or the “profane”, have been going on??

It is hundreds of years?  Thousands of years?  Tens of thousands of years??

Oh, and here’s a good final question to ask yourself:

Why are these various CONS still in place?  Why are we STILL being lied to, even today?  What exactly are they HIDING??

It was my “suggestion” in part ONE of this series called: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TRUTH…, (a truth that no one wants to hear)…, is that it is actually an Ancient Luciferian Cult…, a cult that worships Satan or Lucifer that is behind all of this secrecy and deception that is still on going as we speak!

I have also suggested that what they are desperate to hide at all costs, is the KNOWLEDGE OF MAGIC!!  

I have tried to show you how this cult of secrecy is still on going in the current day…, and that the current day men and women who are behind all of this secrecy, misdirection, and deception, at the very highest levels are:

The Freemasons (Beyond the 33rd Degree),  the Jesuits, The Knights Templar, and other inter connected secret societies!

I have suggested this:

The reason for all of this deception, is that they are soon going to USE MAGIC…, and going to use those men and women who know occult-ed or hidden magical knowledge, to re-install SATAN or LUCIFER as the one and only “GOD” of this world!!

But so far…, I only suggested this!   Is it really the TRUTH??





Here is an advertisement:


Yes indeed…, COME JOIN THE “MAGIC”!!

Or, if you can’t find the “secret” grove…, then you can just come HERE:


Yes…, here…, you can LIVE THE MAGIC!!!


What “other” very famous GROVES do we know of???


Remember Bohemian Grove??

Taken from this article:



Just how many “people” are there anyway…, who are coming out to the GROVE…, to JOIN THE MAGIC??  (Looks like quite a few)

But what kind of “Magic” are they joining??  And for what purpose??  The quotes below are taken from the article linked above.

In July 2000, Alex Jones and his cameraman found their way into the campground, and filmed the ceremony, which he characterized as pseudo-pagan worship and an occult ritualistic shedding of conscience and an “abuse of power”. You watch the documentary he made, Dark Secrets inside the Bohemian Grove.


So what is up with all this “Grotto” and “Grove” stuff??





So the Freemasons dig Grotto’s and Groves!! 

Could the Grotto’s and Groves be SECRET PLACES where it is okay (and safe) to practice MAGIC??

Jones inspired some of the more extreme conspiracy theories about the society, including suggestions that the ritual’s fiery sacrifice wasn’t always an effigy, but a real human being. There are some troubling photographs, reportedly taken in the early days of the secret society’s formation, one which appears to show a child tied up on a table, and another of a convincing human mannequin awaiting a public lynching.

See the those two images and more, taken at Bohemian Grove below:






Presidents include Nixon, Eisenhower, Roosevelt, both Bush’s, Hoover, Ford and Raegan. Then you’ve got Colin Powell, Dick Cheney and a healthy selection of White House chiefs of staff, senators, secretaries of state, secretaries of defense, army generals and so on.

Henry Kissinger was a member, the Rockerfeller family is always present, even John E. Dupont, the crazed American heir who famously murdered Olympic gold medal winning wrestler Dave Schultz went to the elite summer camp.

In the Watergate tapes,  President Nixon (pictured below right) who was himself a member of Bohemian Grove, called it (excuse the language) “the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine” (you can listen to Nixon saying it here).




Okay…, just WHAT am I missing here??

I guess “GROVES” and “GROTTOS” really are important to the Freemasons…, don’t you think??



MORE will be coming!!

All my love….





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